Kaepernick has surgery, with 4-6 month recovery time


As expected, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has undergone surgery on his non-throwing shoulder. Via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the damage to Kaepernick’s labrum was “extensive.”

Barrows also reports that Kaepernick’s recovery is expected to take four to six months. In little more than four months, April 1 arrives — the day on which Kaepernick’s $11.9 million salary for 2016 switches from being guaranteed for injury only to being fully guaranteed.

It means that the 49ers could have an even harder time trading Kaepernick (it already wasn’t going to be easy), and that they may have to cut him before he’s fully cleared, hopeful that he’ll eventually become healthy prior to Week One, at which time he’d be entitled to still collect paychecks if he remains injured.

Some have suggested that Kaepernick gets the $11.9 million if he can’t pass a physical before April 1. And while Kaepernick’s camp may indeed make that argument as part of a grievance that would be filed if Kaepernick is cut before he’s healthy, the more likely outcome is that Kaepernick would get money guaranteed for injury only if he can’t pass a physical before Week One of the 2016 regular season.

Either way, it’s hard to imagine Kaepernick playing for the 49ers in 2016.

45 responses to “Kaepernick has surgery, with 4-6 month recovery time

  1. It wasn’t too long ago that this guy was playing in super bowls and championship games. I’m thinking Jim Harbaugh is going to get some record offers at the end of the season. Talk about a coach who’s worth his weight in gold.

  2. This guy is nuclear right now – everyone is getting as far away from him as possible.

    Kap and Johnny Football…. What a pair!


  3. I hope we keep him. I may be in the minority with that. But I’ve also seen fellow 49er fans praise Gabbert, and act like he’s the savior, which makes my head hurt. But I think we all agree that Baalke is a horrible GM, and Jed Dork is a tool. Keep Kaep, build an o-line, get him a good coach, and we’ll see how things play out.

  4. Please don’t let the Eagles buy into this hype and work some deal for this guy. Kaepernick is the worst starting QB in the league, by far, and no amount of coaching or system-fitting will ever make him NOT BAD.

  5. I’ve had both shoulder labrums done (and one hip) and if you have “Extensive” labrum damage you can’t lift your arm. Been there.

    I don’t think he had extensive damage, just as i dont think he would be getting this done now if he could actually play QB in the NFL.

    This whole thing is about him moving on and and everyone covering their butt.

  6. Make no mistake, Kap can play. He is a franchise QB. The way Jed York and Trent Bolloxlke have treated him and leaked a narrative about him have destroyed his confidence. The front office is a dumpster fire, York ought to hold his head in shame. Look at the team friendly contract he signed to allow bastard Baalke to sign weapons. No one does that unless they are prepared to back themselves. As a diehard faithful I hope to God we keep him and get a decent OC, who can play him correctly. If not I sincerely hope he gets picked up by another team, probably a long list maybe 20 teams would jump at the chance, and that he comes back to haunt York and Baalke for the next 10 years. Those two turds deserve nothing better than to have their noses rubbed in poop until the die or leave the team – whichever comes first. York and Baalke are total scum unfit to run a brothel, never mind one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. Scum no more or less

  7. The future of QB play in the league is in peril. Once Manning, Brady, Brees & Rodgers leave we’ll be left with Cam & the Scramblers. Expect to see many QB’s seasons end 4-6 games into a season. Get ready for the good old days when QBs were regularly benched for backups.

  8. metalman5150 says:
    Nov 24, 2015 4:28 PM
    what if:
    officials with opposing views of the redskins team name, let their bias shape their flags?

    Too easy, then they’d know what it’s like to be a Patriot.

  9. Maybe they’ll cut him then try to sign him to their practice squad

    Yes, he has some problems, but some good coaching from a REAL coach under REAL management can do a lot to address that issue. I honestly & hope he lands w/ a team that can truly utilize his talents, no matter how few some may think he possesses. Best of luck Kap – seriously!

    A Seahawks fan

  10. Kap did what was right. Take care of himself and prepare for next year with his new team. Forget the 49ers clown organization.

    Like their head coach ? So I watch the 49er game on NFL Rewind and see them punt, two scores down, with 3 minutes left, and the reasoning behind it was field position. So you’re on your own 11 yard line and punt to the Seahawks..even if you get a 3 and out and they punt you are basically getting the ball inside your 20….where is the field position advantage? #Clueless #Cowardly #Buffoonish #ClownShow

    It’s disrespectful to football to quit with 3 minutes left only down by two scores to protect the 29-13 score to make the game look competitive.

  11. It’s pretty crazy to see 9ers fan talk smack about the owner and GM and then go on to talk about things playing out if they “keep Kaep, build an o-line, get him a good coach, and see how things play out”.

    Kaep was a result of Harbaugh’s system. You had that coach and the owner and GM sent him packing. You want to build an O-line, then you need a good GM. And the owner should exist to support the front office, not influence it beyond general concepts like “look” and “feel”.

    Heck, with the Seahawks, we have an okay coach and a great GM and an owner that supports both with a hands-off approach… But we still haven’t put a great O-line on the field to date. Seahawks last great offensive line was in 2005.

    Honestly, I love the Hawks/9ers rivalry and I want more from it, so I hope the 49ers get better. But as long as Jed York hangs around, I think the decision making process will resemble that of the Cleveland Browns under Haslam (with the 49ers being always better than the Browns, but still in that class of decision making powers).

  12. For all you Kaeperbackers—just make sure you own up to it when he is out of the league after next year.

    He is perfect for a team who needs a QB who can’t think.

  13. Baalke and York blew up the team just because their egos couldn’t stand giving the credit to Harbaugh or work with him. Say what you will about him, he’s won wherever he’s gone. York lucked into getting Harbaugh as he was just up the freeway from Stanfurd. Other than Harbaugh, his hires have been just plain awful. Almost as bad as their rivals across the Bay under Al and Mark Davis.

  14. Baalke and York blew up the team just because their egos couldn’t stand giving the credit to Harbaugh or work with him. Say what you will about him, he’s won wherever he’s gone. York lucked into getting Harbaugh as he was just up the freeway from Stanfurd. Other than Harbaugh, his hires have been just plain awful. Almost as bad as their rivals across the Bay under Al and Mark Davis.

  15. He should have gotten his throwing shoulder operated on. Maybe that would help him be able to throw the ball?

  16. It’s going to be hard for Kaepernick to get a good backup QB salary. He’s coming off an injury and as the weeks go by in free agency, the more the money dries up and the less likely he’ll get what he truly wants.

    I will say this though. Buffalo could pursue him because Greg Roman might not be happy with Tyrod Taylor despite his shoulder injury.

    However, Taylor deserves a break. He’s more accurate than Kaepernick but has had a rough season relaunch since his game vs. the Jets.

  17. He’s looking for an injury settlement, period.
    It’s a play by his people. That’s the reason for the suspect timing.
    It’s a legal gimmick. He knows SF doesn’t want him back.

  18. Is he getting the part of his brain where you read defenses fixed? He worked with kurt warner all off season on it and he still sucks. There is no hope fore this guy unless he lands on the 85 bears 0r the 2000 ravenes.

  19. lol. The delusion continues. Kaepernick was a junk QB running in a junk offense. Under him we had one of the worst passing games in the NFL.

    When the NFL caught up to him, he fell apart faster than a Yugo. And every year, INCLUDING UNDER HARBAUGH, he got worse.

    The last 8 games of 2014 — A QB rating under 77. His Rate+ (100 is average) — 116 in 2012. 106 in 2013. 98 in 2014. 84 this year.

    He was just a one-trick pony who got figured out and could never adapt his game. Just like RGIII. Just like so many other running QBs who might put up a great game every now and then. Or might even get away with it for a year-or-two until NFL defenses figure out their weaknesses.

    But like all running QBs that don’t learn to play in the pocket, he was doomed. And much of it was his own fault as the QB belongs in the film room, not the weight room.

  20. book it now….he will pass a physical with the 49ers doctor on March 31st, but will fail his own physical from his own doctor…

    Bottom line the “Niners are a classy organization” they will pay him his 12 million, no questions asked..uh huh….keep telling yourself that Trent and Jed.

  21. A franchise QB? Are you joking? This guy rode on the back of a great defense and running game and then when that went into decline was shown for the fraud that he really is!

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