Chip Kelly was a little testy on Monday


The Eagles have lost two straight games at home, punctuated by a 45-17 loss to a team that won a total of two games in 2014. And the strain of a season with as many losses (six) through 10 games as the team had through 16 in each of Chip Kelly’s first two seasons have increased the level of stress for the head coach.

That stress manifested itself on Monday, when Kelly got a little testy in two different settings.

First, during an appearance with Angelo Cataldi of 94WIP in Philadelphia, Cataldi asked Kelly if the coach gets mad at players during or after a blowout loss at home to a middle-of-the-pack team.

I don’t think you have to yell at grown men,” Kelly said, via CBS Philly. “I think every single play in that locker room is as disappointed, or more disappointed, than anybody in this city in terms of how we played and what the outcome of this game was. So for someone to have yell at them or raise their voice, they’re not two-year-olds. They’re grown men. They know exactly what’s going on. That’s Harry High School stuff. That doesn’t flow and that doesn’t work and that’s not what people talk about. If that’s what people want, if people want a screamer and yeller, then let’s hire you ’cause you’re really good at it.”

Said Cataldi in response: “I’m not sure I’d be worse than 4-6.”

Later, during a press conference, a reporter reminded Kelly that he doesn’t need to yell at players because they’re grown men, but then asked whether Kelly has considered making personnel changes. Here’s how the rest of the exchange went, from the transcript distributed by the team.

Kelly: “No, not at all.”

Q: “And why not?”

Kelly: “Because I feel confident in the guys we have right now.”

Q: “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and getting the same results –”

Kelly: “I’ve never heard that before. Thanks for sharing that with us.”

Q: “Well, it’s Einstein.”

Kelly: “Okay.”

Q: “But do you ever look –”

Kelly: “We lost two games. I think sometimes people panic and throw the baby out with the bath water. I think we have a really good football team, and I’m very confident in those football players.”

To use Kelly’s metaphor, he’s not willing to throw out the baby or the bath water. And it’s creating a nasty soup of water plus the stuff a baby will inevitably deposit in the water if the baby is left in the water long enough.

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  1. I’d like to see Chip Kelly’s offense work in the NFL, but he doesn’t have the players for it, and probably never will…

  2. Said Cataldi in response: “I’m not sure I’d be worse than 4-6.”
    Of course. Because any casual fan on a bus or loud mouthed radio personality can coach a team to .500. It’s easy.

  3. Listen, in all honesty, Chip can coach football. You dont win as many games as he has at all of his stops without knowing how to coach. However, the problem is quite simple. CHIP THE GM HAS FAILED CHIP THE COACH!!!!!

    Nearly every personnel decision he has made has failed! The QBs stink. 42 million for Demarco Murray who doesnt even fit his offense. Your backup RB is a better fit and is actually playing better than your more expensive starter but you wont start him because it would be even more of an indictment on your personnel ability. Paying over 10 million a year for Byron Maxwell?? Releasing Desean Jackson and getting NOTHING in return? Losing Shady and getting 2 RBs for essentially the same amount you were paying your pro bowl RB? Filling your roster with former Oregon players, some of which have been cut numerous times and cant make an NFL roster (See..Brandon Bair). Chips ego led him to believe that his scheme would overcome the lack of superstar players. How arrogant of him. Someone should remind him that YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE AT WINNING WITH GOOD PLAYERS ON YOUR ROSTER, THAN YOU DO WITHOUT THEM!

    Lastly, just because you can coach players doesnt always mean you can draft them! Think about this, Chip has been in the NFL for 3 years. He’s never played or coached as an assistant in the NFL. WHY WOULD YOU GIVE HIM POWER OVER PERSONNEL IF HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO HISTORY IN PICKING NFL PLAYERS?? I understand youre enamored with him as a coach (and he can undoubtedly coach football, I’ll give him that) and I understand Chip didnt trust Howie. But NO OWNER would ever hire a GM who had only been scouting for 2 years prior!! There would be a public outcry!!! Thats essentially what Lurie did with Chip. Its a slap in the face to personnel men who have been groomed, taught and raised in player personnel from the ground up…some for 20 years and have NEVER become general managers.

  4. Should have him fired during the bye week,oh well at least we get to watch him implode on our way to a top 5 pick,that 2nd rounder we gave up for that stiff Bradford is lookin good to the Rams about now

  5. “I’m not sure I’d be worse than 4-6.” Connects, right between the eyes. Way to tag up that bloviating genius in his own mind, journalist. Back to the kids with you, coach.

  6. I have watched every snap this year. I have watched every snap for the last 25 years. Something sucks about this offense. Is it the players? Is the plays? Is it both? All I know is, this team is REALLY boring to watch. The offense looks very simple, with nothing noticeably exciting or different about it. Add poor execution on top of a really dumbed down and boring offense and you get the 2015 Eagles. It sucks.

  7. To the media all the coaches say the same thing. “We are happy with our guys”. What else can they say, they are stuck with them until the off season. “What is said in the locker room stays in the locker room” is another favorite. There are exceptions like sexy Rex and of course the funster up there in New England who doesn’t say anything about anything. But i guess while he`s the best he doesn’t have to.

  8. Chip doesn’t like to be questioned & it was absolutely apparent he doesn’t like being second guessed or have his words brought back up to him. Kelly does have a habit of saying things & the next day trying to act like he was misquoted or didn’t say what was reported. Kelly really does have a titanic sized ego. The way he handled that interview was reminiscent of Ray Handley in 92-93 with the Giants, no media skills.

  9. Someone should tell that Einstein reporter, that chose such a reputable, and highly Einstein-worthy of a professional career, that Einstein never actually said that asinine quote.

  10. With every PlayMaker & Starter that CK go rid of, the more he doubled-down on his own System…so much so that he is now stuck in quicksand of his own making…and has absolutely now clue how to save himself or his team.

  11. IIRC, it runs more like: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Leave it to modern-day “journalists” to get it wrong, though, as long as it provokes a response they can use.

  12. I really, really dislike Chip Kelly, but I thought his answers were really well thought out and well spoken. Maybe the reporter needs to take his own advice and quit asking the same stupid questions.

  13. Sounds like the reporter was the one that got “a little testy.” Totally unprofessional.

  14. All the signs are pointing to Chip Kelly taking another college job after this year. Adam Schefter’s said as much. I’d like to see PFT’s take on his situation.

    As rough as the Philly fanbase is, my sense is that a lot of people here would give him another year, at least as many as want to get him a one-way ticket to USC. I just don’t see the Chip Kelly vision, myself. He took on power he never should have asked for with the GM role and he blew it. Whatever he deposed Howie Roseman over, he blew it. I think Philly’s going to have to move on and hire a GM with solid NFL bona fides and a coach who can turn this boat around.

  15. Why, he committed microaggressions on those poor defenseless reporters, which of course is the real story here.

  16. The other side of the coin regarding personnel changes is that you have to have people to put into those positions if you want to make changes. The Eagles went all in with big money on a few positions. There isn’t anyone to rotate in to make a difference.

    The system was supposed to make everyone who isn’t a star expendable and that’s how he approached it. Definitely a college mentality when signing people in the off season.

  17. The saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is not from Einstein. The saying is likely derived from Alcoholics Anonymous.

  18. So this is what genius has become now huh? When you have everyone telling you that you are the smartest football mind in the world and you haven’t won ANYTHING your whole career I guess you would get testy! How dare anyone question the mighty Chip? Don’t these people know every move he makes is the right one and every play he calls is the best one….its just execution by the players who he hand picked, which were all perfect by the way! In chip we trust!!

  19. Kelly is a college coach and just like the wildcat, he was a fad for two years while teams figured out that they can pound the quarterback every time he runs that stupid run and shoot. After Bradford got laid out by Suggs in game three of the preseason, Chip realized he couldn’t run his offense and his new mish mash just isn’t working. Add to that his new responsibilities as GM and I think he bit off a little more than he could chew. Running recruiting and a team in college is a whole lot different than running scouting and a team in the NFL where being buddy with some players mom and dad, isn’t going to get them to come to Philly and play for him. Sorry Chip, that salary cap is a b…..

  20. 1) Einstein most certainly did NOT say that.

    2) If that were the definition of insanity, then every human is insane, because every human repeats the same behavioral errors over and over all while expecting different results (i.e. for it to work out this time), generally because people are horrible at understanding cause and effect.

  21. invoking that insanity quote was just stupid because it’s not relevant nor an actual good analogy. If they were 0-16 and callde the same plays in the same sequence in the same order every game then ok. But since they have both won and lost games onbviously the same thing isn’t happening over and over.

    This team is close but not there yet. I’m not gonna tel lpeople to relax, bc people should in fact be mad. I am too.

    However this is a guy who had 19 yr old kids not pulling a paycheck for playing football running this stuff and executingit like a well oiled machine. Here, you now have grown men who cant catch a football correctly, can’t play with discipline and are afraid to tackle. Grown men.

    It’s easy to say well yeah who picked some of those players but sometimes it really is on the players. I think this is one of those times. Look at the players shooting themselves in the foot. That’s not the scheme doing that.

  22. The reporters give Chip a bunch of crap about the definition of insanity. Repeating what you’re doing and expecting different results, but they’re doing the same thing. Asking him the same questions over and over expecting to get a different answer from him.

  23. “Harry Highschool”?? I guess he would know.
    -no audibles
    -same snap count on every play
    -stating scheme trumps talent
    -running off talent because they don’t kiss your arse
    -refusing to adjust

    Seems like Harry Highschool is already in charge at the NovaCare center.

  24. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…”

    Just watch & listen to what I want you to see & hear, no tough questions please it overheats the machinery in front of the curtain.
    Do not ask me questions about something I may have said after the game, I’ll only lie & say I didn’t say that or claim I was misquoted.
    Pay no attention to all the things my ex-players have said, even though sooo many have raised such ridiculous red flags over the last 3 seasons, after all isn’t every NFL coach rumored to be a racist?
    Actually, how dare you know nothings question me?!?
    I am the GREAT wizard of the Philadelphia Eagles!

  25. you forgot to menton that the question was not asked by a reporter for any local paper, but philly’s resident idiot, howard eskin.

    the question was asked to make howard look smart, and as with mostly everything he does, it made him look stupid instead.

    howard eskin and albert einstein. two names that should never be associated.

  26. Chip the coach is undermined by Chip the GM. He can judge talent when he is the coach – note the wise decision to trade Foles- but his ability to judge free agent talent is poor (i.e. the 60 million bucks to sign an average cornerback). Andy Reid got fired for a similar offense.

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