Peyton Manning has told teammates he wants to play in 2016


As major question remain regarding whether Peyton Manning will play again in 2015, a separate question has emerged regarding whether he will play in 2016.

As reported on Sunday night’s edition of NBC’s Football Night in America, Peyton currently intends to play next season, even if he’s not playing for the Broncos. And as a separate source told PFT on Monday, Manning has told teammates that he wants to play next year.

It’s not known whether Peyton has said to current Denver teammates that he’d play for another team in 2016. And it’s hardly a definite that he will play. The Broncos presumably won’t want to pay Manning the $19 million he’s due to make in the final season of his five-year deal.

Would they offer to pay less? Would someone else pay more than what the Broncos would offer?

How little would Manning be willing to take to play another year? Ten million? Eight? Six?

Then comes the question of whether another team would be willing to let him run whatever offense he wants to run; indeed, the new offense installed by Gary Kubiak seems to be one of the reasons for Manning’s struggles in 2015.

Much will need to be resolved after the current season ends. Regardless, the current plan is to play next year.

On Monday, Kubiak threw water on the report regarding Manning’s intentions for 2016.

“I can just tell you for there to be any rumors or anything he said that his mindset is anywhere other than getting healthy and helping this football team, I can tell you is totally false,” Kubiak said. “I visit with this guy on a regular basis and we talk all the time. I can tell you his mindset is a day at a time trying to get healthy and all those things and help his football [team]. That’s all he talks to me about. That’s all that’s important to him right now. That’s disappointing. There are going to be things out there and things said, but I know what’s going on. I know how hard he is working to get back and help his football team.”

Why would it be disappointing that a guy who is obsessed (and he is) with getting healthy enough to play in 2015 would be intent on playing in 2016? The normal human brain is capable of maintaining both desires simultaneously. Peyton’s advanced brain (not sarcasm) easily can handle those tasks.

Kubiak, for example, presumably is focused completely and entirely on coaching the team in 2015. He also presumably intends to coach in 2016, and that plan presumably doesn’t dilute his ability to focus on 2015.

91 responses to “Peyton Manning has told teammates he wants to play in 2016

  1. Maybe he can try the CFL or the Indoor League.
    Indoor league might be better because the field isn’t as big and he’ll be able to make all the throws.

  2. OMG!!! This is like the boxer who’s taken way to many punches and his trainer and handlers won’t tell him it’s time……Peyton, it’s TIME!

  3. I think less than 1% wants him to come back. If he does though, the Texans come to mind. Or I could totally see Dan Snyder getting involved.

  4. why Peyton, you got nothing more to prove. just ride off into the sunset in your nationwide insured vehicle and a papa john’s pizza on the passenger side seat …….. lol

  5. Here comes the Favre situation, all over again. I wonder if Peyton will retire in March, blame his indecision on Ted Thompson, rudely show up halfway through camp, uninvited, and start a stupid circus for no reason.

  6. Most of the teams that would pay more than the Donks have revolving door Olines and Manning would get crushed constantly.

    He’d have a half life of about 2 or 3 games in that situation.

    And whatever else you do or do not like about him, Manning knows plenty about football and he’s certainly smart enough to recognize what going to bottom feeder team would mean.

    Can sympathize that he does not want to lose the spotlight, but if the quarter of a billion dollars or so he’s already earned isn’t enough than he’ll take whatever the best offer is. If it is enough than he’ll only take a situation where there’s a great Oline.

  7. He should probably have the same conversation with his arm first before saying that he wants to come back publicly. I think the old pee shooter will disagree with Peyton. Sad but it happens.

  8. Wanting to play and intending to play are two different things. Peyton has not made his decisions on whether or not to play until March the previous two seasons. Pretty sure he has not made a decision about next year yet.

  9. Peyton & Kobe need to sail off into the sunset together. It’s painful to watch faded stars in decline extend their careers far beyond their expiration dates. Please guys, for the love of Pete, call it a career. Now.

  10. I told you Peyton still trying to force himself into playing is pure ego, we all seen it with Brett Farve except he was still good when everyone else was hating and trying to hurt him (Bounty-Gate) he should’ve won the SB that year. I told you he would throw more INT’s then TD’s vs KC. Anyway Peyton is bothered by his lack of Rings especially having less then his brother who everyone knows he has always been better then. He’s also bothered by Brady’s comment about him only having 2 years left because he knows Brady is right he’s a little bitter watching Tommy Title go to work the way he is at his age with no signs of slowing down along with all other NE haters. Fact is, all these excuses about him being hurt might be true but it just a cover up for what the real problem is………HE’S DONE!

  11. Rams would be perfect. No cold weather games (whether they’re in St. Louis or LA) and Jeff Fisher will run his offense. After all, he wants to be a winner

  12. I hope he can and I hope it’s in an offence where he can utilize his best asset, his mind for the game and his play calling ability. Lord knows, it’s bought his career time and could maybe buy him some more.

    Unfortunately for us all though, we reach that point where regardless of whether or not we want to, we just can’t. If he can do more, I’m looking forward to it. If he cant, it’s been a blast to watch.

  13. You know, as bad as he’s looked this season, and as old as he is, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the old man still has something left and this season’s woes are injury and new offensive system-related.

    Maybe I’m wrong. But it’s hard to imagine he went from the best quarterback in the league to completely useless in 18 months simply because he’s aging.

  14. Jeepers, why is everybody ready to ride Peyton out of town on a rail? We don’t know whether Brock Osweiler is the second coming of Manning, or the second coming of Rob Johnson, the old one-game wonder from Jacksonville who parlayed his performance in that game into a five year $25 million contract.

    Yeah, Manning is hurt, and he hasn’t played well this year, and yeah, Osweiler played well yesterday. If Brock gets his head handed to him against the Patriots next Sunday night, then what?

    Manning has had an exceptionally great career. It’s going to take more than one bad stretch to definitively say his career is over.

  15. Peyton is going to want to cherry pick a team he thinks is only a QB away from winning it all. Somebody please tell me what team that is.

  16. I’m just scared he will get seriously hurt. I’m really surprised that he even considers it. But probably the Jets will make him an offer.

  17. Peyton is playing for legacy and statistics. He figures another year as part time QB gets him 15 TDs, 5 or 6 wins etc. He knows that just a few more stats can hold off Brady and future QBs from catching up

  18. First, it was obvious that his agent or someone close to Peyton leaked the report about 2016 on the same day Brock got his first start and win. Second, it was also obvious that the Broncos leaked that several GM’s anonymously stated that they don’t know of anyone who would pay Peyton in 2016. That being said, I think he would have to prove he can play in 2015. Also, never thought much about it, but it seems Peyton wants to extend or achieve more records. Just the way it feels, not about the team at this time, cause if it was, he would have benched his rear along time ago.

  19. He has nothing left to prove, true….but maybe he just wants to play another year, because he enjoys the “high” of competition.
    This year has been awful, and it’s certainly possible that Father Time has come calling.

    But, he is unsuited to the WCO, and I think his football “reflexes” are coming into play, and he’s trying to make throws that aren’t there, because he’s too accustomed to his old “Moore” offense.

    In the right situation, he MAY still be effective. If that’s what he wants to do, and he finds an acceptable suitor…then go for it Peyton. If he makes a fool of himself, then he only has himself to blame. Five years from now, people will remember the good times, which were many, rather than the late career ineffectiveness.

  20. Sadly, his days of being a quality QB are gone. When Father Time comes for players it usually isn’t a gradual process. They’re doing fine, looking like they might have another 2-3 years, when suddenly they’re done.

    For an example, look at Favre in 2009 versus 2010.

  21. Gotta love Peyton. The dude loves football. Reminds me of baseball’s Rickey Henderson. He just didn’t want to stop playing. No wonder those two are first ballot unanimous HOFers.

  22. I remember Elway saying a few years ago in an interview that if he never won a Super Bowl, then he wanted to play into his 40s to do it, so I’m thinking that second ring & going out on top like Elway is driving Manning.

    But really Peyton? I love the guy as a Denver fan but he has young kids and I hope he can play with them & enjoy life while he’s still up right. Elway at least could still scramble around and still had a strong arm at the end of his career.

  23. Everyone is telling him to retire and then everyone has no problem listing teams that would/should sign him.

    Why would you want to get in the way of a guy getting one last paycheck? It’s his legacy. He doesn’t have to retire once you want him to.

  24. Football fans are fickle, and often not that bright. Everyone is writing Manning’s eulogy. I remember them doing the same to Favre as well after he went to the Jets. I kinda recall him coming back and having his best season ever with the Vikings after he was declared to be washed up. Manning certainly has shown the effects of his injuries, but it isn’t like the floor suddenly dropped out from beneath him. Rather, you can point to him having to run a completely new offense. One has to wonder why Kubiak would decide to completely change the offense. Was the offense bad last year? No. Does Denver have an elite running back talent ala Arian Foster to be the focus of Kubiak’s run first scheme? No. Manning might not be MVP Manning anymore, but he didn’t suddenly become Ryan Leaf overnight. He’s banged up, and running an offense that isn’t suited for him. But yeah, let’s blame him, and not the coach who decided with a hall of fame QB and a group of mediocre running backs that the smart move is to make the mediocre running backs the offensive focal point.

  25. Manning was done last year, the playoff flame out should have been enough to confirm it. This year, Manning is even worse, Denver is probably kicking themselves for not moving on. Watch the guy throw, no zip, no distance and the ball is a wobbly duck. Don’t give me that the latest slump is due to injury. If that is the case he will always be nicked up like guys his age are and he will continue to suck.
    Retire clean Manning, you are already a year too late. This will end worse then Favre’s face plant the final year in Minnesota. Everyone knows this but Manning.

  26. There’s a different pull back photo of his record breaking shot where he is looking right at the camera. He looks seventy years, like a guy who dusted off his old college leather cap and is wearing it at the retirement home. That said, Ravens 2016.

  27. It’s hard to think of a team that,
    a) is a legitimate contender, and
    b) would want him to be their starter.

    Would he really want to come back to play for the Texans, or the Rams, or — as much as WE all might like it — the Jets?

  28. He is one of the brightest to ever play the game. Belichick has made comments to that effect.

    So, he’s also bright enough to know the difference between injury-caused-poor-play and just plain old having “lost it” due to age. If he thought it was all over due to his age, he’d hang them up.

    He’ll know when it is time to go, and all you people acting like you know what is best for him are jokes.

  29. mototax says:
    Nov 23, 2015 5:05 PM
    He should back up Brady next year. Together they could play another 10-15 years.

    Peyton could handle all the kneel downs from the victory formation

  30. I need to come back to pad my regular season stats with a lot of meaningless 1 yard TD passes cause I suck in the post-season.

  31. Everyone here is saying it’s time for Manning to see the writing on the wall, hang it up.

    Not so fast.

    Manning two seasons ago was having a career year. Last season, he was tearing up the league until the last month of the season.

    Now, all of a sudden, he’s over the hill???

    He may be dinged up, with that plantar fasciitis and sore ribs, but it’s no coincidence that this legendary QB is suddenly having a horrible season, with a new head coach and a new offensive system.

    Look for Manning to be somewhere else in 2016, somewhere with a system similar to what he has run for so many years – and probably at less money, so he doesn’t go out with the legacy he has right now.

    Denver isn’t that place anymore.

  32. Someone needs to explain why everyone is hating Peyton Manning so much? Everyone is so negative all the time, I am not reading anything any more. Why are you so against Peyton Manning it cannot just be that he has not played that well. I am starting to think in general the entire public and even organizations are not liking Manning and I believe it is because Manning is so great and will be great in the Hall of Fame! This guy is trying to sensationalize the situation. If Manning wants to play through 2016 he has that right. Who am I to tell him it is time to retire. In all fairness Denver changed offenses this year and that was not fair to him. It was an offense he could run Elway new that and should of left the offense as last year if he could not play well then then have justification to change QBs.

  33. Assuming that Peyton is really hurt, coming back next year isn’t such a crazy thought. If they’re over-playing the injuries to soften the humiliation of being benched, then at this point, Peyton is just after the stats.

    If he cannot beat Brady’s rings, then he wants to put the stats out of reach.

  34. Once the season is over, he’ll rethink all of this. He probably doesn’t want to go out with that horrible last game as his swan song, but that will fade. Most of us will miss Brady vs. Manning. I cant remember a greater personal rivalry in all of sports.

  35. Always loved the guy, but go away.

    Enough is enough.

    He’s no longer fun to watch. In fact, it’s rather painful and uncomfortable watching him play now.

  36. If a new offense is part of the reason that Manning struggled this year, then why would they want to bring him back?

    Why pay a guy millions of dollars to try and learn a system, when he is only going to be there 1 more year at the most?

    If he is not that adaptable, why would anyone else want to pay him to try and learn a system, when he is only going to be there 1 year at the most?

  37. It’s getting sad. I’ve never been a Peyton fan, but I’ve always respected him as one of the greatest to have ever played. Now he is literally becoming a punch line in an ever increasing joke.

  38. He most likely can’t live with the 4-interception Chiefs disaster being the last thing people remember. I’m sure he would love to get back on the field and right that wrong . That’s the mindset of a narcissist. If he really wanted to help the team win,he would be on the road with them,helping Brock Osweiler be the best he can be. This is about pride and ego. It’s not about being injured. It’s also about being butthurt because he stunk and he got benched. Kubiak is Elway’s puppet,feeding the media a bunch of bull.

  39. OF COURSE he wants to keep on playing – not only is he not going to turn down the millions from whatever dumb team signs him, but he needs to stay in the NFL to keep the additional millions in endorsements coming in. When he retires, the gravy train stops rolling.

  40. Between his and his dad’s fortune, plus his post-football marketability, he is set for life. He’s already headed to the HOF. But he needs to call it quits or he will be a veg and he’ll never enjoy his wife and kids in old age. Seriously, he needs to bow out now.

  41. I think he wants/needs that 2nd Super Bowl ring to feel complete. Remember that 1st ring was against Rex Grossman(!) — which side note was a miracle coaching job by Lovie Smith to get to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as your QB — but I think his buddy Elway has 2 rings and Peyton feels inadequate with only 1, despite all the regular-season stats.

  42. pennyannquintana says:
    Nov 23, 2015 6:40 PM

    Someone needs to explain why everyone is hating Peyton Manning so much? Everyone is so negative all the time, I am not reading anything any more. Why are you so against Peyton Manning it cannot just be that he has not played that well. I am starting to think in general the entire public and even organizations are not liking Manning and I believe it is because Manning is so great and will be great in the Hall of Fame! This guy is trying to sensationalize the situation. If Manning wants to play through 2016 he has that right. Who am I to tell him it is time to retire. In all fairness Denver changed offenses this year and that was not fair to him. It was an offense he could run Elway new that and should of left the offense as last year if he could not play well then then have justification to change QBs.


    Millions of decent people love Peyton Manning and they’d love to have their kids grow up to be just like him. His life has practically been videotaped for the last 20 years or so, and he’s never been in an ounce of trouble, or said anything harmful. Haters are generally a lot more outspoken (heard talk radio lately?), but most football fans that I know have tons of respect for Manning.

  43. If he comes back next year and I’m Brad Osweiler, then I’m demanding a trade. He’s wasting away his playing years behind a broken and noodle-armed QB who refuses to mentor a young QB and demands every single snap. Sound familiar?

  44. Elway’s hiring of Kubiak makes a lot more sense with Oswieller (still can’t spell it) as the long term QB. The Oz is a great fit for Kubiak’s system. Manning never was. I think Oz will play well enough that Manning doesn’t get back in. He’s had a lot of reps in the system for a backup. Manning was definitely on a pitch count in the preseason, and has seemed to be on one in the regular season. So Oz should be more ready to go than a lot of backups.

  45. No one is paying a broken down old horse like manning anything. Dying ducks, no thanks. Wanting to play and finding a sucker who will play (and pay) him are not the same thing.

  46. It’s got to be hard and some guys never get over it, going from being the man ever since you were 16 to being joe blow used to play. He will always be a great to the football loving population. But it’s a lot more fun being adored by the young and beautiful population which only current players get. Ex-pros get to hang out with guys like esaison and hoge, no thanks.

  47. i wish all the teams would collude and say 600k per year……tops…or he could be like anthony quinn in requiem for a heavyweight with jackie gleason.. he could lead the bronco out on the field by a rope and people could throw rotten tomatoes at him. by the way, i wonder of peyton ever had hot chicks chasing him? if he did, he probably said ” sorry, have to study the playbook”

  48. Yeh AP and Brady want to play until they are 50 or so.

    Some players just never “get it” until all 32 NFL teams just tell them to stop calling we do not want you. Good bye have a nice retirement.

    He has already played 1 year to long.

    Farve says he needed that last year to realize he was done, but that did the team no favors.

    I am sure it is hard to let go, but that is when you need real friends to step in and point to reason. It is a violent and the older and more frail you are the worst the injuries can become.

  49. Repeat after me

    Oh – Mah – Haw

    Re – tire r – ment

    You can do it.
    I just hope it does not take a major injury for him to get the message.

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