Panthers DE Frank Alexander suspended a year for drug violation


After coming back from a 10-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, Panthers defensive end Frank Alexander said he had given up his marijuana habit.

Either he didn’t, or found a replacement, as the league announced he was suspended for at least a year for his third violation of the league’s drug program.

Alexander’s currently on injured reserve with a torn Achilles. But the Panthers had hung with him through four- and 10-game suspensions, but may not now.

Alexander said in May he used marijuana as pain management and to relax, but that he’d stop.

“I didn’t do it before I went to work. I didn’t do it at work. It was simply like after I got out of practice, I wanted to kind of relax and chill. It kind of healed my body up,” Alexander said. “It wasn’t like a thing I was doing all the time. I didn’t need it to get up and go.”

He’s the third Panthers player to be suspended this week, following defensive end Wes Horton and injured wide receiver Stephen Hill yesterday.

30 responses to “Panthers DE Frank Alexander suspended a year for drug violation

  1. Geez. The league says these pain killers that they prescribe are ok but won’t let them smoke a little pot. Man what a strange strange world I don’t even smoke pot and find this absurd

  2. Why the NFL doesn’t follow the NHL and MLB’s rules on Marijuana,amazes me. P.E.Ds are one thing,but This archaic treatment of guys who use Marijuana,is just a joke.

  3. osiris33 says:
    Nov 24, 2015 4:00 PM

    And people talk about the Seahawks… now we know why the PEDthers are 10-0


    All these Panther players getting suspended are not even playing. I’m pretty sure most of us forgot Alexander was even on the team. In other words, get real bro.

  4. Well… The Panthers are trying to copy the Seahawks defense and apparently their performance enhancing stratergy. 10-0*

  5. Lol now i finally know how pats fans feel. The hate just cascades over every little thing. A dude on injured reserve gets popped for smoking weed and now the cats are all roid raging. Too funny.

  6. So, I rip up my knee, get surgery then get an RX for 120 oxycodone 30’s which takes about 20-40 days to become somewhat physically dependent on…then you go back for a refill and you get it as post surgical pain and rehabbing the wound warrant more opiates then you are like a fish on a line and hooked. But you are a millionaire with all the money you need to see your docs and simply keep from getting sick.

    That, my friends, is a very close description of a younger Brett Favre and guess what? He had a worse go of it than that.

    So, why not pot. If that is what he was using? It has been proven to have a few important medical benefits. Including relief of pain for some. It is also NOT physically addicting as you will notice of you have smoked. Come on NFL!

  7. pantherfan1973299 says:
    Nov 24, 2015 4:29 PM
    Lol now i finally know how pats fans feel. The hate just cascades over every little thing. A dude on injured reserve gets popped for smoking weed and now the cats are all roid raging. Too funny.


    It get’s better, if another Panther gets caught this year you will start hearing about their history and culture of cheating.

  8. naderktait- I appreciate you for making this comment. While the Panthers are a great team and one of my favorites especially their LB corps this was extremely ill-conceived comment.

    The seahawks lead the league in suspensions for about 3 weeks. What was publicized was this same notion that they were all juiced up and that they somehow had wayy more players suspended than anyone else. In reality the Redskins have lead the league for suspensions and ped suspensions and the hawks tied and surpassed them which of course was passed right back up by Washington a few weeks later and was only 2 suspensions over the league average.

    The reason they got so much attention was bc a group of rag tag late round draft picks suddenly took the NFL by storm and so people needed to make excuses. Pertaining to your exact comment. Their were two players suspended for peds for Seattle that never played or even wore a seahawks Jersey.. The rest including drug abuse were to guys who never even saw the field.

    It wasn’t convenient to look into it so people just ignored it but literally 3-4 of the seahawks suspended players never even made it past preseason. For example Lendale white came from the titans was suspended for something he did before he signed yet when you look at whose team he was “on” when he was suspended it will show up as seahawk. The guy never even played in preseason. Another guy Moffitt was suspended for peds for taking adderall but was only suspended bc he didn’t turn in his doctor prescription on time but a week late to the imposed deadline. The league confirmed this.

    Every team and player has a story behind many of these suspensions and perceptions. it was highly irritating hearing people spew garbage without even realizing they sounded flat out stupid especially when it came to peds and suspensions. The hawks haven’t had a player suspended for peds for 3 years yet people still think they are leading the league. The hawks barely surpassed the NFL average and mostly bc practice squad guys were suspended trying to make the team.

    Panthers are a legit team but this ped nonsense or substance abuse nonsense is just a joke especially regarding the seahawks. The first commenter pedanthers was just stupid anyways. But instead of being a part of the media mob maybe look into some of these things before you comment.

    Hawks are currently dead last in ped suspensions over the last 3 years and have had to players suspended for smoking pot which was 2 years ago since then NOTHING ZIP ZILCH.

  9. osiris33 says:
    Nov 24, 2015 5:17 PM

    Hawks have had ZERO players suspended in last 3 years for PEDs

    So what? They still have a history of cheating.

  10. If you haven’t been caught smoking pot before it is pretty easy to evade the tests. But if you have been caught before they test you a lot more. Frank has been suspended twice, so he has to pee in a cup more often. Frank comes on the radio here in Charlotte a good bit and he seems like a good young man. But if he wants to play football, he needs to put aside the weed. Good luck Frank.

  11. For something that’s not suppose to be addictive, there sure are alot of players blowing millions of dollars in order to use it.

  12. mmack66- read my comment their were 2 Seahawks suspended for peds that ever played . The rest never played so how can 2 ped suspensions of actual players in 4-5 years equate to proven cheaters . Just stop your sounding higher every moment ..

  13. All these players that fail a drug test claim it’s marijuana because they know they’ll get sympathy from the 20-something crowd and that the league can’t make public what it really was. When was the last time you heard of a player busted on a test with coke or meth? Never. If you think it’s because players do nothing but smoke dope then you’re gullible.

  14. mmack66 says:

    osiris33 says:
    Nov 24, 2015 5:17 PM

    Hawks have had ZERO players suspended in last 3 years for PEDs

    So what? They still have a history of cheating.
    None whatsoever.

  15. NFL drug policy needs to be changed along with many other league problems. Let’s start on Park Ave. in the heart of most of the insanity that is slowly destroying the game. The NY centric crew up in their Ivory Tower need to be cleansed from power. Move the office to a nice Mid West city that does not have a team and remove the influence of corruption that exists in NYC.

  16. Panthers have had a history of ped use especially the sub team of 2004. Hawks have had at least 10 ped suspensions under Carroll. It’s a culture of cheating that surrounds these teams. They have violated the integrity of the game with these major cheating violations and creating and unfair advantage on the playing field. Pot is not a competitive advantage and should be treated as such.

  17. daysend564 says:
    Nov 24, 2015 4:05 PM
    In before the “to Dallas” comments
    But isn’t this the type of player Jerry loves to pick up, as he seems to be resurrecting the 1970’s Raiders? #IWantMeSomeGloryHole

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