Tre Mason inactive after missing team bus to airport

Getty Images

The Rams left running back Tre Mason on the inactive list for Sunday’s game against the Ravens, but the reason wasn’t injury or a preference for another back to play behind Todd Gurley.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher explained on Monday that Mason missed the team’s bus to the airport on Saturday and team rules dictate that players unable to manage their schedules are unable to play on Sunday. Fisher said Mason and rookie tackle Isaiah Battle, who also missed the bus, made it on time for a flight that wouldn’t have waited for them.

“Isaiah and Tre were de-activated yesterday for violating club rules,’’ Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “They missed the team bus. So those are the rules. Fifty-one other guys made the bus, so they didn’t play. … Well, I’m just disappointed that [Mason] missed the bus for whatever reason. He’s going to play this week, he’s had a couple [of] good weeks of practice, he’s healthy and he’s going to play this week.”

Mason led the Rams in rushing last season, but has not produced well this season in a lesser role. He’s carried the ball 44 times for 129 yards, which combines with Gurley’s strong play to give the Rams little reason to look in Mason’s direction.