Del Rio: Amari Cooper will work through whatever needs correcting

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The Raiders lost for the third straight week in Detroit last Sunday, dropping their record to 4-6 and dousing some of the good feelings generated during the first half of the season.

Among the things that took a turn for the worse from those better days was the production of rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper. Cooper had one catch for four yards against Detroit and dropped two other throws in his direction in what was easily the worst outing of his brief NFL career. Raiders coach Jack Del Rio didn’t sound too concerned Tuesday about more of the same against the Titans this week.

“He’s a good player,” Del Rio said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “He’s been very consistent in his approach. We like the approach he has. We’ll work through whatever things need to be corrected.”

The Raiders offense has slowed down across the board over the last two weeks, scoring 27 total points after averaging over 30 a game in their three previous games. It’s a trend that will have to change if the Raiders are going to get back on the path to a winning record that they were traveling down in October.

22 responses to “Del Rio: Amari Cooper will work through whatever needs correcting

  1. He just has to stop thinking about getting hit and catch the ball first.Easy said but why else do you drop the ball if we already know you can catch.Its not like he is DHB whom we knew could not catch with his hands.

    Why do you not look the ball in? Either you are turning your head to run up field,looking for contact or both.It is easier to focus on not running before you catch the ball.The worrying about getting knocked out?Well that is something he just has to let go.

  2. He’d be much better off playing for another team. Excepting Mack and Carr, the Raiders recent track record of developing their own talent is poor.

  3. Cooper is a very good WR who has shown his worth over the 1st half of the season. This 2-game slump is not worrisome as I think he’ll just have to adjust to the increased attention that DBs are paying to him.

    On the other hand, what makes me worry every game is the Raider D. Clearly it needs a huge talent infusion.

  4. The poor game against Detroit couldn’t possibly be because Darius Slay shut him down in one of his best games of the season. No it was all because Cooper has fundamentals to work on.

  5. It’s my fault. I picked him on my fantasy team. Everyone I picked had their worst fantasy game of the season. I had 43 points. Devonta Freemon, Lamar Miller, Jeffreys, Carr. Horrible.

  6. It’s called the rookie wall. A pretty common phenomenon for NFL rookies who start from Day One, actually. This is about the time that college seasons start wrapping up so for players who are just out of school their bodies start telling them it’s time to shut down for the year. If anyone can push through it though, it’s him.

    It could also be that Amari is seeing tougher defenses now than he did early in the season, plus now there’s some tape on him to help DCs prepare.

  7. Expectations need to kept in check with any rookie.

    For simply comparison purposes, in their respective rookie seasons, J.Rice had 49rec/927yrds/3tds , while M.Harrison had 64rec/836yrds/8tds; both played all 16 games.

    Cooper currently is at 736yrds/51rec/4tds, 10 games in. His numbers will be higher than either Rice or Harrison after 16 games, but it’s more of a passing game now.

    Drop passes is an unofficial stat and records have only been kept until recently and Cooper is amongst the leaders along with J.Edelman at 8.

    I recall that the great Jerry Rice had problems with dropped passes while transitioning to the NFL from college. In addition, Rice suffered a string of drops while transitioning from Montana to Young as his full-time quarterback.

    Rice worked through those issues, of course, and knowing the quality receiver Cooper is, I expect him to do the same.

  8. Cooper will be a major star in this league for a long time. Rookie wall for sure, plus getting figured out a little bit. It was unexpected to need to game plan for him as much as teams needed to, now he is getting respect I am sure.

  9. Just because Oak is soft in the middle we tend to forget that there are no teams that are good that do not have a hard hitter in the secondary that will lay the wood.
    Pittsburg & Minn that kid took some pretty good shots, can’t blame him for not being 100%, even if he doesn’t know it, but hey welcome to the NFL rook, shake off the off game, and go attack Tenn weak ass secondary, they can’t hit you if you blow pass them, and keep on going.

  10. He just needs to focus on catching the ball instead of trying to turn every pass into a big play. Vikings kept everything in front of them, and Slay did a nice job on him last week. He will get it figured out.

  11. Agree Cooper will work it out in time, but not if you try to cram it in. He’s gun shy, you can see it after a hit and watch him get up. Welcome to the NFL Amari. You came in a big name and their keying on you, hang in their kid. Get with Crabtree, he’s been there done that and can give you reassurance. He’s not after your job, he’s just playing like a seasoned vet. Even know he’s new to the team he’s playing like a Raider, just like Mr. Woodson. Hope those old boy’s rub off on the rest of you soon.

  12. Cooper is only doing what most rookie receivers do. They hear footsteps and see ghosts in their rookie year until they adjust to the speed and collision of the NFL. He came out strong to start then got tatooed over the middle a couple times and had a wake up call! He will be fine once he learns how to adjust.

    JDR, Must-Grave, and JR better get their head pulled out or they should be looking over their listening for footsteps and seeing ghosts. RM has built up a nice offense and solid trenches. Now he can go to work on the D side, but if this staff won’t use what RM puts on the field then the writing is on the wall.

    I know Hue Jackson is bucking for a HC job in ’16? anybody else on board with that?

  13. He’s gun shy, you can see when he get’s up after a hit. Hell work through it with some help from guy’s like Crabtree and Mr. Woodson, who are both playing like Raider’s of old. Hope they can rub off on the rest of you Raider’s soon. Buy the way welcome to the Raider’s Mr.
    Crabtree, you and Mr. Woodson have shared some moment’s i’m sure. Good to see you guy’s on the same team playing Raider Football.

  14. Jackson wasn’t given much of a chance back then. But it would be a huge mistake to think of losing Del Rio so soon. Look back over the last 2 decade’s and remember what dragged the Raider’s down to begin with. You can even go back to Al Davis benching Marcus Allen for personal reason’s. Look how many coach’s and quarter back’s we have been through over that time, how easy can it be for new player’s to settle into a situation like that, rookie or not. Del Rio may have made a mistake in some of his coaching staff, but that can be corrected if needed. Musgrave seem’s to be lacking fire and need’s to get away from his repetitious call’s. If not start looking elsewhere, soon.

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