Chip Kelly: We were out-coached, but we have a really good team


Most people watching the Eagles this year have come to the conclusion that Chip Kelly the General Manager hasn’t done a good enough job of building a team for Chip Kelly the coach. But Kelly doesn’t see it that way.

In his comments to the press today following the 45-17 beatdown his team suffered at the hands of the Buccaneers, Kelly admitted, “We were out-coached.”

But Kelly doesn’t think the problem with the 4-6 Eagles is the personnel.

“I feel confident in the guys we have right now,” Kelly said. “I think we have a really good football team. I’m very confident in our football players.”

The reality is, the 4-6 Eagles are not a “really good football team.” Whether the problem is the personnel or the coaching, that problem ultimately falls squarely on Kelly’s shoulders. And if he can’t solve the problem soon, the chatter that he simply isn’t cut out to run an NFL team will turn into a roar.

110 responses to “Chip Kelly: We were out-coached, but we have a really good team

  1. The GM should have know that Sam Bradford was an injury risk and for a backup QB he selected Mark Sanchez who is a turnover machine.

  2. Saw Eagles fans wearing paper bags already. I’ve always wondered about this – do you make a new one every game, or is the family paper bag handed down from father to son in a solemn Eagles football tradition?

  3. Not a ringing self-endorsement Coach.

    We have the player talent… but me and my coaching staff is failing.

    Wow… guess that helps the front office with their decisions.

  4. No kidding, What an embarrassment. I don’t think they could have stopped a 1 man team. Sanchez needs to settle down he’s not a bad QB but when he gets flustered he does stupid things. I say either win out or loose out. No more mid pack drafts.

  5. If the “really good team” is being held back because the team gets outcoached…….I guess this is Kelly’s acceptance that he is the problem and this statement is his resignation
    Ba bye

  6. Chip has been the GM for less than a year; it takes time to build a club that can compete at the highest level, especially without a franchise QB on board.

    He’ll get another year, and will do everything possible to upgrade the QB position in particular. But even as an ardent supporter of his, I’d say if next goes as this one has, he’ll be looking for a new opportunity.

  7. Things to do before 2016 season. Get Chip to leave, preferably to the Titans so you can get some sort of compensation. Call the Cowboys and try to get a pick for Demarco. Bring in a coach who will use the 4-3 which is better suited for your personnel.

  8. Ridiculous he was given the GM duties to begin with. The high point was with the 100% inherited roster and they get worse the more of his guys that Chip signs.

  9. Nah, paper bags aren’t a father to son tradition. I was born in ’95, the year the Cowboys stopped being relevant. so as an Eagles fans I’ve experienced playoff appearances in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013. Would like to see a Super Bowl but I’m not complaining

  10. Chip didn’t get his QB when hired. Drafted Marcus Smith from Louisville in Rd 1 last year, who is terrible & ready to get cut. I said he had a chance for Derek Carr or Bridgewater from that same Louisville school.

    A hurry up offense isn’t good enough when you have Poor WR’s, a Terrible OL, Turnover machines at QB and a RB in Murray that slides when approached by tacklers instead of running over people.

    Without a QB & no prospects, it will take another 5 years to be relevant. This is his 3rd year. Get a QB in year 5. Groom & it will be another 2-3 years = 4-5 years from today & that assumes he gets a franchise type QB in year 5.

    Eagles are in TROUBLE. SERIOUS trouble & Chip will be Fired.

  11. To Mr. Lurie and Mr. Kelly:

    As a season ticket holder, this is unacceptable.

    The wasted Sunday afternoon(s)
    Watching players not give 100% effort
    The cost of season ticket(s)
    The cost of parking

    And you expect us to support this? As a season ticket holder, I am on brink of letting go. Not worth it.

  12. Whether Chip is here or not next year is 100% based on what he “promised” Lurie when Lurie gave him the GM job. If he told Lurie that he was going to flip the team and that they would compete this year and make a run in the playoffs, then yeah, Chip’s done and SHOULD be fired.

    But… if Chip told Lurie that he was going to flip the team and build a team over the next 2-3 years so they could contend for a Superbowl then Chip will be back next year. Can’t fire a guy after one year of having the keys.

    The fans expectations were high (as they always are, and should be) but Chip and Lurie might have figured this year was going to be rough and had an understanding that this was more then a 1 year process.

  13. When the Dolphins come in your building and come back from 13 down and beat you and you follow that up by Tampa coming in your building and blowing you out, its time to resign……Chip the experiment has failed, time for you to get one of those big time college gigs that just opened up

  14. Call the Cowboys and try to get a pick for Demarco.
    Cowboys knew the Iggles were out of their minds to pay Murray that much. Now Dallas somehow will take on that crushing salary AND give up a draft pick…?


  15. Can’t imagine why he was given so much personnel power by Jeff Lurie. Sadly, he can bail out and go to any of a dozen big-time college programs if this doesn’t work out; the Eagles will be stuck with his bad decisions for a few years after he leaves.

  16. Good teams, regardless of their coach, do not get blasted 45-17 at home by a recently unsuccessful franchise led by a rookie QB.

    This is NOT a good team, and even their most ardent fans would admit as much. That was one big slice of awful yesterday.

  17. Nov 23, 2015 11:42 AM
    Nah, paper bags aren’t a father to son tradition. I was born in ’95, the year the Cowboys stopped being relevant. so as an Eagles fans I’ve experienced playoff appearances in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013. Would like to see a Super Bowl but I’m not complaining
    I would start complaining. It’s been 20,055 days since the Eagles have won a Championship. Stop believing that winning the division or a playoff appearance is satisfactory.

  18. Who didn’t see this coming. Pinning all your hopes on Sam Bradford is about as bright as betting on Greg Hardy passing the Mensa test.

    Either way you look at it, it’s Chip’s fault they suck. It may take a few years to rebuild but putting all his eggs in one basket to try to get Mariota has decimated that team. The Demarco Murray signing was curious given that he isn’t even the most productive back on the roster.

    Chip’s stay in Philly might be nearing its end. The problem is, these decisions are going to affect the team for several years. It makes me wonder if they wish they had kept Andy Reid.

  19. If the Eagles continue to go down the tubes like they currently are and especially with Sanchez as their QB, then Kelly should be fired at the end of the season and the Eagles can one again start from scratch. They are not a good football team no matter what kind of hype Kelly is putting out to the media. They were blown out by a mediocre football team and Kelly does nothing but make excuses.

  20. Please, allow me…

    “Butt fumble!!”

    Having gotten that out of the way, that is like saying Adam Sandler’s movie, “Don’t Mess With the Zohan” was horribly written and directed, but the actors were excellent.


  21. Chip Kelly thinking to himself: I don’t get it. I’m an innovative coach and did something no other NFL coach has ever done. I went and signed as many of my former college players as I could and had them try and run the offense that we ran in the NCAA.

    Steve Spurrier thinking to himself: Man, that old Chip is pretty innovative. I wonder where he gets his ideas from. I just don’t see how it isn’t working out for him.

    All NFL Coached thinking to themselves: God, I hope Chip is around for a long time. I sure hope that Jerry Jones goes out and hires Steve Spurrier to replace Jason Garrett.

  22. You have destroyed a franchise that was proud and competitive for the past 15 years. Your arrogance is over the top. Your coaching is below average. Your personnel moves are the biggest joke in the league.

    Yet you persist and collect paychecks. If you had any dignity, you’d resign. But you won’t because you don’t.

  23. @letsgobuffalo4:

    Darren Sproles is not the answer dude, neither is Bradford and especially Sanchez. You cannot keep discarding talent without bringing back something/talent in return, got nothing for Desean or Macklin and threw in a second rounder in the Bradford deal. I like Sproles as much as the next guy but he is 33 yrs old and has never been an every down back, should he be more involved in the offense, sure, but teams are on to their screen game because they have no wideouts who strike fear in opposing defenses.

  24. The funniest is going to be after Thursday, when my hapless lions put up 40 on this “awesome” team.

    Then, if you get out coached by Caldwell and a bunch of scrubs just trying to save their jobs, you have to be worried that you’ll ever be good enough to be a head coach in the NFL.

  25. Eagles management: “We agree, Chip. In fact, the only thing you’ve done worse than coach this year is pick players. Every major personnel move you’ve made has backfired. How about we write a nice letter of recommendation and send it to Pat Haden? Did you know it was 78 degrees yesterday in Southern California?”

  26. So…previously it was execution but now it’s coaching. How long before Chip the coach contends that Chip the GM gave him great players that just didn’t fit the system? Maybe Chip the agent is just lining up the reasons for Lurie to fire both Chip the GM and Chip the coach so he can collect the cash AND get whatever job he wants next

  27. Interesting he finally admits he did a lousy job rather than saying ‘we just need to execute’. This team checked-out on him after he threw them all under the bus…

  28. Anyone remember all the trash-talking Chip did to the old GM on his way out? How that guy couldn’t evaluate talent but he was really good at structuring contracts and finding cap room? Lol, I wonder what that guy has to say about Chip the GM.

  29. All that said, Chip only made 2 or 3 really bad moves. He gave up too much for Bradford and he overpaid for Murray’s inevitable regression.

  30. If you get out coached by Lovie, what does that say about you, Chip.

    You dont mean the same Lovie who has actually won something in the NFL instead of the “next best thing” Chip Kelly who is a genius on paper?

  31. How great was Sunday, Philly? Come on wasn’t that great watching Tampa go into your house and pummel you with a rookie QB. Great stuff. The best part of this is that this team is shredded for years. Kelly demolished the talented level by cutting and trading talent and getting nothing in return and then he compounded the problem by two horrible drafts in a row. Philly fan you are in big trouble here. Get used to hearing ” and with the first pick in the NFL draft the Eagles select “…..some scrub that will stink. Oh well, atleast you have a second round pick for this year to use to get better… Oh wait.

  32. Dallas is always relevant. Even at 3-7. No one is talking about the Eagles potentially making a run and winning the division. Dallas is still in the discussion.

  33. I can understand the “knee jerk” sentiment of fire Chip. That was as bad as it gets.

    Reality is, you have to give him next year to see if the plan the GM is going to implement is going to come to fruition or not.

    Of course, some university is going to back the Brinks truck up with $8mil + per year, and full Stalin-like control of The Program. We’ll see if Chip is annoyed is plan isn’t working in the NFL and wants to see it work…or if he’s annoyed dealing with adults, fans, media enough that $8mil + at USC sounds like a winner.

    Yesterday, was truly hideous. That was in the days right before McNabb bad. Chip the GM had a guy who’s barely played in 2 years at the helm of his offense – if he was hoping to tank, should have just let Sanchez be the QB. He’d INT his way to it in no time.

    Thought the turkey would be on Thursday…not Sunday.

  34. If Chip does decide to go back to college, hopefully his accountant will remind him that between federal and CA state taxes, a little over 60% of his salary will go bye-bye.

  35. There are lots of teams that have talent that can’t put it all together on the field. The Eagles are not one of them. The players stink, the coaching stinks, and the personnel decisions stink.

    Some teams get worse because they lose good players and can’t replace them– Chip has taken it one step further by actively shipping out good players and replacing them with lesser talent.

  36. Cowboys are coming for you, Eagles! They have a harder road, but everyone knows it’s only Romo’s injury that has kept them from running away with the division and making the Eagles look even worse.

  37. Chip should have gotten that high pick to land Marriotta. It was on the table All he had to do was give 2015 first rounder , 2016 first rounder , 2017 first rounder. It may sound like a lot but look at all the first round flops.

    But now. (Trump voice) “Chip, you’re fired!”

  38. How many GM’s get fired after 1 year on the job? It’s ridiculous to think that Chip could fill all the holes in one year. Thankfully, Jeffrey Lurie is a patient man and realizes this. Chip isn’t going anywhere. He knows what he’s doing, and he will be proven right in the end. He’s not getting fired after one bad season. This isn’t Washington.

  39. I was a big Chip supporter but he’s just being delusional right now. I will say that I think Billy Davis has done more damage recently than Chip has. Our offense has been terrible all season but the defense has fallen off a cliff. For our Dcoordinator to continually leave our poor corners on an island against elite receivers is absurd. He did it last season and it cost us a playoff birth. Maxwell is always 10 yards off the line instead of chipping guys at the line. He doesn’t help Nolan Carroll in the least. And they refuse to take EJ Biggers off the field! Are you telling me that Eric Rowe couldn’t do as well as Biggers?? He’s getting beat on EVERY single play! Rowe could go out and get beat but atleast he has the athletic ability to occasionally make a play. I’m not excusing Chip for anything but Davis is arguably the most clueless coordinator in the league. None of our coaches are capable of making an in-game adjustment and it’s KILLING us.

    What a horrible time to live in Philly.

  40. Past tense — HAD a good team. Kelly had a lot of success over the first couple of years with Reid’s players. Now that he’s shipped/run most of them off and brought in his own “recruits” well…

  41. All of his is coming from he guy who cut Tebow after Tebow, while playing with the 2s, 3s, and 4s, outplayed Sanchez playing with the 1s and 2s and Barkley playing with the 2s, 3s, and 4s.

    If Kelly is being continually outcoached and can’t evaluated talent at the NFL level, what good is he? Actually, Kelly is only good for the Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins! They LOVE Kelly!

  42. This dude got rid of all the Eagles best players because they didn’t fit his system… LoL!!! This isn’t college Chip… u cant just insert any player into your system like in college. Every team in the NFL is basically a college all-star team. Every team is full of college all-stars and he HAD some of the best ones… they probably weren’t all on board with his big plans. He needs to go.

  43. Chances are… Either USC or LSU will pay top bucks to lure Chip Kelly away from the Eagles.

  44. My assumption for Philly this year was for Bradford to get good, then get injured, then Butt Fumbles.

    But I thought the ‘Bradford playing good’ part of season would be measured in games, not quarters. At least this way Philly won’t experience the cruelty of false hope – and Butt Fumbles is entertaining at least, he makes highlight reels only he can make.

  45. Nothing remarkable about anyone out coaching Kelly. When your supposed top receiver is restricted from going more than 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage it makes defending a piece of cake. He is NOT an NFL coach …. period !

  46. I’ve been in Kelly’s corner since he arrived, but now I have to say I have serious doubts about him not just as a GM, but as a COACH. It started with some of the play calling last year, which was puzzling. That bad play calling and basic execution mistakes continued into this year and has gotten worse. When you add to that the GM moves (questionable to say the least), I don’t know. What I do know is yesterday was the first time I had true, legitimate doubts about him being able to get it going.

  47. phillyphanatic77 says:
    Nov 23, 2015 1:41 PM
    I was a big Chip supporter but he’s just being delusional right now. I will say that I think Billy Davis has done more damage recently than Chip has. Our offense has been terrible all season but the defense has fallen off a cliff.

    I don’t know what you’re watching. Until yesterday, the defense has been vastly improved. Vastly. Yesterday they were terrible, of course. The problem has been the offense.

  48. When you get blown out at home by the Bucs,you do NOT have a really good team. You were outplayed and outcoached. To be fair,the Bucs are starting to gel,but still,you have no business losing to them by that margin.Stick to college coaching.

  49. roadtrip3500 says:
    Nov 23, 2015 3:05 PM
    You know it’s over when Kelly starts to sound like Rich Kotite after losses…
    At least Kotite had a playoff win…

  50. schmedley69 says:
    Nov 23, 2015 1:40 PM
    How many GM’s get fired after 1 year on the job? It’s ridiculous to think that Chip could fill all the holes in one year.

    OMG, let it go. He’s not filling holes, he’s making them. Before Chip got his hands on personnel, they were strong at RB, very good at WR, decent at QB and had one of the best O lines in the NFL.

    Every single one of those units is weaker now. Every one. And he’s paying more for the replacements than he would have had to pay the guys he get rid of.

    He’s got College Coach Disease. In college, you recruit 5 new players for every position every year. You can take chances, because you’ve got depth. That’s not the case in the NFL.

  51. This isn’t the first time there was a public spat between a coach and a GM, but it might be the first time they’re the same guy. Luria was smart to hire one guy with multiple personalities. He only needs to sign one paycheck instead of two!
    Of course the team sucks.

  52. There is no end to his arrogance. Hey Chip your offense sucks, your personnel sucks and your in-game adjustments suck.

    Go back to college.

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