Pettine: Manziel “violated trust,” basically failed a test


Browns Coach Mike Pettine said Johnny Manziel “violated the [team’s] trust” during the bye weekend and essentially failed a test by showing up on social media partying during his time off.

The result, as the Browns announced earlier Tuesday, is that Manziel is going from being announced as the team’s starting quarterback last week to No. 3 for next Monday’s game with the Ravens.

Pettine discussed the issue Tuesday night on the Mike Pettine Show, a team-sponsored show that airs on the Browns’ two flagship radio affiliates. The Manziel news had been announced via a team statement Tuesday afternoon.

“His decisions led us to much disappointment and frustration,” Pettine said on the show.

Josh McCown will start vs. the Ravens. A rib injury suffered by McCown Nov. 1 had allowed Manziel to start the team’s previous two games.

Pettine said he’d decided to name Manziel the starter as a result of “very positive conversations” with offensive coordinator John DeFilippo and quarterbacks coach Kevin O’Connell about Manziel’s performance and progress as the Browns entered their bye week. Pettine called the move to demote Manziel “a coaching decision” he said general manager Ray Farmer and owner Jimmy Haslam had spoken to Manziel before the bye week about his off-field behavior.

The latest conversations surrounding Tuesday’s move probably weren’t comfortable ones.

101 responses to “Pettine: Manziel “violated trust,” basically failed a test

  1. Punishing an employee because he chose to legally go out and have some drinks and dance a little seems odd. I’m no lawyer but how is that legal? Forbidden to socialize

  2. You’re an idiot and will be fired…benching a first round QB because he went out one night? No wonder manziel needs a drink, he has to work in the factory of sadness…

  3. All you guys are clueless he went to rehab during the offseason to stop his Alcohol problem, but has continued to show that he has not gotten over his Alcohol problem

  4. Just end this clown show. Pettine really fumbled this whole thing. I bet they made Manziel go to rehab when he himself probably thought he didn’t need to go. Now the kid can’t have a beer without getting sideways looks. Just trade him, best for everybody

  5. To all the people saying that Manziel shouldn’t be punished, you’re what is wrong with society as a whole. The kid has a problem. He’s not a professional. He has a drinking problem, or at the very least maturity issues. When you’re paid that much to play football, and 52 other men and a coaching staff put their faith in you, you have an obligation. He should be studying tape and working towards the goal of winning. Last time we know he was drinking, he and his girlfriend slapped each other around. Who’s to say “just a night out” won’t lead to another bad or worse situation? He can certainly go out drinking, but at the same time he showed he is not a leader and therefore not deserving of a leadership role on at his place of employment.

  6. “Just release him. Let him go somewhere where he’s actually wanted, embraced, and willing to be worked with. We’d welcome him with open arms in Philly.”

    Just as Philly welcomed an animal torturing ex-con former #1 draft pick that received multiple long term commitments by 2 different teams & refused to spend any time dedicating himself to preparation or learning his craft past his natural abilities. FAIL
    Just as you welcomed another #1 draft pick after he quit on his first team VY. FAIL
    Just as Philly welcomed the Mark butt fumble Sanchez that was also a first round Sam The Glassman Bradford, another #1 pick. FAIL & FAIL

    How have taking on other teams failures & character problematic 1st round picks worked out for you so far Philly? But feel free to take on another, it’s fun to watch your team keep making the same mistakes.

  7. Does he realize he’s playing QB for the Browns. You get fired from that…there really isn’t another QB job lower than that. The fans just want you to become relevant and they’d throw you a parade.

  8. Sigh. Too many people don’t fully grasp the situation. Manziel has every right to go out and party. The Browns have every right not to play him if they feel he’s not doing his job properly. If Johnny wants to play, he needs to put in the extra work to do so. But clearly he doesn’t care *that* much to lay off the partying for one season.

  9. He’s an alcoholic. He can’t just go out and have a couple and go home. As soon as he figures that out,maybe he will start to turn his life around. When you have to go to rehab,you have a serious problem. He should also cut loose all the hangers-on who enable him. On the other hand,if he wants to completely blow off the NFL,he can keep on doing what he’s doing. What a waste.

  10. He needs to be wearing a different uniform next year.
    Not because he sucks (he does) but because those Browns uniforms get uglier with each passing week.

    If these are going to grow on you it will be more like a flesh eating virus growing on you situation.

  11. Pettine and Farmer are lame ducks. They’ll both be gone in about 5 weeks. This move is pointless, not that it matters. Browns draft Goff or Lynch in round 1 next year (with a new GM).

  12. I’m with you bradygirl12. His employer has made it crystal clear what the expectations are. Manzel CONTINUES to violate the expectations and requirements to be a starter. Sadly, he hasn’t learned (or embraced) a damn.thing. That’s what the monster of addiction does. Just one drink . . .

  13. jtbaudendistel says:
    Punishing an employee because he chose to legally go out and have some drinks and dance a little seems odd. I’m no lawyer but how is that legal? Forbidden to socialize

    He blew a year to partying and being ill prepared. He made a commitment to the team that put up with that, saw him through rehab and his most recent incident and gave him a chance to prove himself that he would stay sober and out of sight. Partying was more important than honoring that. How can they trust him to lead their offense and be the face of the franchise when he can’t lead himself or keep his word?

    If it’s self indulgence because he’s immature he needs more than just this kick in the pants. If it’s the booze he needs more help than he has gotten. What he doesn’t need is a boys will be boys pat on the head.

  14. While for most players it should not be a big deal if he goes out during his off week, it is a big deal for Johnny if he had some sort of agreement with the team that he would stay away from partying for the remainder of the season. Fair or not to him, if that was the agreement he shouldn’t have broken it.

  15. 13arod says:
    Nov 24, 2015 7:53 PM
    All you guys are clueless he went to rehab during the offseason to stop his Alcohol problem, but has continued to show that he has not gotten over his Alcohol problem

    Has he? Or did he just go out and have a couple of drinks? Beating your alcohol problem doesn’t always mean avoiding the hooch forever… sometimes it means learning how to control it and drink within your limit. Let’s not forget this is a grown man living in a free country, If he went to the club and had a responsible night out than it is the Browns who are in the wrong here.

  16. Sad that Manziel just doesn’t get it. All he had to do was not screw up for one week and he couldn’t pull even that off.

    I’m sure he went to rehab because the Browns demanded it, but he didn’t buy in and was just going through the motions. Dude has now gotten caught drinking twice in a month-the gf incident and now back in the clubs.

  17. “To all the people saying that Manziel shouldn’t be punished, you’re what is wrong with society as a whole.”

    Actually I’d venture to guess that holier than thou people like you are the problem.

    With your screen name, I assume you feel exactly the same way about Gronk partying too right?

    Or I’m sure you never had a problem with Brett Favre and his immaturity and alcohol use, right?

    Manziel just needs to move on to a team that actually wants him on the team. If he was busted by the cops or guilty of something other than being an immature 20-something with a lot of money then I’d agree there’s a problem.

  18. Why would anyone defend Johnny Rotten on any level? Because he is short? Because they dream of being a punk like him? Because they dream of making tons of money based on accomplishing nothing?

    There is no question the Browns are a crappy franchise, what other team has a track record of drafting like them? Weeden? Richardson? And now this clueless punk Johnny do nothing?

  19. And for those who point at Gronk. He plays TE not QB. He catches balls. QB is supposed to be the leader and conductor of the entire offense.

    On top of that, yeah he went to rehab and has a history of having major issues with alcohol and possibly more. Thus this is not another “night out.”

  20. My feeling is that he will not be a Brown next year…..He will likely be traded for a low-round draft pick.

    So all of you will have your chance.

    Browns will again pick high for a QB………JF has settled that question.

  21. Manziel was doing everything asked of him. He went home on a bye week, had a good time with friends, and somebody took a photo. He returned to cleveland EARLY ready to prepare, and the high school hall monitor demoted him.

  22. egomaniac247 says:
    “To all the people saying that Manziel shouldn’t be punished, you’re what is wrong with society as a whole.”
    Actually I’d venture to guess that holier than thou people like you are the problem.

    It’s not holier than thou to expect someone making millions of dollars to do what his bosses tell him to do. It’s kind of basic “how the world works” stuff.

  23. patsfan says:
    Nov 24, 2015 7:42 PM

    “Johnny, we will support you, but will not enable you. Loyalty and Trust are two way streets.”

    When have they ever supported him?

  24. Why are all these anal people so worried about social media. A public figure has to hide in the cellar to stay off social media. Who gives a rip if he’s on social media.

    Manziel is better than some other QBs. He should get out of Cleveland and try to get on a better team.

  25. I think if I’m paying a supposedly rehabbing alcoholic millions of dollars a year, I should have every right to an expectation of not falling off the wagon again and again.

    The kid needs to grow up and be a man if he wants man-sized responsibilities and money.

  26. Manziel seems like a personal mess in the way he handles his life, but I’m not sure if he or the Browns management is worse.

    Dude probably is just trying to get the hell out of Cleveland

  27. jtbaudendistel says:
    Nov 24, 2015 7:43 PM
    Punishing an employee because he chose to legally go out and have some drinks and dance a little seems odd. I’m no lawyer but how is that legal? Forbidden to socialize

    He’s not being punished, he’s being benched because the coaching staff doesn’t trust him. They don’t trust him because he spent months in rehab during the off season due to a number of alcohol related incidents, and now has one alcohol related incident where he may or may not have committed domestic abuse against his girlfriend and was obviously intoxicated in the video released over the weekend.

    This in not the case of someone being “forbidden to socialize”. This is a case of a staff giving up on an immature train wreck of a player who doesn’t appear to be the good in the first place.

  28. He needs to be where he belongs, Houston Texans starting qb. I guarantee he wouldn’t be acting like he doesn’t care. Come home Johnny….

  29. What a bunch of loser nazis that take football way too seriously. Having a social night out and taking practice seriously does not have to be mutually exclusive of each other. Newsflash geniuses, you can do both!!

  30. You can’t compare Gronk to Manziel. One is the best at his position and the other is not. Does he need to refrain from going out? No. Does he need to stop doing stupid stuff on video (lame white guy raps & rolling bills in the bathroom) YES! The team invested $8.25MM in his future so yes they can be disappointed and ask that he puts the franchise in a good light. For those that say it’s no fair just remember they are still paying him some good bank. When/if he leaves he will get league minimum.

  31. Once a punk fratboy always a punk fratboy. Until real life comes along and gives you a hard kick between the legs. This guy doesn’t get it and neither do some of you. If I was an NFL quarterback I’d be studying film and working out and relaxing prepping for a game. Especially if I had a track record of being a screw up. Professional sports is a privilege to play not a right. Reason why the Browns are the clown show they have been for fifty years. It’s about time someone is trying to do something right by burying this kid in the depth chart.

  32. Ya think Cleveland the city has drove him to drink? Maybe his partying in NY is a ploy to go to the jets? I think this is all about wanting to go somewhere and he has figured out how!

  33. Brett Favre was an alcoholic, pill popping, philanderer that had a hall of fame career because the Packers cared more about what he did on the field than off it. The team helped him quietly and never once benched him for any of his off the field issues.

    Manziel can’t get on the field because the team let’s social media dictate it’s moves.

    Honestly, what incentive at this point does Manziel have to not go out and party? What are they going to do, bench him for the rest of the year?

    They’ve already done that and that’s when he was showing up to practice, studying hard and staying out of trouble but because someone with a cell phone took a photo of him at a party his season is over.

    Imagine if social media was around when Brett Favre was young. Never would’ve played a game.

  34. John Elway and Brett Favre allegedly had similar issues at that age. Since they won on the field, nobody really cared.

  35. Dude was given a chance and blew it plain and simple. When you have a short leash for prior issues, the bar is very high. Not a Browns fan, but nice job for following through on what I am sure was a very discussed “opportunity” that is now lost.

  36. Just so everyone knows… if not for drafting this kid 2
    + years ago there would have absolutely, 100%, without a doubt NO REASON IN THE WORD TO TALK ABOUT THE CLEVELAND BROWNS. I live in this dump. This team sucks, has sucked, and will continue to suck. If I played for this team, I would drink too. If your a free agent, you come to Cleveland for one reason… the money because nobody comes here expecting to win. Now Browns fans will give me a thumbs down and a big I suck… but everything I write is true. We are the closest thing to a bye week teams have on their schedule year in year out. Winners don’t come to Cleveland… how do I know this great wisdom… look at our record since 1999. I would never get rid of this kid in a million years… good or bad he’s the only publicity we get.
    Nobody cares about the LOSERS.

  37. I’m sure Manziel would be happy to hop on the first bus out of Cleveland, to a team that actually has a clue. I don’t know if Johnny is ever going to amount to anything, and neither does he. But at least he’d have a snowball’s chance in another City. The Brown’s are spinning their wheels and don’t know which end is up.

  38. Unless there was an agreement with the Browns not to go out at all, this is a stupid move by the club ….

    I looked st the stuff on the website and didn’t see him doing anything wrong … if alcohol was the only problem, I would think he could afford plenty to drink at home with whomever he chooses … but he went to a club where others took his picture having fun ….

    what exactly did he do wrong? went to a club and then a football game????

    how many other teammates were home studying during the only break they get in a season, albeit only 4 days off in a row … not many I guess …

  39. There is no such thing as an alcohol problem. People have problems and they turn to crutches (one happens to be alcohol). Why do you think there’s no cure for alcoholism? It’s because alcohol isn’t the problem. I don’t think Manziel has a problem. He might have problems on the field, but off the field he’s a normal guy. The Brown’s were a dumpster fire long before Manziel got there.

  40. Just a shame….he wanted to have fun and go out on the town. Nothing wrong with that if you are any of the other 52 guys on the squad. He can’t do that anymore. He’s made his bed and has to lie in. Pettine has every right to yank the starting job away but I kind of think he gave Johnny the rope to do it to himself. I can’t figure out why he did not say hell no you aren’t going anywhere because you have to report to the facility every morning at 7 AM..everyday.. rain or shine. He is a professional and he has to do this to keep his job. Isn’t this what you say if you are the leader looking out for the best interests of you players. Still scratching my head over this.

  41. No we do not want him in Philly. No need to make bad worst.. We have enough issues..
    But the Browns are stupid.. I could see if He got into trouble again.. The guy is young nothing wrong with partying a little.. They must know something that didn’t get out.

  42. I want to see Manziel succeed, but people need to stop looking at it like “oh he just went out one night, what’s the big deal?” He’s been put on notice by the team. The owner, GM and coach have each had conversations with him about his appearance, and he just doesn’t get it.

    This was basically an idiot test, and he failed miserably. He was in rehab for drinking (and perhaps other things), his drinking is a huge deal.

    I truly hope he turns it around because he can do some amazing things on the field, but at this point, he’s running out of chances.

  43. Funny peeps bashing Pettine and Farmer? I think it’s been the smartest & best move they’ve made since being in charge! Also, if some of you peeps had half of a Brian? You could read between the lines! This was more if the owners doing the the HC and GM! Unreal

  44. It’s not so much about the party but about his gesture on the video, showing his low life style. Bad example for the youngsters and you just can not represent the nfl owners that way, moron.

  45. They are doing him a favor, if he would play and have a great game his wreckless lifestyle might continue but if he plays and bombs many will write him off as a coach killer or not mature enough. He needs to be with a coaching staff and franchise he respects, unfortunately. I had hopes he could do for Cleveland what Favre did for Green Bay. I’m assuming he will be traded in the off season for a 5th rd pick, shame the Browns couldn’t have got a better player with that first round pick.

  46. People throw the term alcoholic around way too much. Like they know him. It’s a joke.

    Nobody knows what he was in rehab for. Let’s start there.

    Rehab doesn’t mean you are an alcoholic. He was probably forced there.

    What were you doing at his age on what amounts to his vacation week?

    Lots of people on here are complete hypocrite holier than now jokers.

    Big deal. Manziel was seen rapping. Oh the horror.

    Go ahead and thumbs down. Hypocrites.

    Yeah. I’m what’s wrong with society like one poster said. Ok.

    I know where I was at that age. Drunk somewhere. Hitting on girls and having a blast. And I went to work the next day. And yes, I’m very successful.

    This entire situation is so blown out of proportion it’s comical.

  47. Where do you begin? Bad coach, terrible owner,
    what Johnny did last weekend had nothing to do with Cleveland football. If a player wants to have a good time and no one gets hurt, let it be. If he had cause some to get hurt or worst, then kick him to a lower team or OFF the team, just judge him under this circumstance as a football player. This idiot coach thinks he is god, but we all know he should not even be a head coach he his a long way from being able to walk on water. The owner should fire the coach and let Johnny show if he can play or should be cut.

  48. Its not about partying, its about responsibility. Manziel has none, he isnt ready to be a starting QB. I applaud this move by Pettine. He may be a bad coach but its his team and Manziel has done nothing but act like a spoiled brat. Im glad McCown is starting.

  49. Let the Browns cut him, his contract is fully guaranteed.
    There are other teams desperate for QBs, and he can be a backup on another team with a chance to start.

    That’s a complete loss for the Browns and a win for Johnny Football.

  50. I have read too many comparisons of Manziel to Marinovich. Lighten up and focus people.

    At least Todd Marinovich never made an ass of himself in public.

    Todd just went to secluded beaches, smoked doobies, and surfed in the nude.

    Raider Pride.

  51. Johnny looked the Browns in the eye and said that he wouldn’t drink anymore during the season and then he did. Then, Johnny lied about it. “I haven’t seen the video.”

    As Joe Namath said, it’s a man’s God-given right to go out and have a drink with the ladies. No one argues with that.

    But Johnny lost the right to drink AND keep the trust of the Browns with all the incidents he had over the past year.

    The Browns will release him in the offseason and no one will pick him up in the NFL because they will look like fools if he relapses.

    He can then go party with his friends — which is what he wants to do — with his $10 million check from Snickers for the Johnny Jamboogee commercial.

  52. Oh no, a 21-yr old went to a bar during his off week. What a criminal!

    Imagine how many lives would be destroyed if all bosses in society would fire people for going to bars and dancing.

  53. It’s not illegal to go out and have a drink. It’s also not illegal for me to stand on one leg and pat my stomach.

    If my employer says “Hey, I’ll pay you millions of dollars for this job over the next few years, and all I ask is that you do not stand on one leg and pat your stomach” – and I agree – but then I decide I want to stand on one leg and pat my stomach, am I being unfairly punished? Or am I just being a friggin’ idiot?

    Save the partying for the offseason and when your career is over. Which, by the way, probably isn’t far off.

  54. Johnny Manziel = Ryan Leaf version 2.0

    The Browns made a foolish decision in drafting him in the first place. Pettine may get fired, but I have to respect him for not playing nice with this loser in order to appease the owner.

  55. Pettine (and his staff), Farmer and Haslam have violated the trust of every single Browns fan. Who’s going to bench them?

  56. I bet the top qbs in the NFL draft are taking a hard look at this situation.
    They are praying they don’t get picked by the Browns.
    Two reasons 1 the coaching staff who police your life 24/7 and 2 the fans who don’t give a person the benefit of doubt.
    Who would want to represent the Browns or their fans at this point?

  57. Spoiled rich kid who doesn’t need the NFL so he looks at it like a hobby. He will never be a good NFL player.

  58. its all a smoke screen. Haslem is protecting an asset for next season. Pettine and farmer are done. The will both be fired at the end of season. Manziel has proven he can play. There is no upside to letting him play now. He is only risking injury. Manziel will be back next year with a new coach and general manager and a pick in the top 3. I am guessing you will see a coach come out of the college ranks at the helm of the Browns next year.. Kevin Sumlin? Butch Jones?

  59. To all the members of the Manziel fan club, if things like character, honesty, being a team player and maturity mean nothing to you then Johnny’s your boy. Manziel brought this on himself from day one and I hope the Brown’s do a much better job of factoring in things like character and maturity when they draft their next QB. The red flags on this guy where there and the Browns ignored them and, that’s on them.
    As a very long time fan of Cleveland, I hope Manziel never takes another snap with this team.
    My sense is If he were released to-day, few, if any, teams would take a chance on this train wreck.
    When small men cast long shadows, the sun is about to set!
    I gained a lot of respect for Pettine yesterday.

  60. If this moron would have taken four hours out of his sorry life and forced himself to volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter and tipped off TMZ or someone else who would post about it on social media he would be so better off.

    Yeah, it’s insincere, but so is he.

  61. As a Browns fan, I’m simply disgusted. Pettine sitting Manziel is a display of power in the organization. Pettine is attempting to save his job by pointing blame on a player that is on the upswing of his career, at last. What has Johnny done performance-wise lately that hindered our team? Nothing. He’s sitting on the bench this week for McCown (who I recognize puts his heart in every play, sometimes too much) when McCown has nothing to offer the team as a starter for the rest of the season. This is the Browns’ opportunity to see what we have in Johnny Manziel before the next draft. Pettine is essentially stating he does not want to see what we have in Johnny and that is a busted pick, pointing blame on Farmer. Farmer sucks, we all recognize that. Pettine sitting Johnny out of an unnecessary power struggle hinders the organization more than it helps it. I liked Pettine up until this point but he’s essentially throwing away the draft pick and any hope of our team. This is so disgusting that I want to organize a petition in front of Berea.

  62. So Manziel’s character and self indulgent immaturity mean nothing??
    Manziel the “hope” of the team?
    Never a Pettine fan, but gained a lot of respect yesterday.

  63. Just cut him and move on. He didn’t really cost them anything. They had an extra pick from the T-rich trade. Just move on you can get Kaep Mettenburger or RG3 for free next season. At least they show up sober.

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