Colts-Steelers will stay on Sunday Night Football


The Dec. 6 Steelers at Colts game will not be flexed and will remain as the Sunday Night Football game.

That announcement came Sunday, probably not coincidentally a few hours after the Colts won in Atlanta to improve to 5-5.

The 6-4 Steelers are off this week and in playoff contention. They play at Seattle next week.

It’s uncertain if the Colts will have quarterback Andrew Luck back for that game but Matt Hasselbeck won again as the starter on Sunday.

This week’s Sunday Night Football game, the Bengals at the Cardinals, was flexed into that spot in place of the originally slotted Chiefs-Chargers game.

13 responses to “Colts-Steelers will stay on Sunday Night Football

  1. dualprime says:
    Nov 22, 2015 7:02 PM
    Does “flexed” mean a match-up is rescheduled because it isn’t as desirable as it was when originally scheduled?

    Yes but usually it also means another match up has become more desirable. The Steelers have a national following and produce pretty good ratings as a rule. In this case looking at the Dec, 6th games there are actually none that are as likely to have 2 teams with as much at stake playing each other.

  2. 13arod says: theREALjoetoronto still butt hurt about the ravens down season?

    0 0 0
    Nope. Ravens look bad, but with Flacco out of ACL it’s moot. Bengals still hot, but doesn’t matter. Just don;t think Steelers have it in the tank QB wise. Not questioning Ben’s toughness, but instead his propensity for injury, along with Jones’ already being up. That with Vick as 3rd . . . don;t see it happening.

  3. why there is an option to flex SNF and not MNF?? Next MNF game reeeaaaally sucks having the brownies against the practice squad of the ravens…that really blows…

  4. NBC is too busy trying to get out of having the Ravens in two of the last four Sunday Night games.

  5. Colts walk into Heinz Field and walk out with a loss. The steelers toughest game in the reg season this year will be in Seattle. Win that game and they may not lose again.

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