Chuck Pagano has the Colts believing in him, themselves


Maybe it’s corny, and maybe it’s futile.

But for the moment, the Colts are responding to coach Chuck Pagano’s style, and enjoying the kind of ugly/scrappy/workmanlike win he’s taught them to appreciate.

“We know he’s got our back,” linebacker Erik Walden said, via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star. “He’s always going to do what’s best for us. The least we can do is come out and perform and hold everything together when it was looking like a debacle.”

To come from behind to grind out a 24-21 win at Atlanta on Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning field goal was impressive enough, but to win a third game with 40-year-old Matt Hasselbeck starting at quarterback made them all ready to toss their walkers in the air.

“Two 40-year-olds coming through!” Pagano shouted in the locker room afterwards. “We will have bingo night on Thursday!

It clearly wasn’t much to look at, but Pagano’s motivation has been like a dose of Geritol, keeping the Colts afloat (leading the division, even), when the internal dysfunction threatened to tear the team apart and wreck a promising season.

“When you have a group of guys who like each other, and who like the coaches, you have good chemistry,” said punter Pat McAfee. “That’s a real thing. We don’t want to let each other down. You want to play for your coach, and your teammates. That’s the most powerful thing in team sports.”

If they’ve truly tapped into that, it’s going to make for a complicated offseason, considering Pagano’s contract status.

But for the moment, they’re not thinking about that, they’re simply enjoying being in first place no matter what it looks like, and following their leader.

19 responses to “Chuck Pagano has the Colts believing in him, themselves

  1. Ive always liked pagano. I dont see a better coach to replace him. Until he loses the lockerroom i dont see the point in starting over. Get rid of middling griggles and were good.

  2. Dirtiest organization in the NFL!

    Caught piping in phony crowd noise multiple times. Once on national TV. Google the audio.

    Caught several times with needles on the sideline to tamper with footballs. Google the videos.

    Purposely losing games during the infamous and obvious “Suck for Luck” campaign.

    Lying on the injury report. Not reporting rib fractures.

    Conspiring with the Ravens and former NYJ officials to frame NE during the AFCCG last season. It backfired when their balls were too low too. Funny how NE got penalized, but the Colts weren’t.

    Forcing rule changes year after year designed to castrate defenses. Are you tired of all the pass interference calls? It’s the Colts doing.

    Slimiest owner east of Jerry Jones. Booze, pills, etc.


  3. Pagano has stepped his game up since it all started to hit the fan several weeks ago. He’s coaching his butt off, and it’s fun to watch.

  4. They aren’t winning despite a 40 year old quarterback. Luck has more long term potential, but he has clearly been the second best quarterback on the roster this year. Give Hasselbeck his due.

  5. Dysfunction with Luck. Good Chemistry with Hasslebeck. I wonder who Pagano does not get a long with?
    Everyone on the team can be changed except Luck. Unless Chuck P can get along with Luck, and figure out a way for his offense not to kill Luck (literally), he needs to go. The Colts have always had a weak O Line, it may be their scouting department that needs to be tossed as well.

  6. Pagano is a nice guy. The Colts get out coached every week, but they’re just too talented to keep losing. They do have a roster full of high character players that will support a good man like Pagano, but this is probably his last season. I don’t even think he wants to keep coaching. At least not as a head coach.

  7. Grigson is the source of the problem. He finally gave an interview last week and it was abundantly clear that he’s a total control freak who’s been micro-managing Pagano and the coaching staff.

  8. nhpats says:

    “Let’s not get too excited here…. Let’s wait and see how the Colts do head-to-head against Houston.”


    We already did. Colts won.

    Texans aren’t a new team despite what J.J. wants you to think.

  9. Colts 3-0 with Hasselbeck.



  10. That locker room speech was something special. It looked like the 3 Stooges with Grigson and Irsay right behind him.

  11. Have they announced the discipline yet for not putting Luck’s fractured ribs on the injury report? Because it’s all about the integrity of the game , right Roger?

  12. It’s not corny. It’sa good story. He’s accepted more than his share of blame and none of the credit for an inconsistent team that lacks talent at some positions.

    Working for an unrealistic owner with a sense of entitlement is tough enough, but scoundrels like Grigson and Kravitz only make it harder.

  13. I think Florio is right; nothing short of a Super Bowl win keeps Pagano in Indy beyond this season. My only hope is that if Pagano is not brought back then Grigson is out the door right behind him. That roster full of holes? Grigson put that mess together, not the coach.

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