Mortensen suggest Sanchez is playing for permanent promotion


Mark Sanchez will be the Eagles’ starting quarterback Sunday and presumably on Thursday, too, given the injuries to Sam Bradford.

Sunday morning, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen suggested that Sanchez could be playing for a permanent promotion.

“If he plays well,” Mortensen said at the end of the Sunday morning NFL Insiders show, “he could take the job.”

Bradford has a shoulder injury and a concussion. The Eagles prepared all week for Sunday’s game vs. the Buccaneers knowing Bradford wouldn’t be able to play, and with the Eagles facing a quick turnaround before a Thanksgiving game at Detroit on Thursday, Mortensen said it’s believed Sanchez will be the starter then, too, regardless of how things go vs. the Bucs.

The Eagles are 4-5 and need wins. If Sanchez wins, it makes sense that he’d get the chance to keep winning.

Sanchez went 4-4 as the Eagles’ starter last year. He signed a new deal with the team in March, not long before the Eagles traded Nick Foles to the Rams to acquire Bradford.

17 responses to “Mortensen suggest Sanchez is playing for permanent promotion

  1. Well its good to see Mortensen is back at the top of his game. I mean who would have thunk it that a backup quarterback had his eye on being the number one signal caller.

    Come on Mort, find another career already. It’s been almost a whole year since you overplayed your hand. Time to move on.

  2. Duh, ya think? Although even something as obvious as a backup being able to overtake a struggling incumbent for the starting position has to be called into question when Mort is the one saying it.

  3. Bradford is terrible. Sanchez is the more accomplished QB. I’ll never understand why people act like Sam Bradford has ever done anything to distinguish himself in this league. Sanchez two AFC appearances. Bradford- 0 playoff appearances. I don’t get it. Sanchez should have been starting all along. And if the Eagles give Bradford a big contract, I’m finding a new team to support.

  4. I was hoping to use my quick wit to pounce on old Mort but I see there’s already a good dose of that. I guess I can go back to ignoring anything relating to that hack from BSPN.

  5. Sanchez is capable of nice drives and good plays but he is guaranteed to blow it at least once a game.

    Eagles should try to pick up kaep. I know opinions of him aren’t high but with a fresh environment and innovative coach he could thrive again.

  6. That could explain why he’s so demonstrative after throwing those back-breaking, game-changing interceptions. In other words, he’s trying to say “It’s not my fault”. Miles should have kept running, despite triple coverage…Sproles should have kept running. However Sproles and everyone else saw Sanchez lead Matthews right into getting dman near broken in half.
    He would be better if he accepted his role.


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