Concussion trailer airs during ESPN’s MNF pregame show


The film that its director has called a “shot between the eyes of the NFL” is being promoted during ESPN’s NFL coverage.

A trailer for Concussion, starring Will Smith, appeared during ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, in advance of the game between the Bills and Patriots. The commercial followed (although not immediately) a discussion of the handling of Case Keenum’s situation on Sunday, during which the Rams, the officials, and the ATC spotter failed to insist that Keenum be removed for a concussion evaluation.

Said Mike Ditka during the segment, “The long-term effects of this, we won’t know about it. But he’ll know about it. Whatever it’ll be. It might be 10-15 years down the line, there’s gonna be some kind of effect from a hit like that, believe me.”

And that plays perfectly into the agenda of the film, which criticizes the NFL for its failure to take seriously evidence of the existence of Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy.

Concussion opens on Christmas Day, amid stiff competition for dollars and eyeballs during the holiday season. It’s unclear whether promoting the movie to ardent NFL fans will get NFL fans to go see it, but if nothing else the strategy shows that Sony, which made the film, is indeed aiming right between the eyes of the league.

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  1. You know, I don’t like all the new rules. Touching a quarterbacks helmet draws a penalty, when there is no risk of concussion. However, I see player concussed on the field on a regular basis. When the Chargers played the Broncos, the Chargers safety was concussed twice in one game this year. Jahleel Addea. He’s a dirty player and regularly leads with his helmet. In fact he’s likely to get a suspension this week for “leading” with the crown of his helmet on Jeremy Maclin. However, in the Chargers Broncos game he was severely concussed on the second hit and was not taken out of the game even though he was VERY wobbly. He eventually stopped and put his head down with his hands on his hips, and it looked like he might have blacked out on his feet for a few seconds. Look up the video. Something needs to be done for the Players sake and the NFL being subjected to further lawsuits, as clearly this isn’t being watched enough. No player wants to leave the field, as they may end up losing their job to a backup. So someone has to do it for them.

  2. I really enjoyed watching “C’mon, Man!”. Being at the game yesterday, I wasn’t able to see Teddy Bridgewater take a shot to the head and a facemask without either penalty being called. Contrast that with Rodgers winning an Academy Award after being pushed lightly in the chest and that draws the flag. Good stuff.

  3. Green Bay Packers football. To borrow a phrase from another incredibly intelligent and witty Packers fan….”better football for better people.” You see, Packer fans live in a “no whiners zone,” unlike the Vikings fans who whined incessantly about the myriad of penalties their team committed yesterday blaming the refs for favoring the Packers by throwing lots of flags yesterday. Your team simply played like crap yesterday and resorted to committing all types of fouls in a failing effort to tilt the game in their favor. You lost. Deal with it.

  4. Roger Staubach was a genius. He apparently was the only person on earth who knew concussions could have a long term effect, since that’s why he retired in 1980. Well, I did too.

  5. Yawn, no interest in this movie. Football is a violent sport, smart people understand this. Going to be a big loss for the people financing this one.

  6. Those Vikings fans sure are a butt hurt bunch. Maybe if Vikings could count to 3 there would not have been a roughing penalty. Any defensive player that takes 3 steps and hits a qb is getting penalized. The obvious grounding non call on Bridgewater was missed. As were several other calls. That Bridgewater is a gamer though. I have respect for him. If Vikings fans had half the backbone he has there would be much less crying from their fans. But then what else would they have. Nothing like hearing the lonesome sound of Ragnar blowing his horn when the Vikings are down 17. Love it.

  7. If the NFL is going to make a big deal out of concussions they should consider running backs lowering their head, etc. The rules now a days are made for the Fantasy Football players, of which I am not. Had you all not had such a huge market that the NFL changed rules to accommodate that market, it wouldn’t be so bad. You can tell that the concussion protocol applies to some, not all. Thats because the fantasy QB and WR need protection, to stay on the field and the public keeps getting to play their game. No fantasy football, no crazy rules. The NFL is select about who it choose to protect right?

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