Domata Peko says he’s never seen call, though he benefited from it

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Bengals coach Marvin Lewis had plenty of words about Sunday’s flag on defensive tackle Domata Peko for simulating a snap count, including calling it a “phantom call” and “kind of ridiculous.”

Considering it led to a game-winning Cardinals field goal instead of a false start and a clock run-off which would have given the Bengals a shot at overtime, that’s a reasonable position for Lewis to take.

But Peko’s own choice of words was interesting, considering his past.

I don’t think I have ever seen that call, ever since I have been in the NFL,” Peko said, via Coley Harvey of “We had way too many penalties. That was the name of the game. We were fighting the refs and the Cardinals.”

But if Peko doesn’t remember seeing it, it might only be because he was on the other side of the ball, watching someone else do the simulating.

Peko was blocking for the Bengals field goal team on Dec. 13, 2012, when the Eagles were called for doing the exact same thing.

In that game, referee Carl Cheffers described it as “disconcerting signals” against the Eagles, and the video from the league’s own network broadcast Bengals coach Darrin Simmons yelling “that’s on them.”

But all that came after Peko was the one to jump out of his stance, and immediately starting pointing to the middle of the Eagles line.

So the Bengals can be upset, and Peko can claim it was just the bass in his voice that caused the Cardinals to flinch, but he can’t claim that he’s unaware that such a thing has ever been called.

22 responses to “Domata Peko says he’s never seen call, though he benefited from it

  1. This is a great example of why this team that will never taste a championship.

    Only losers keep crying and looking for excuses, not winners.

  2. Why can’t he just say “I did it because getting to OT was worth the risk of getting caught”. No-one would blame him, it doesn’t hurt the integrity of the game (Dalton may disagree) and people will move on.

  3. Get out of here with your pesky facts! They’re disrupting my conveniently selective memory and confirmation bias!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a presidential primary to attend.

  4. The refs stunk for both teams, but the bengals got the short end of the stick. More than 100 yards. Patrick Peterson was making contact with AJ Green past 5 yards ALL game. Practically hugging him. Cornerbacks know they won’t call a PI every play, so they get away with it

  5. If you are honest enough to know the truth, just listen to the replay of that play, and you will here him clearly calling out fake offensive signals. The Cardinals told the officials early on what was going on. Did you see Gresham when it happened? He knew from long before that the Bengals do this as standard procedure. And to show you what the Bengals were trying to do, on the next play (the kick) half of the D-line made a lurch to their left, but it didn’t work: the Cards O-line didn’t flinch, and the game was over.
    If you’re going to cheat, please don’t compound it by lying about it.

  6. First off if the Bengals were actually expecting the Cards to run a play (other then a spike) with less then 15 seconds left and no time outs on third down after taking a knee on second they deserve to lose for a lack of situational awareness.

    On the other hand there is no reason why any Card other then the Center and QB should have moved a muscle in that situation.

  7. Keep whining, Bengals.

    Better to address why, when your team was 8-0 and playing on Monday Night Football, the Bengals home crowd was continually booing the team, all because the offense was a little sluggish.

    If you’re booing your 8-0 team, you need a reality check. Or better fans.

  8. Every week players and fans complain about referee calls against their team not realizing that every other game across the country had just as many bad calls against both teams.

    No one is out to get your squad (looking at you Pats fans) the Refs are just bad all around the league.

  9. Who benefited the most from this bad call? Patriots. Now the Patriots can lose and still have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. All Patriot fans just so you know about last nights whistle, there was only one team the whistle affected and it wasn’t your Patriots. So if a team stops playing and the other does not of course it will look like a touchdown clowns.

  10. Do you have an alert on your Canadian phone for every time the Bengals are mentioned in an article? You’re literally the biggest baby I’ve seen in Internet land.
    This is a great example of why this team that will never taste a championship.

    Only losers keep crying and looking for excuses, not winn

  11. He ‘forgot’ one penalty call from a game three years ago? Preposterous! The only logical conclusion is that he is lying.

    Good grief…

  12. Refs put 17 points on the board for the Cardinals the previous week against the Seahawks. Without the refs, House of Cards is 6-4 and in 2nd place in the NFC West. Obviously an agenda at work here.

  13. Dude…. refs have been bad this year
    *signed every team that loses every week
    We all do it. But we’re fans, watching from a T.V. where everything is crystal clear.

    Players and coaches should not even mention the refs in public.

    Jags have been on the short end quite a bit (Jets game, Houston game) Also been on the good side of some bad calls (Ravens and Bills).
    Also had some horrible officiating this past Thursday, but won in spite of it….

    It is what it is. Carolina isn’t 10-0 because of refs and the bungles aren’t 8-2 because of refs….
    no more than refs should be given credit or blame for…
    do your job and it won’t come down to “one call”

  14. Peko’s one of the most standup dudes in the league. If he broke this rule, I give him the benefit of the doubt it was unintentional.

    The Bengals lost because they didn’t play well enough to win. That’s football.

  15. That was a good game played by two really good teams, with bad calls both ways. Best team that night won. That’s good football. I would love to see them play again at a neutral site. As for all this other drama, best left to all you guys.

  16. So he did it on purpose. Personally don’t blame him. If it works and the Cards jump, auto OT cuz the 10 second runoff. So as a Bengals fan, I’m ok with it, it’s football, it’s supposed to be dirty and cheap. That’s what makes it fun. 90% of the teams do something that pisses someone off, so who cares.

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