Kaepernick trade will be complicated by his contract


The 49ers will be inclined to trade quarterback Colin Kaepernick in part because his contract currently carries more than $31 million in guaranteed money over the next three years. That portion of the contract could make it harder for Kaepernick to be traded.

Which means that Kaepernick possibly would have to agree to a revised deal in order to facilitate a trade. But why should he? Any new deal he signs with a new team as part of a trade could be signed with that same team after he is released.

And that’s where this could be likely heading. The 49ers have until April 1 to cut or trade Kaepernick before his base salary for 2016 becomes fully guaranteed. Kaepernick could just dig in his heels, refuse to restructure, and wait for the money to become fully guaranteed — or for Kaepernick to be free and unfettered to join a new team without that new team having to give up anything to get him.

This scenario assumes that Kaepernick will be healthy before April 1. If he’s not, the situation becomes a lot more complicated, with the 49ers potentially on the hook for his salary even if they cut him before April 1.

Regardless, a trade may be the best-case scenario at this point for the 49ers, but it may be impossible to pull off. There’s a chance that no one will want to inherit Kaepernick’s deal, and that Kaepernick won’t want to do a new one in order to allow the 49ers get something for him in return.

His decision ultimately may hinge on whether he feels compelled to try to help the 49ers. Given the perception/reality that the 49ers helped themselves to Kaepernick’s willingness to do a team-friendly deal, the 49ers shouldn’t count on Kaepernick doing another solid for San Francisco.

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  1. Teams generally don’t trade for bad QBs unless they’re desperate and delusional (see Rams/Eagles trade). And nobody wants a bad QB with a cap-busting contract.

    The question is — can he be salvaged? The answer is almost certainly no and I’m sure most GMs can see that.

    In his last SIXTEEN GAMES, his QB rating has 78. That’s 8 games with Harbaugh, 8 games with Tomsula. Mostly because he’s been forced to be a pocket passer.

    As a pocket passer, his best year was an 80.3 QB rating FROM THE POCKET. Let him run around playing junk-ball in a junk offense and pass from outside the pocket, his QB rating is in the 114s. Which is why defenses don’t let him do that anymore.

    All GMs have to do is run a couple of years worth of tape and see that he has no field vision, no touch, no understanding of defenses and is nothing more than a great athlete pretending to be a QB.

  2. I would be surprised to see a trade go through. Most likely, they’ll cut him before the base salary for 2016 becomes guaranteed. The FO will do their best to float trade rumors in the meantime to try to drum up interest.

  3. Absolutely no chance in the wirld York will allow baalke to do anything but get rid of Kap. He won’t pay his qb guru coach who brought him to the playoffs and the Super Bowl, how could he pay Kap for not playing. That means we get stuck with Tomsula as epwell cause he won’t fire him and hire someone else, even if he could find someone to coach for less than minimum wage. That also means boldin and bowman and stay maybe gone as well since they make the most money. York should be tweeting soon how much the team has improved under his leadership and Tomsula, baaaahaaaaaaaaaa.

  4. No team will pay Kaepenick anything near what his contract says. He will have to sign some sort of contract where he makes a small amount and can play for a larger amount. Or, he will get whatever back up players get. Or, he can try to train for a different position than quarterback. He is not a quarterback. I don’t see him landing anywhere next year. Unless a team thinks they can sell merchandise because of him. A lot of cats on this sits think Kaepernick is the greatest thing since the smart phone and would gladly put up the cash for a Kaepernick jersey wherever he ends up as a 3rd stinger.

  5. Kaepernick trade will be complicated by his contract…

    …the fact that he sucks could also be a factor…

  6. everyone said exactly and I mean exactly the same thing when they decided to move on from Alex Smith. No one would trade for him, he will be cut, why would he agree to a trade. Kaepernick has talent and the right coach will bring that out. A team will trade so that he doesn’t hit the open market and his price goes up. Kap will agree if it is the right situation for him (eg. Eagles).

  7. He doesn’t really have an agent…Bunky, the guy down at the tattoo parlor, handled the negotiations on this one.

  8. Sad as it sounds when it comes to Santa Clara there is nothing better TO write about…Maybe the author should zero in on there stellar defense or how about there O line…My point is maybe they should move on and write nothing about this joke of an organization….

  9. With the amount owed him by York, he doesn’t have to play for anyone else, ever for the rest of his life. If I were him , I would just retire at an extremely early age and do what the heck I wanted to do with the rest of my life. This amount he is due is not chump change He has been the scape goat for the much Baalke/York screw ups, so hold your ground young Kap as Jed York has the money, so collect every single dollar and smile..Good Luck youngster.

  10. A trade will also be complicated by the fact that Kaepernick can’t even complete a 5 yard dump off to his running back and is essentially good for one of two outcomes on every play: 1) running around like a chicken with its head cut off before taking a sack and 2) throwing an uncatchable bullet 5 yards over the receivers head.

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