Carroll: Lynch headed to Philly to see abdominal specialist

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The Seahawks rode 255 total yards of offense from Thomas Rawls to a 29-13 victory over the 49ers on Sunday afternoon and they may be riding Rawls a lot longer.

Marshawn Lynch was inactive as a result of the abdominal injury that led to a questionable tag on the final injury report of the week and coach Pete Carroll said, via Sheil Kapadia of, after the game that Lynch will go to Philadelphia on Monday to meet with Dr. William Meyers. Meyers frequently treats players who are suffering from sports hernia injuries and Carroll said that injury has not been ruled out.

If Lynch is diagnosed with a sports hernia, surgery would be a possibility and Lynch’s absence would be an extended one.

Rawls’s presence makes that thought less scary than it might be in other years or with other teams. If he continues to thrive, it could also make the Seahawks likelier to move on without Lynch in 2016 although there’s still plenty to play out before anything will be written in stone on any front.

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  1. of course he doesn’t have the track record that Lynch does; he’s a rookie.

    He DOES, however, have 3 100+ yard games in 3 starts and the most total yards on the entire team, save for Wilson.

  2. The fact that Lynch is so anti-social makes it easy to move on from him. He’s been good, but certainly not HOF caliber. And it will be easy for them to push him aside. He’ll be forgotten in a year.
    The whole “I don’t talk to the media” thing is old. His production hasn’t equaled his media gimmick crap.
    He’s about to fade away.

  3. Lets go Rawls! Lead like a ninja today on the field against the 49ers, who are a storied NFL franchise with 5 NFL championships. Me Bowman struggled to tackle Rawls today, even though Mr Bowman was very prepared according to his earlier talk about coming back to the City of Seattle Seahawks.

  4. Lynch is done I’m afraid. He has averaged 388 carries in his 10 year career and is number 34 for all time rushing attempts. Not many RB last much longer than 10 years especially taking and dishing out hits like Lynch does.

    His biggest opponent now will be his own body and trying to stay healthy.

  5. It’s a moot point when one considers the Seahawks aren’t making the playoffs. At best, they win out until the Cardinals hand them their arse again in Week 17. 39-32

  6. If the Seahawks can continue to get the kind of offensive production we saw against the 49ers, then there is no reason to think this team can’t make the playoffs.

    And since when is losing by 7 points having “their arse” handed to them. Seahawks were winning and then the Cardinals made some great plays. Seahawks may not win the division, but they can make the playoffs as a wild card. Plenty of football to play yet.

  7. While he is there, can he get an integrity and humility transplant. This is one clown who obviously did not get paddled when he did wrong. His level of self-importance is off the charts and out of proportion with his real impact on games of late.

  8. @Marshawn Lunch

    Scoreboard, baby, scoreboard. The Seahawks can’t beat the Cardinals when the Cardinals have their starters in, as is evidenced by the combined score of 56-42 the last two times Carson played at CenturyStink Field.

    There’s nothing wrong with that, that just makes Seattle like most of the other teams!


  9. “The fact that Lynch is so anti-social makes it easy to move on from him. He’s been good, but certainly not HOF caliber.”
    I have to disagree, the two BeastQuake runs alone earn him a HOF ticket in my book. Sometimes getting into Canton is done by showing up and playing solid but not outstanding football for 16 seasons straight. Other times, and even more rare, it’s making an unbelievable, once-in-a-generation type of play for the ages….. or in Lynch’s case, two of em.

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