Peyton Manning is absolutely determined to get healthy and to play


With Brock Osweiler arguably playing better on Sunday than Peyton Manning has played all year, Peyton continues to focus on playing again, sooner than later.

Manning is “absolutely determined” to get himself healthy, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, doing all he can to overcome a variety of injuries, including a partially torn plantar fascia and a rib injury that, while not involving any broken bones, remains very painful. Manning firmly believes he’ll play again this year.

But Manning’s goal isn’t to simply become healthy enough so that he can play. He hopes to be healthy enough that he’ll play better than he did during the Week 10 debacle against the Chiefs, a 0.0-rating outcome that featured only five completions and four interceptions.

And as Manning focuses on getting healthy on this year, he’s still not considering it his last NFL season. He currently intends, according to the source, to play in 2016 — even if he won’t be playing for the Broncos.

Of course, a lot would have to happen before Manning would be playing for someone other than the Broncos. But if Manning believes his struggles relate in any way to the offensive changes made by new coach Gary Kubiak, it’s not crazy to envision Manning going to a team that would let him run the offense the way he chooses, and to have plenty of influence over the pieces that will be put in place around him.

87 responses to “Peyton Manning is absolutely determined to get healthy and to play

  1. If he wants to continue playing, then why not let him? He has nothing else to prove, he has all the passing records, so he has nothing to prove. Maybe he feels one more ring somehow solidifies his legacy. Who knows.

  2. OMG Peyton! You have the worst numbers of any starting QB in the NFL. If your name wasn’t Peyton Manning and your defense wasn’t unbelievable, you would have been pulled weeks ago.

    Either you just can’t play/throw as well as you used to play/throw or you’ve been hurt all year (because your numbers have been garbage all year). Either way, your not going to get younger and more nimble by next year. What GM is going to be stupid enough to pick up that bloated salary for 2 INT’s per game?

  3. Maybe he can become Eli’s back-up next year. Seriously though, Peyton will be getting perilously close to tarnishing his HOF career by trying to stick around too long if he plays next year (assuming some team actually gives him that chance).

  4. It doesn’t make much sense for any team to bring him in as a starter for one year only. Maybe if Hasselback retires, he could back up and help groom Luck.

  5. No one needs a QB that can’t play. It wouldn’t make sense for anyone to bring him in. Manning won’t play again this year. The offense wasn’t great today but they had to at least respect the deep ball and that allowed them to get the run game going a bit more. Once Kubiak gets him rolling out more the offense will be a lot more dangerous than it ever could be with Manning.

  6. Who will actually sign him to anything other than a huge incentive packed deal in 2016? He’ll be lucky to get any guaranteed money unless he comes back and somehow defies logic and excels.

    Damaged goods at this point. No way he returns to Denver. No teams a “quarterback away” either in a dome/warm climate.

  7. Peyton Manning is done.

    It hurts to say t, but it’s true.

    He doesn’t have anything left in his body to allow him to play pro football.

    He knows where to go with the ball, but he can’t get it there anymore.

  8. John Elway runs the Denver Broncos, and he’s got lofty goals. I believe he’s seen enough of Peyton to go in another direction. They can get rolling with Osweiler and make it to the Super Bowl this year. Elway has known from day one that the Manning deal could end any second, and he’s prepared the team with not just one, but two good young QBs. Trevor Siemian is also an excellent QB.

  9. Always about the $$$$ for PayMeATon. Find a team in need of ticket sales……buy yourself a Manning at max $$$$. It will be reminiscent of Joe Namath’s LA Ram’s final cash grab/ swan song

  10. So he’s done, right? That old timer hasn’t been healthy in years and it’s finally obvious to everyone but him it’s over. Great run, now retire and wait for the bust to arrive in Canton.

  11. He will either be the President of the Browns organization or of the Titans origination. Both teams want him and will probably offer him a minority ownership role as well. He may truly believe he can play another year. But at the end of the day, a chance to be the top guy and run his own team will be to great to pass up

  12. What is it about old men who can not go gently into the night?

    Bart Starr and Brett Favre this Thursday night will show there is plenty of respect at the end.

  13. He is not done. His competitiveness has caused him to play when he should’ve been sitting out getting healthy. It may not be next week, next month, in fact it may not be until next year.

  14. The “source” that said PM wants to play in 2016 is probably Peyton’s agent and he was probably speaking more for himself than for Manning.

  15. If this is about getting the most wins record, then PM truly is all about the personal records.
    What team would take PM the way he is currently playing? And at what salary?

    This season is your last chance PM, better take advantage of it “if” you get another chance.

  16. Manning isn’t done. There was a time last year when Brady looked done and then quickly turned things around. Manning has been limited by injuries and running an offense that he isn’t familiar with. Let him heal up and run his offense and he’ll be fine

  17. I think Houston will sign him and instantly become super bowl competitor.
    That team was the first choice for Peyton when Indy moved away from Peyton.

  18. Self involved, bloated ego Peyton Manning.

    *said while humming the Nationwide is on your side jingle.

  19. He is in to pad his stats. Nothing more. He stayed in all those blowout games last season where Osweiler could have gotten game experience.

  20. kd75
    Nov 22, 2015, 10:34 PM EST
    Peyton, please don’t turn into Brett Favre.

    Are you serious? He’d sell his soul to the Devil to have Farves 39yr old Physical ability right now.

  21. No he is determined to set records no one else can ever beat and that means playing next season. He doesn’t want the kid to take over and he sits on the bench not setting records.
    He doesn’t give a crap about the team its all about him and his legacy.
    I hope Denver realizes they have there future in play and let him play it out and keep the old man on the bench. I heard if they do he will try to go elsewhere next year.

  22. He’s old, and he’s hurt. He can “ice up” all he wants until next season, but at that point he’s just coming up short of asking a linebacker to kill him.

    Peyton, your arm is toast. Pack it in and call it a career.

  23. Honestly it’s time for both Peyton and Brady to call it quits. I am excited to see Jimmy G. to take over.

  24. It is all Eli’s fault. Archie has to tell him to stop giving his big brother crappie about having more rings & being able to beat Tom Brady. Then maybe he will decide to retire.

  25. Unless he’s getting late-career health tips from Barry Bonds, it’s time for Peyton to pack it in.
    Amazing career, time to go…

  26. All you have to hope for is Brock to stumble. I am a huge fan and you look terrible. All I can hope for is you can look halfway serviceable and we are in the game forth quarter against the Pats at Mile High. It is time to give in or give the hell up. I am done with the Broncos losing at home and you have been at the helm with the Ravens, Colts, and Chargers, and Chiefs!

  27. One Really Bad Game People…. You haters SUCK! Also you know nothing about football. This Guy Threw 55 TD Passes in 2013 and 39 Last Year. If healthy he is still the Best! This guy in fact the entire Manning Family has more class than all of you negative commenters. Obviously you have never played!!!

  28. Manning is Still a Great Player. When he gets healthy from his shoulder injury he will make you eat your words….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  29. Peyton will be the Rams Qb next year under Jeff Fisher. Fisher is already setting the table for it with the recent Wes Welker signing.

    Having Todd Gurley as the feature on offense along with a very good Rams defense will help Peyton resurrect his career and go out a winner.

  30. Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at the close of day,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

  31. Would be pretty cool if Manning went and backed up his brother for a few years .. Would be unusual but kinda cool

  32. Dude…5 Head, in the words of the Warrior Of The Wasteland, The Ayatollah Of Rock & Rolla…

    “Walk away. Just walk away.” -Lord Humongous

    You have at least one ring. All the records pretty much, and your body is simply done with the game. Listen to it and stop embarrasing a pretty great QB career with terrible play.

  33. Look likes Manning is going to go out the Favre way instead of the honorable way. This guy is going to kill his legacy by refusing to step away when it’s clear he’s done. I don’t dislike Manning one bit but the Broncos need to put him on IR and just let that be that. Their defense is good enough to win games and Brock looked much better than Peyton.

  34. If he gets healthy, no reason why he can’t be good again. Favre had terrible years before a few good ones at the end. Get 100%.
    I can see Houston gettting him next year.

  35. Retirement idea for Peyton. Offer yourself up for “celebrity appearances” at shooting ranges for duck hunters. Paid appearance, autograph signings and photos with guests, and then out to the range where he can chuck footballs for hunters to aim at for target practice.

  36. I love Peyton like a brother. I’m sure he has a little something left. I know it is hard to walk away. Peyton, it is time, Brother. 18 seasons for #18, all the records, a young family and any job you want waiting for you. Don’t tempt fate anymore with injuries. Walk off after this season with your head held high, and take it to the house.

  37. Uh, everyone is missing the point, what is he SUPPOSED to do , quit ? He is being paid $15 million or whatever to play QB for the Broncos. He is doing his JOB HE IS PAID TO DO. Do everything possible to get ready to play in case his team needs him. He obviously knows this is his last few games , his last season.

    And this is coming from a Chiefs fan who has been tortured by Manning for years, ease up haters

  38. It’s time to hang it up Peyton. Any team that gets him next year knows that he’s basically a “rental” and that they might get half a season out of him if injuries come up as frequently as they are now. It would put butts in the seats, but that’s about it.

    I honestly think that he’s the best QB I’ve seen play the game (35 years old now) and someday I’ll be telling my grand kids about him more then Brady, Favre, Rodgers, etc but it’s just time to pack it up.

  39. ….he’s done in Denver this year…Brock will only get better going forward. Manning doesn’t want to go out like this so…WE”RE ALL stuck in the off season hearing about what team he might go to in 2016.

  40. There is a point at which you become part of the problem for a team and not part of the solution. Peyton has had a storybook career and one of the greatest of his time.

    Osweiler looked good. I’d be surprised if they put beaten up Manning back out there. His passes have lacked zip and placement for awhile. He’s still a very good QB, but I am not sure he can keep up with these defenses and stay upright in a playoff setting.

  41. I hope the NFL is drug testing him every week if not every day. No telling what he will do to get back on the field and break another regular season record.

    Remember he even went to Europe to get stem cell therapy that was banned in the US

  42. Only thing that may make a small bit of sense would be for the Colts to sign him for an hour so he can then retire a Colt… which would seem ridiculous.

    There’s no way Broncos bring him back at $15mil per season. The throws he was making against KC were worse than wounded ducks.

    This quest of his for one more year seems delusional. Only reason I can think is if he’s retired it hurts all his non-football related endorsement income… Nationwide, Directv, etc.

    He’s done.

  43. I grew up on a farm. We used to have an old horse named Percy. Once Percy got to a certain age he couldn’t keep up with the other horses when we’d bring them out to run. In essence it started to be a bad thing for old Percy and we could tell he was hurting after the runs.

    So when we brought the horses out to run we’d leave Percy and another horse in the stable so they didn’t know we were running even though they may have suspected it. From there we brought Percy out for long walks and some light running which was much better for him.

    After a year or so he no longer wanted to run with the younger horses and he realized his time had passed. He looked forward to the long walks and individual attention he got from being old Percy and he was much better for it. It didn’t hurt that we gave him extra apples and candy canes. Maybe Manning just needs some candy canes.

  44. Manning might be able to wrestle the job away from Manziel in Cleveland, or Hoyer down in Houston. But the chances of a good team wanting him are nil. The good teams are good because they have a QB better than the corpse of Manning.

  45. Jesus people suck.. manning deserves some respect he should be allowed to play until hes good n ready to hang up his cleats, hes a proven champion for crying out loud, even better then Tom Brady( remember those conversations)…All shoot who am I kidding im being totally selfish im seeing boat loads of money betting against Denver…Sorry denver fans, but lets put some money in our pockets…

  46. This has all the trappings of both Namath’s and Unitas’ last year. Sad. At least Johnny U had the excuse of being broke and desperately needing the paycheck.

    One would like to think that the “most cerebral QB in the NFL” is smarter than this, but….*shrug*

  47. I’d say this is sad to watch. But I’ve never been a Manning fan. I’ve always thought he was a giant doosh who is all about himself. Similar to how Marino was. I actually wish his defense didn’t win him that one SB. He doesn’t deserve it.

  48. Here I am sitting on 12/27/15 and the Broncos, who had a 5 game lead on their nearest competitor prepare to host the 11-3 Bengals, Denver potentially losing a third game in a row and likely out of the playoffs at 10-6/11-5.

    All the while, Peyton, with HGH stories now just hitting the web/news and still not having played a significant game since the meltdown on the aforementioned Chiefs in early November.

    Manning, who is almost the same age as Tom Brady seems to be “falling apart”. It’s a guarantee that J. Elway will not be having #18 coming back in ’16 taking $16 million for not playing.

    It’s over for Peyton in Denver. Broncos aren’t winning SB this season, if they even qualify. Really won’t ever understand the canning of Fox/Gase after 2015. Kubiak will have still been available after OC’ing another year for the Ravens. Again though, put a fork in Peyton as it pertains to Denver.

    If he is desperate enough, for whatever reasons to play next year, I can’t imagine what team is going to shell out that $16 mil check for a 40 year old who cannot even play anymore?!

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