Dolphins held “take ownership” meeting on Monday

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The Dolphins fell to 4-6 against the Cowboys in Week 11 and they held a meeting on Monday to discuss the mistakes that contributed to the 24-14 loss.

Coach Dan Campbell said the idea wasn’t to call out players for their errors, but to have them “take ownership” of them and called that accountability a “step in the right direction.”

“We pointed out our errors and guys owned up to them and had a good talk about it,” Campbell said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “We always have emotional days after a loss. Guys handled it well. They took ownership. There were enough guys that were frustrated. There is one cure and it’s winning. Things are going to be said that people don’t mean, no matter who you are.”

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was reportedly one of the most vocal players during the meeting with Jackson reporting that he was “angry and direct and blunt with his teammates” during the discussion. It seems like a stretch to think that a few sharp words are going to change anything about a team that’s consistently proven itself to be mediocre on the field, but the Dolphins will try to prove that assessment wrong against the Jets in Week 12.

29 responses to “Dolphins held “take ownership” meeting on Monday

  1. Campbell exudes the leadership needed to successfully guide a team. Unfortunately he is hindered by an abysmal coaching staff and won’t be retained come black Monday.

    The thought of Tannenbaum making a coaching hire makes me want to take 4 years off and hope that Ross sells the team in my absence.

  2. Nice thought but…its the Dolphins and always will be the Dolphins. There are so many things that need to change and they have every off season to make those changes but it never happens. Still a fan though.

  3. i am no American Rugby style fan, but them dolphins
    should have been sent and held hostage somewhere in
    the middle east once they “tripped” into London. LOL

    If only the corrupted politicians would do the right thing to allow David Beckham bring real football to Miami then this would be a better sporting town.

  4. They need an ownership meeting, that was a terrible performance on Sunday. The fans are sick of the crap, and it would be nice if, when Ryan throws a decent ball, someone could catch it!!! He was pretty bad, but none of the blame should go on Suh. He has been good recently, but probably is fed up with all the penalties Jason Fox and company get. That’s unacceptable to get so many.

  5. Ndamukong Suh was reportedly one of the most vocal players . . . he was “angry and direct and blunt with his teammates”

    He was quoted as saying: “Come on, you guys! I didn’t work my way to being the single most highly paid defensive player in the history of the NFL so you peasants could slack off and make me look bad!”

  6. This team is going nowhere. When ever I watch this team play I can’t help but think my favorite team is a bottom 5 team. Execution is horrible, bad play calling, bone headed mistakes are all trademarks of a bad team. But the worse part of it for my fellow fans and myself is that the people who started this will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

  7. Congratulations to the Dolphins, the first team to be mathematically eliminated from their division title race. Many teams are virtually eliminated, but for the Fins, it’s official.

  8. Campbell is doing the best job and interim head coach can do. If I were the new head coach, I would keep him on staff and letc his weed the underachievers.

  9. danyod says:
    Nov 24, 2015 8:36 AM
    Talk in cheap…but I don’t expect anyone from the 305 to understand that.
    I’m no longer in the 305, and I don’t understand “Talk in Cheap”.

  10. sactogary says:
    Nov 24, 2015 11:14 AM
    Congratulations to the Dolphins, the first team to be mathematically eliminated from their division title race. Many teams are virtually eliminated, but for the Fins, it’s official.
    Yet, not eliminated from a wildcard possibility. Seven teams in the AFC, including the Dolphins are 5-5 or 4-6, with a shot at a wildcard slot. Miami has 4 of 6 games at home, 3 of which are against the ravens, bolt’s, and colts. If they can perform like they did against the Titans and Texans, there’s still a chance. Stranger things have happened.

  11. The Dolphins will finish sub .500 or at a stretch .500 and I thought that after the Houston game. There is something very wrong with this team, there has been for years. It’s almost like they a scared to take that next step. Maybe being comfortably average is nice and easy.

  12. Criticism for the Dolphins is well deserved even by this 40 plus year fan of this heart-breaking team. However, Suh, Landry and Jones have been outstanding. The rest suck or are not nearly what they use to be like Pouncey, Grimes and Albert all good but making critical errors.

    I have scolded my fellow breathren fans when they call to bench Tannehill for Moore, but at this point why pay $3M to a backup QB to not play. He will probably be worse, but at least we will know for sure. This season is over and next year’s house cleaning will guarantee another lost season. I am and will always be a fan of the Dolphins, just not a happy one until about 2017 and even then we could be 8-8 caliber. I do know that by then the Bills will change Coaches, the Jets will be about the same as the Dolphins with overpaid underperforming players and the Patriots might eventually lose Belechik and Brady after they win the next 2 Super Bowls. Something has to change; it is the rules of nature.

  13. lightofkolob says:

    How about letting Matt Moore play?. The better Qb option has been on the bench the last few years


    Totally agree, Matt Moore put in a half season of top flight QB play with a great long ball, great pocket presence and great red zone performance…. basically everything Tannehill doesn’t have still after 4 years… and the Phins picked Tanny when he couldn’t even name the teams in his division in his rookie camp

    Tanny and Philbins and the Fans refusal to see him for what he is is the #1 mistake the Dolphins have made

    guaranteed, Tanny didn’t take ownership of anything in that meeting

  14. Don’t know he is “the guy” we need, but I like Campbell’s style.
    Doing this on the fly, no preseason prep and a crappy coaching staff hand picked by the king of mediocrity.

    Tannehill is turning into David Carr right before our eyes.
    Lost the confidence he had from last year. Hit or sacked way too much.
    2nd guessing things resulting in bonehead plays.

    Our OL sucks, plain & simple. And is regressing.
    Fox is comparable to that donut tire in your trunk.

    The Damien Willams experiment needs to stop.
    Walt Aikens too. Our defense couldn’t even stop FIU!

    Front office needs a take ownership meeting too.
    Poor draft picks, bad signings. Ignoring needs.

    These are things we as fans see, yet those inside the organization seemingly can not.

  15. Rebuild and start at the top. Sell the team, Stephen LOSS! You set this team further back with the way you left Sparano dangling. No wonder Harbaugh turned the job down. That resulted in Philbin.

    If Sean Payton is available after this season, get him, and keep Campbell on staff.


  16. Talk isn’t going to make that LB corps better. Serious lack of talent and experience.
    Misi and Sheppard would be the weakest starters on any other team, or backups. Jenkins, the only consistent guy, is out. Hewitt and Hull are showing some flash, but they’ve got a ways to go to develop. Vigil is a good special-teamer, but I dunno about his defensive play.

    The CB group is even worse. Grimes, Jones, and nobody.

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