Baalke on Kaepernick: Right now not the time to discuss future


The 49ers are down 20-0 to the Seahawks in the first half of their Week 11 game in Seattle, which means they’ll be 3-7 at the end of the day should the Seahawks lead hold up.

That’s the kind of record that has people thinking about next year and for the 49ers that means it has people thinking about Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick was benched for Blaine Gabbert at quarterback before the team’s bye week, he will miss the rest of the season after being placed on injured reserve with a left shoulder injury and he has a contract that makes it relatively easy for the 49ers to part ways with him before the start of the 2016 season.

All of those things have led to plenty of speculation about where Kaepernick will play next, but General Manager Trent Baalke said Sunday that “right now is not the time to get into the particulars” of the quarterback’s future with the team. Baalke said Kaepernick was “no different” than any other player on injured reserve and would be evaluated down the line.

“I wouldn’t say [he’s played his last snap with the 49ers] at all,” Baalke said, via “I think people are reading into that. For me, where we stand right now, I wouldn’t read too much into that right now.”

There’s not much to talk about on the field with the 49ers these days, so Kaepernick’s situation should continue to be a talking point as they play out the final weeks of what’s shaping up to be the disappointing season that many predicted back in September.

22 responses to “Baalke on Kaepernick: Right now not the time to discuss future

  1. Someone has to be the fall guy for ownership blowing up this team. I expect CK to fall to a good team and make them excellent.

  2. There’s a common theme with the 49ers, always a fall guy. We forgot as they had Harbaugh for four yeara but York is back to business and the can’t keep an offensive coordinator or HC 49ers have return ed.

  3. Gimmick quarterback. League caught up with him and Harbaugh. Harbaugh now coaching on Saturdays and Kaepernick will be holding a clipboard on Sundays.

  4. The question with Kap isnt if he’ll be with the Niners next year. It’s whether he’ll be in the league at all. He has a lot of growing up to do as both a person and a quarterback if he wants to keep his career going.

  5. If he won the super bowl in one of those two years I think he’d be given even more chances. He probably cries himself to sleep watching that last play to Crabtree against the Ravens.

  6. I personally think Kap fell victim to the newly rich, young guy thing that told him he had to act like a newly popular rapper. He didn’t have the guidance to tell him it was bigger than that. He thought flat brims would cover it.
    His career is mostly over, at this point. He squandered his shot.

  7. Wow I predicted the Niners would go 6-10 this year. Who could have guessed that would be optimistic?

  8. Baalke also said this was a reloading season not rebuilding.

    He forgot this isnt NFL Europe when he hired Tomsula and staff.

  9. These comments by Baalke are disingenuous. The erstwhile franchise QB is not “just another player” on any team, and to act like benching Kaep and putting him on IR is the same as if this happened w/ their 3rd string running back is nonsensical.

    As those of us who remember the Singletary 49ers can attest, coaching matters. Looks like Baalke, in a hurry to anoint himself the boy genius (despite being clearly outdrafted and outmaneuvered by John Schneider in Seattle), forgot that lesson.

    Niners are going to be pretty mediocre for the rest of this decade.

  10. First: Kaep was never all that. He inherited a 6-2 team…and finished the season 5-2-1. He was never all that spectacular following that year.
    Second: ANY team that signs him is asking to spend time in the basement. He is NOT by any stretch of the imagination a leader.
    Third: Kaep was NOT, is NOT will NEVER be an NFL caliber QB.
    Fourth: For all who claim he was oh so much better than Smith…keep this in mind…Kaep NEVER won in Seattle…Smith did.
    Fifth: ‘Frisco is not going to be coming out of the basement any time in the near future. Since Seattle entered the NFC West…’Frisco has not been all that spectacular. Seattle has been the dominate team in the NFC West as it pertains to the two of them. That is not likely to change any time soon.
    Sixth: I figured if ‘Frisco got to an 8-8 season that would be a good season for them. Said so many times. Truth is…at this point…a 6-10 season would be good. They are in serious likelihood going to be at MAYBE 5-11. MAYBE!

    And the world is good!

  11. See what happens when a kid “with a silver foot in his mouth” breaks his toy…Now he cannot find anyone to fix it…His lacky Baalke is a fool. Now is not the time to talk about it we are concentrating on winning our 4th game…

  12. And it would appear you are STILL looking for that 4th win. You may be looking for it when next season starts.
    Let’s face it…in all honesty..there are HIGH SCHOOL teams in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi and a few other Mid-west & Southern states that could give ‘Frisco a run for their money…many of them beating ‘Frisco in today’s world of football.
    DeBartolo is looking to get back in the game. best thing that could happen…that he take the team back form his inept nephews and dim-witted sister.
    Until that happens…don’t expect much better than what you see of ‘Frisco in today’s world.

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