It feels like now or never for Chip Kelly in Philly


Four days after being blown out, 45-17, by a team that won two games in all of 2014, the Eagles are down 24-7 through 30 minutes of a game against a team that had won one game in the first half of 2015.

And with Philly and coach Chip Kelly on track to lose a third game in a row, questions will get louder and more persistent about his future. While USC indeed remains a possibility, the primary NFL option is the one that first became obvious after Kelly couldn’t strike a deal to land former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota in the draft.

The Titans already have fired their head coach, and interim coach Mike Mularkey hasn’t done enough to merit serious consideration for the permanent gig. If Tennessee ownership has interest in Kelly (and if they know what they’re doing, they should), a reunion makes plenty of sense.

It wouldn’t be nearly as complicated as some have suggested. As PFT previously has explained, the Titans simply need to call the Eagles and ask whether it’s possible to work out a deal that would allow the Titans to hire Kelly, if he’s interested in making the leap. With each additional loss, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie presumably will become more willing to let Kelly go in exchange for reasonable compensation — especially if Lurie already is thinking about making a change.

Of course, Kelly also would have to want to make the change. If Kelly does, maybe he simply would try to force his way out, which would allow him to go straight to Nashville without the Titans giving up draft picks that otherwise would help Kelly put talent around Mariota.

While it’s a point of pride (supposedly) for a coach to be traded for two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and $8 million in cash like the Bucs did for Jon Gruden nearly 14 years ago, those selections would have helped Gruden put a team on the field that may have allowed him to do better than 60-57 in Tampa.

Ultimately, this one comes down to: (1) whether the Titans want Kelly; and (2) whether Kelly wants the Titans. The Eagles likely wouldn’t force Kelly to stay for another year, especially if what has become a disastrous third season continues.

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  1. Mariota looks like he’s developing nicely in a more traditional NFL offense than Kelly runs. So that’s quite a large assumption that the Titans want Kelly after what we’ve seen thus far. I certainly can’t see any way the Titans would give Kelly control of the roster.

  2. Wouldn’t be good to be an Eagles fan. Fire your coach in a matter of months after he gave away your best RB and WR. I think that’s called a wipeout.

  3. The Titans could have to get in line behind LSU and USC among others.

    Given LSU just raised eight figures to buy out Les Miles (certain to happen as early as late Saturday night) and USC may have to beat both UCLA this week and if they do Stanford next week (latter in the Pac-12 title game) and Maryland has the money (thanks to the founder of Under Armour being the Terps’ biggest booster), the line of schools looking to knock down the Eagles’ door looking for Chip could be long with potentially a bidding war for Chip, especially if Texas gets into the mix.

    I would not be surprised where a school goes as far as to buy out the remainder of Chip’s contract with the Eagles to land him (yes a university actually paying to buy out an NFL contract to land a coach they want).

  4. I’ve gone from “no way” he is fired (and unlikely he leaves) to the exact opposite. If they lose today–and it looks like they will–he might be gone mid-season.

  5. Chip Kelly is the smartest man in football. Just ask him, he’s been telling us that for years….

    He made his own bed, and he’s probably going to get to lie in it really soon.

  6. Uh, Gruden won a Super Bowl immediately after his arrival in Tampa. He brought in his offense along with a group of gritty hard working players to compliment one of the best defenses to ever take the field.

    Gruden also did something else that Tony Dungy wasn’t able to do while in Tampa and that is beat the Eagles when it mattered most. The problem in the end for Gruden was his inability or refusal to develop a young QB on top of an inability to draft well with the picks he had remaining.

    And one last thing; Chip Kelly is no Jon Gruden. Chip basically destroyed the Eagles, gutted the roster and is flopping big time this season. Let him go to the Titans with Mariota in exchange for a 2nd round pick and both teams can start over before it’s too late.

  7. So if Kelly gets fired for failing with the team he hand-built, the Titans should want him if they “know what they’re doing”?

    Isn’t that a little backwards?

  8. The only problem I can see is the power struggle. Chip will surely want just as much power in Tennessee as he has in Philly. But Tennessee might be reluctant to give him that, especially after the questionable changes he made this offseason

  9. Poor Offensive play calling. Poor Defense. This group is not playing for the division, their coach or anything. What does that say.

  10. Chip Kelly is vastly overrated, perhaps especially in his own mind. His “genius” apparently only works in college. As a pro coach, he’s done absolutely nothing to merit keeping him around. Let him go, Philly, and find a coach that can actually make something happen.

  11. Chip is done… funny thing. Joe Banner loved him. Tells you all you need to know about Joe Banner’s coach evaluation abilities…

  12. Two questions.

    How did the Eagles ever win 4 games this year and

    What NFL owner in his right mind would hire Chip after this, much less give up draft picks for him?

  13. Do the Titans really need to make a deal? Couldn’t they just wait until Black Monday when Kelly will likely be unemployed?

  14. Fire Chip Kelly. His play calling stinks, all 8-12 plays he has in his playbook. His GM decisions have been 90% awful (Hicks was his best draft pick). Send the bum back to the West coast.

  15. It all seems ridiculous to me. If a coach is honestly that dependent on getting his guy he probably isn’t a very good head coach to begin with. You have a coach like Belichick who can with with anybody or a guy like Chip Kelly who is seems to only be able to win with ONE certain guy.

  16. 20 wins the past two seasons after inheriting a 4 win team means nothing ? Philly deserves what it gets

  17. I wonder if the Eagles will come close to winning another game this year.

    This looks a lot like the tail end of Jim Mora’s one season in Seattle.

  18. The Titans will likely be sold in the next year or two. They would be foolish to give Chipper anywhere near the control level he has in Philly as the new owner is going to want his own management.

  19. Bill Walsh was 2-14, 6-10 in his first two year in SF. These days the fans would have been calling for his head midway through season 2.

    And Cleveland decided that Belichick sucked as a coach.

    I admit the product on the field looks like crap, but the biggest thing killing Kelly this year has been Bradford’s poor play / injuries.

  20. Sanchez is not an NFL QB. Trade him to the CFL. Chip Kelly knows schoolboy football, but not the NFL.

    Buffalo ran the hurry up offense back in the Jim Kelly days, but they had better players and were a better team. Chip Kelly is coach and GM, so he’s 100% responsible for the mess he created.

    Unless you’re a Republican. Then it’s Obama’s fault.

  21. Overrated as an NFL coach, send him back to college. He thinks he’s better than he is, and got a very “big head”.

  22. it doesnt even matter whether he stays or goes.. the damage is already done. his “fast paced high scoring revolutionary” offense is a complete fraud. he gutted this franchise and will leave nothing to show for it.
    Philly fans wanted Andy Reid and McNabb out of town asap, cause 4 straight NFC Championship appearances werent good enough.
    hows it been working out since?

  23. I don’t think any coach should be fired, when that coach’s starting QB was Bradford. Then again, Kelly did trade for Bradford.

    The Uggles need to trade up for Goff this offseason.

  24. I have zero invested in the Eagles or NFC East, so I am looking at this purely from an outsider’s perspective, but if I am in ownership there is zero way Kelly survives to the next game after today’s turd show. They play New England in Foxboro next. If Jameis and Stafford both dropped 40+ on him, imagine what Belichik and Brady are going to do.

    Lurie needs to fire this fraud before he gets on the plane home today, give Pat Shurmur or Duece Staley the keys for the rest of the year, and start work on the 5+ year rebuild that involves molding a real franchise QB, crafting an OL, and returning a winning culture to Philly football. This is sad to watch.

  25. So the Titans should want Kelly? Another talking head pundit that can’t admit they’re wrong. Kelly sucks as an NFL coach.

  26. whereyaat says:
    Nov 26, 2015 3:13 PM
    I don’t think any coach should be fired, when that coach’s starting QB was Bradford. Then again, Kelly did trade for Bradford.

    The Uggles need to trade up for Goff this offseason.


    So Bradford played the last 2 games?

  27. I’m not sure of the logic. Who’s to say Kelly still has an NFL option after the disaster he’s presided over in Philly? Tennessee would hire him simply because he coached their #1 QB … in college?

    Even Tennessee’s front office isn’t that stupid.

    I think the only place Chip can go now is back to college — and the sorry excuse for a conference that is the Pac 10.

  28. If the Titans were to trade for Chip, would they still have to interview a minority coach? I hope so. It would be more proof that the Rooney Rule is a joke

  29. Chip Kelly isn’t taking any pro position that wouldn’t allow him to function as his own GM. Mariota or not, Kelly needs control, his ego is too big to take input on player matters from a GM.

    Why on earth, after seeing what control of all player decisions did for Philadelphia, would Tennessee want to take that on??

    If Kelly leaves Philly, it’s going to be for USC or LSU. That is the only place he’ll be in control of all player affairs & college coaches are worshiped much more than pro coaches. Kelly needs that. After his Eagle gig, he would need to rehabilitate his image before ever taking another pro job.

  30. Why would Tennessee be considered to “know what they’re doing” if they had interest in Chip Kelly? What has he done with the Eagles that provide indication he has the slightest clue about how to HC an NFL team? He was successful with a roster that was assembled by his predecessor. He has since effectively destroyed that roster into a roster that is flat out not a good football team.

    Tennessee already has a hole to climb out of as is. Nothing on Chip Kelly’s resume suggests he would be able to turn that around.

  31. I can see the headlines now. “Philadelphia Eagles Trade Head Coach to Titans in One for One Swap. The Philadelphia Eagles trade Head Coach Chip Kelly to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for Titans Interm Head Coach Mike Mularkey.” As a Redskins fan, I would love to see Mularkey as the Eagles Head Coach

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