Greg Hardy told ex-teammate he wants to prove Panthers wrong


Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy has declared the Panthers “a nameless, faceless opponent” this week, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have their phone numbers.

Some of the old teammates he left behind in Carolina said they still keep in touch with the controversial defensive end, who they’ll see in person on Thursday.

Via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, fullback Mike Tolbert said he talks to Hardy “all the time.”

“He’s very excited just to prove to everybody, especially the Panthers, that he still can play and it was a mistake letting him go,” Tolbert said of a recent text from Hardy.

Of course, if Hardy thinks his being shown the door was football related, then he’s as delusional as a guy who thinks he’s the victim regarding his domestic violence arrest and subsequent suspension.

Isolating his play on the field, Hardy was a beast his last few years in Carolina (26.0 sacks in his final two full seasons there), and was generally liked in the locker room such that he had a presence there. He was quirky, for sure, and got a wide berth. So when it was time to make a decision on his future, some players lobbied for him to return.

“Greg Hardy is a guy that you flat out want on your football team,” Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis said. “He’s a guy that’s a game-changer. He can go out and totally wreck a game plan if you allow him to.

“So of course we went and spoke up for him trying to get him back. But a few details came out with his whole situation and unfortunately we weren’t able to get him back.”

Yes, a few details, a list of which the Cowboys are sorting through and receiving the backlash for now. And while Hardy is a rare pass-rush talent, the Panthers are doing pretty well without him at the moment, which is why they’re willing say nice things and move along.

“He did some good things for us as a football player,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said when asked to sum up his experience with Hardy.

And the things he didn’t say spoke volumes.

68 responses to “Greg Hardy told ex-teammate he wants to prove Panthers wrong

  1. Just make sure he wears a suit to away games as it wouldn’t be professional.

    Wouldn’t want him to get cut after fighting with teammates and coaches, missing meetings, and generally being a disaster when he’s not on the field.

  2. Practically every morning the Panthers and every other team that passed on this dirtbag open their newspapers they say thank god they made the right decision.

  3. So Thomas Davis says he and other Panther players spoke up for Hardy to try to get them to keep him.
    That’s not surprising. Many NFL players are just like Hardy. Arrogant, selfish, delusional punks who are always thisclose to getting in trouble in some way because they can’t leave their street mentality behind. And always blaming everyone else because they get in trouble.
    They can’t even have their pictures taken without striking some gang member looking pose.
    I love the NFL, but I’ll be honest. I couldn’t care less about any of the players anymore. They’re just a number on a uniform to me. If they can’t play, throw them on the scrap heap and get someone who can.
    And injuries? Again, I really don’t care about that either. If they sign on the dotted line to play in the NFL, it’s all on them, as far as I’m concerned.
    I hate to sound cruel — but the modern players, with all their trash talking and selfish actions on the field, and the constant stream of off the field issues, have made me feel this way.
    Let’s not forget millions of other people do dangerous jobs every day. Soldiers, police, firemen, pilots, and on and on. They are held to a higher standard than NFL players are. They don’t make millions of dollars and get second, third , and even fourth chances if they screw up.
    Greg Hardy is a punk and he has no remorse for what he did. But Jerry Jones doesn’t care. He loves him. He’d sign Attila The Hun if he thought he could help the Cowboys.
    But he’s not alone. So would most of the other owners.

  4. No one can deny this guys talent. The reprehensible actions along with his utter lack of remorse is another issue altogether. I believe in second chances right up until his comments showed no remorse, then its see you later.

  5. Sorry Greg, you have already proven them “right” for letting you go. It doesn’t matter if the Cowboys win Thursday….the Panthers have already won by not having a turd like you on their team.

  6. Even if the Panthers lose this game and Hardy sacks Cam 10x, they absolutely did the right thing letting him go.

  7. Prove them wrong? ? ?

    Think before you speak. Take responsibility for your own actions. They didn’t beat your girlfriend, you did.

  8. Hardy just reinforces the fact that the Panthers have values and the Cowboys don’t.

  9. The Panthers cut Greg Hardy because he is a horrible human being. They were right, and nothing he ever does on the football field will ever change that.

  10. How would he show that the Panthers were wrong about him. They did not think Hardy was washed up as a player. They know that he is a piece of crap human being. Sorry Hardy, you can sack the Panthers all you want, they still made the right call.

  11. It is not possible for him to prove the Panthers wrong. He was way too toxic Mr. Richardson. I believe the Panthers are doing pretty good without him.

  12. Such an idiot. It’s one thing to be mad a team for letting Hardy go but you earned your trip out of town.
    The Panthers actually supported him when it originally looked like he wasn’t a piece of trash but once the evidence came out they decided to let him go.

  13. what does he intend to prove? i am a nut and the panthers should have stood by me as i abused a woman!!!

  14. Personal Foul penalty from an over amped, chip on the shoulder player coming in 3, 2. 1…

    Jerry – have you seen what the Panthers saw yet… it continues to mount almost daily.

  15. Damn good defensive end that would be really nice to have these days. But apparently not the quality person you want representing your team. Sucks to see talent wasted.

  16. I’m not shocked that Greg was clueless to how the Panthers organization and owner have handled players that have run-ins with the law.

    Players have done a lot less and been cut a lot quicker.

    Enjoy the 13 mil you got for 1 game and PTF please boycott all Cowboys stories until this fool is gone.

  17. Interesting that he thinks if he delivers a certain level of play on the field that would show that a team was wrong to consider him a PR risk for his off field behavior. It shows that he still believes that if he can play at a certain level on the field people should forgive any PR damage his off field behavior causes. (And understood that is exactly what Jones thinks). If he really wanted to prove the Panthers wrong he would…. 1) Make a public statement that everything up to then was his fault and he has to do better. 2) Be saying that he completely understands the Panthers decision and is sorry for the stress he caused the team. And 3) Play the balance of his career keeping that as his attitude and never having another incident.

  18. PLEASE!!!


    … giving this guy and his name airtime. He sucks at life and craves this attention.

    NFL Everywhere (except Jerrah and Cowboy Fans)

  19. who’s unbeaten.. and who’s forced to bring in people most organizations would not want representing them?

  20. Will he be making comments about Cam Newton’s wife/girlfriend (not sure if he’s married), being late to meetings all week, throwing a fit on the sidelines or all 3 ?

  21. The meltdown potential tomorrow is off the charts. You know he is going to be acting like a lunatic from the pre-game on.

    Panthers get ahead, maybe he gets a personal foul, maybe someone from Carolina taunts him a little, and BOOM goes the dynamite.

    Grab your popcorn.

  22. You are a punk Hardy regardless of whether you can play football. I real loser in life and that is the bottom line. Nice signing Dallas you are the chumps! Go Cam! Now there is a guy who is great for football!

  23. Hardy has already proven all there is to prove. Jerry Richardson has a different level of self-respect, and respect for other people, than Jerry Jones does. No right or wrong. Just two owners who think differently. Ron Rivera and Jason Garrett just work for these two men.

  24. If anything has been proven, its the Panthers have standards for their players and the Cowboys have none. I would venture to say it starts at the top at the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious.

  25. wensink18 says:
    Nov 25, 2015 8:11 AM
    As a dyed-in-the-wool Patriots fan, I think I speak for all Panthers fans when I say…”good riddance woman beater..”
    I amazed Patriots fans forgot that Bill B and Rob Krafr gave countless 2nd chances to woman beaters. Patriot fans cheered wildly when Corey Dillon was leading your team to a Super Bowl. Ben Coates was a fan favorite and he beat his wife on a daily. Yeah that Terry Glen loves to box woman. Randy Moss must’ve played football the Patriots way like dogging it on routes that were not for him. The patriots like most teams don’t mind a little bit of bad character as long as you perform

  26. Of course, if Hardy thinks his being shown the door was football related, then he’s as delusional as a guy who thinks he’s the victim regarding his domestic violence arrest and subsequent suspension.

    Since his conviction was overturned, the charges dismissed, and his record expunged, then YES – He is the victim here.

  27. Think before you speak.

    Yeah, he didn’t actually say that. The article is quoting a different player paraphrasing what Hardy said. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way.

    Look, domestic violence is always wrong but there have been ten…. TEN other players arrested for domestic violence since Hardy was arrested. NONE of them are or were on the Dallas Cowboys. Where is your moral outrage against them? Are you sure you aren’t actively rooting for them Sunday?

  28. All you people that are still so outraged over this dude playing, drop it. You lost, you have zero say in the matter, let it go. Funny how I don’t hear you same people protesting Ronda Rousey being allowed to fight. She outright explained in detail everything she did to her boyfriend, right down to dragging him out of a car and across a sidewalk by his throat and punched him several time, but you’re still cheering her on. If you want to be morally outraged, good for you. But you lost, get over it and stop thinking that you should have the power to decide who does what and is allowed to continue to do what in the world. You’re not important, you’re opinion DOES NOT mean a thing. Get over yourselves, when it comes big money/business you will never matter, nor will your opinion.

  29. nyneal says:
    Nov 25, 2015 7:43 AM

    “Jerry Jones doesn’t care. He loves him. He’d sign Attila The Hun if he thought he could help the Cowboys.”

    Not true, Atilla died back in 453!

  30. As a panthers fan I could not be happier to have seen him gone. He was found guilty of body slamming his girlfriend, then choking her while telling her that he was going to kill her. The neighbor bellow heard the incident and called the police. The only reason he got off is because he appealed and the victim did not show up to give her testimony the second time around, despite being charged with contempt of court. She was “unable to be found.” So in other words she was paid off. During his time off from the nfl he was was “working on his rap career.” This included a song that talked about beating women. He is a piece of trash and should be removed from the NFL in my opinion.

    BTW i usually keep one eye raised when some one makes claims against some one who is famous. However living in Charlotte and seeing the case unfold, I have very little doubt that the claims against him are true.

  31. Get your Popcorn ready for when the Cowboys lose to the Panthers…their is definitely going to be fireworks. Hardy is not playing with a full deck, I would suggest keep the girlfriends/wives away.

  32. Unfortunately Greg, it isn’t the panthers that you need to prove your worth to….. Allegedly, you proved the price of the almighty dollar to your victim…. Allegedly.

  33. First let me say I don’t condone domestic violence however it amazes me how many people act like they are saints. I’m sure if some of y’all full life story was posted for the public to see, many skeletons in the closet would be found. Hardy is a hell of a athlete and a great football but what I want to know is how come no one is questioning Holders character. Look up the reports this is something she had some before. She targets athletes, they are her pay day. I also seen the pictures the bruises on her back and arm look like it came from someone trying to hold and contain her. If I’m correct she was drunk and unruly. If he was actually to hit her there would be alot more bruising, swelling then what is noticed.

  34. Admittedly COKED UP woman. Who while hardy was calling 911 she was chasing him around the table trying to hit him in the head with her shoe. Then when she was finally forced out of the apt she was fighting to get back inside to fight some more.
    To portray her as cowering woman fearing for her life is absolutley wrong. It just is.

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