The anonymous sources are coming after Chip Kelly’s Eagles


One of the hallmarks of a coach who’s losing his team is that we begin to see stories in which anonymous sources question the coach’s methods and the team’s competitive. That’s happening in Philadelphia this week.

After the Eagles’ loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday dropped the team to 4-6, quoted an agent “who requested anonymity because of fear of retribution against his client” as saying that the players don’t buy what Kelly is selling.

“Chip Kelly has lost the team,” said the agent “Between the losses and his bull[bleep] methods that aren’t working, I can tell you that the players have tuned him out.”

The agent also said there’s at least one player on the team who’s using an injury as a reason not to play, even though it’s an injury he’d be able to play through, because “he won’t play hurt for Chip.”

Without knowing the identity of the agent, it’s impossible to assess the veracity of his claims. It may be an agent who feels that his client should be paid more and is upset that Kelly hasn’t agreed to give him a new contract. But what’s clear is there’s an atmosphere in Philadelphia in which people know they’ll have a sympathetic ear when they take anonymous shots at Kelly.

Another anonymously sourced story in Philadelphia had a player saying that when running back DeMarco Murray slid instead of trying to break a tackle, it showed that Murray isn’t fully invested in the team.

“Well, when you see DeMarco sliding before getting hit, you tell me – was that giving full effort?” the anonymous Eagle told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “You see that [stuff] and it makes you wonder.”

At the moment, the anonymous sources questioning the Eagles’ heart are a whisper. If they lose to the Lions today, those anonymous sources will become a roar. And that roar may be announcing the end of the Chip Kelly era in Philadelphia.

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  1. Anything sports related coming from a Philly news outlet needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Case in point: Howard Eskin’s career.

  2. Looks like it’s time to go back to college and move out of your mother’s house, lil’ buddy. The college justice system has lifted it’s investigation of you…Too bad you have left the Iggles and it’s fan base in shambles…

  3. As a lifelong Eagles fan, let me publicly state, “dear God, please get Chip Kelly out of Philly.” I don’t even care if he goes back to college football and wins a championship, and I know it will take time to undo some of the personnel changes he’s made. Kelly’s ego was clear from the beginning, which is usually a bad sign. Egotistical coaches don’t tend to be good at adjusting their schemes and plans to account for reality. Still, after the first season, I was willing to hold off judgement. The results are clear, however. The more that Chip has been able to remake the team in his own image, the worse the team has become. The only season they looked promising was the season that he was stuck using Andy’s players. He’s spent the remaining time shipping them out and bringing in guys he picked. The results have not been good, and they’re getting worse every day.

  4. In the NFL you have to adapt. Chip Kelly has shown ZERO ability to adapt.

    People told him all season that his formations and snap counts and plays were predictable. It took 5 weeks of Murray getting stuffed behind the line of scrimmage for him to admit it to himself.

    Even so he has only made the basic of changes. He needs a larger playbook and can’t take 30 seconds off the clock on a 3 and out for an entire game.

    High paced is great when you can get a few first downs. When you can’t it’s a killer.

  5. But, But…. Chip Kelly is a Genius who will lead the team to multiple Championships.

    It is so refreshing that Filthadelphia fans will spend ANOTHER year NOT watching them in the playoffs, and ANOTHER year trying to fire their current head coach in hopes of landing the next GENIUS

  6. Ironic that Chip Kelly verbally agreed to coach the Bucs in 2012, backed out, eventually went to the Eagles, and the team he shunned is the one who put the final nail in the coffin. And his stubborn ways that don’t go over well in the NFL make him similar to Greg Schiano, whom the Bucs settled with. With Schiano, the individual players tried to do well (for themselves) for the most part. But with Kelly, they have clearly quit altogether. I see an easy win for the Lions today. That’s problematic by itself, because the Lions are struggling and “competing” with the Browns and Titans for first overall pick.

  7. It’s too bad that it’s not Tebow Time in Philadelphia. The Broncos were right around this sink hole when Tebow inspired, willed, and marched Denver right into the playoffs. Oh yeah, and talent DID have something to do with it also. Didn’t he throw for 300+ yards against the Steelers? So sad for Philadelphia, Tebow could be making Chip look like a genius right now, for very little money. I guess not having a media circus and unaffiliated belief is more important than wins and playoffs.

  8. Tebow was a puppet the NFL used to sell tickets & jerseys in Denver, and the religious masses bought into it hook, line & sinker. Go back and watch his “miracle run” and tell me the refs weren’t playing the part of “God”.

    As for Kelly…good try, it didn’t work, probably ended his NFL coaching career. He will get a job back in the NCAA no problem.

  9. No one knows how to fan the flames of discontent like the Philadelphia sports media, most of whom aren’t from Philadelphia and don’t really care if the teams win or lose. They just like to find controversy, and if they can’t find it, they create it. It’s sad and pathetic. I’m a huge Philly sports fan, but if I were a player or coach, I would stay the hell away from that town. It’s not worth putting up with that crap.

  10. What we need to do is get all of these low character guys out of Philly. This will change everyth…what’s that? we did that already?

  11. Lol at Chimp Kelly, how is it as a “fan” with no football background I saw this coming a mile away. Murray chasing the money was sad to say the least and shipping off your best lineman was such a smart move. As a fan of another team I must say I want chump to stay for a loooong time.

  12. What happened to all of Chips innovative design? The first year he was busting out all kinds of creative plays. Now it’s just the same 4 yard crossing patterns, screen plays, and shotgun handoffs.

    He looks like a guy waiting to go to USC

  13. Coaching in the NFL isn’t for everyone. Dealing with a salary cap,whiny millionaires and no-it-all owners and GMs has got to be a pain in the ass. Now that College coaching salaries are on a par with the NFL and often times MORE, whats the attraction.
    Look for Chip Kelly to wind up at USC, make 7 mill per year, add a few cars and a house to the pot and relax in LaLa Land.

  14. Give me a break, Denver just picked up Jimmy Clausen, JIMMY CLAUSEN has a job and Tebow doesn’t. If you don’t see what that tells you about Tebow you know nothing about football.

  15. @patriotsfootballleague

    Yes, please sign Tebow, he’ll make all the difference with 5 games left.
    Don’t you think with all the terrible QB play in the league that if he was really any good he would be on a roster somewhere?

  16. Here’s the thing, the Eagles were doing better when the players were buying in, and they really sick now that they’ve tuned him out.

    So, I’m not really sure they’re taking the right road…

  17. Anonymity usually means somebody is just taking a shot, but here he’s stating the obvious. He’s saying what everybody has to already know.

    It would be foolish for an agent or player to hang himself by being the one to put his name to any criticism, at this point. This is all on Chip and his ego, power trip.

    He made his choices and did for the Eagles, what George Bush did for America. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  18. Should have kept Andy, no doubt Andy would have found a QB & the Eagles would have been fine.

    The Chip experiment has failed & Philly pines away for the “good ‘ol days” when Andy Reid was there & they had chance to win every year by making the postseason. When Andy squirted out 10 wins, both years would have brought playoff games & most likely a couple of playoff WINS!

    PMAR= Philly Misses Andy Reid.

  19. It wouldn’t be shocking if this was completely fabricated. The thing is, once it’s out there, whether it’s true or not doesn’t even matter because of the paranoia and mistrust it reaps within the team and between coaches and players.

    The Philly sports media is filled with guys who are competitive, insecure, couldn’t make it in NY, or who are trying to make it there. If they can somehow affect the outcome of games or personnel to enhance their reputations, they’ll do it.

  20. What about all the nfl media “experts” blowing smoke up our rear about how cutting edge he was. Remember that?

  21. @patriots football….the Eagles already have two quarterbacks who couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle. They don’t need another one.

  22. No, no don’t let the Chip Kelly era end. He was the next great thing since the Philly cheesesteak. We all want to see the complete implosion of the Eagles.

  23. PLEASE let it be true!!! College coaches rarely understand that the NFL is a player’s league. It’s never about any system. Every system gets figured out quickly. It’s only when your players are better or smarter than the other team’s players that you win. Especially at quarterback. You don’t get rid of a steady stream of pro bowl players – Jackson, McCoy, Mathis, Maclin – and expect to keep winning. He allowed others to age out without drafting replacements – (Herremans, Trent Cole)

    Tempo alone doesn’t get it done. Player talent does!

    Kelly won with Andy Reid’s guys. Then systematically got rid of the best playmakers. Kelly has a giant ego who thinks he can plug in anybody into his system and win.

    And this is the coach people think is a genius? Laughable.

  24. Time for Mortenson to report that 11 out of 12 Eagles are already reserving vacation spots for when the first week of the playoffs are scheduled.
    There ya go Chris , another ‘scoop’ for ya that meets your journalistic standards.

  25. With every loss and the accompanying reports of discontent, my smile gets bigger and bigger. There’s no team and fan base more full of it, which makes this train wreck so gratifying to watch. I’m the biggest Lions fan in the entire country today!

  26. He would be stupid to stay. USC, LSU are both top ten college gigs. Im one of the few who didn’t want him coaching my Eagles. I always thought his system was flawed and got exposed against really good defensive teams. In all his games as a coach at Oregon and now in Philly his teams pnly won one game where hey didn’t score at least 24 points. That tells me all I need to know.

  27. Who would want any coward on their team who doesn’t have the guts to be quoted –if they feel so strongly about the situation?

  28. When this season was ready to start & the birds went 4-0 in preseason our fair city was on cloud 9, it was finally gonna happen, our Eagles had everything it needed to win it all in 2015! And with Chip, everyone was screaming how it was going to be multiple championships because our coach was eons smarter & better than all 31 other coaches. Phadelphia, after years of disappointment finally had “our” Bill Walsh.

    The hype was just unreal.

    Here on PFT & at work I was considered the wet blanket, there was no way I could be a real Eagles fan. It just seemed a little too perfect for Philly & nothing is that easy for our birds except losing. I wanted to see the results before sending Chip to Canton. 2011 is still very fresh in my mind & that year started the same way. In addition as I argued with friends & family that Chip hadn’t at all proved he is Andys superior. Another unpopular point of view here in the city of brotherly love in August.

    I wish my gut was wrong & my family & friends were right. But Chip has to go, his team has quit on him as we all saw last Sunday & he refuses to adapt at all. Lastly, love him or hate him, when speaking to the media Andy Reid always took FULL responsibility for his teams losing, he didn’t insult others by claiming the problem is ALL execution & laying the blame at OTHERS feet. Kelly thinks that’s the way to handle a pro football team, blame the players for everything. No wonder why the team is quitting on him.

  29. Having had to see the Reid / McNabb era, I hope Chip is around for awhile. That team will be fine if they let him build this over time, though I did find the trade for Bradford to be bizarre.

    I know this – didn’t see play – but if I have a running back that slides to avoid contact, he ain’t seeing the field for a while because he obviously doesn’t want to be there.

    Weed out the soft bums/malcontents and move on.

    Mutinous players are mentally weak. Check out the Phins.

  30. As far as the D Murray part of the story the guy has been hurt and missed time every season of his career in Dallas. Where he also had a million carries last year. Maybe the guy is using his brain (maybe) and deciding to take less hits? Not everyone sacrifices their body every time they step on the field.

  31. There’s usually one person stirring up the bleep. That’s usually a person that’s recently been fired. That person will orchestrate an attack on the guy that replaced him. Kelly had been the coach, but he just recently replaced the GM. It really doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. And besides, why would legit Eagles’ fans be unhappy with someone who’s trying something different. I mean, when’s the last time the Eagles won the super bowl. GMs have plenty of opportunities to make friends with agents. They often give those final roster spots to players who are represented by certain agents. Quite often these agents return the favor by leaking anonymous info to the media.

  32. but… but… In Chip We Trust?

    Don’t worry Eagles. It will soon be the offseason when you can be champs once again.

  33. Let’s see two 10 win seasons and now one losing season. You would think patience but noooooooooo. The Philadelphia media is intent on running him out of town just like Reid. Good luck Philly, you’re going to need it.

  34. ermur221 says:
    Nov 26, 2015 7:59 AM
    Give me a break, Denver just picked up Jimmy Clausen, JIMMY CLAUSEN has a job and Tebow doesn’t. If you don’t see what that tells you about Tebow you know nothing about football.

    Ponder is in Denver. Jimmy got picked up by the Ravens.

    For those of us who know nothing about football.

  35. Chip’s failure should come as no surprise. Let’s see… Spurrier, Holtz, Saban, and now Chip. Those are four damned good coaches at the college level who couldn’t make it in the NFL. The only decent college coach I can recall who did well in the NFL is our coach now… Harbaugh… and thank God for the stupidity of the Niner’s front office/owners for dumping him. Their loss is definitely our gain. Go Blue Saturday!!!!!!! IF we win, maybe it’s time for Meyer to see if he can make it in the Pros? That would be nice, although I think he’s smarter than to try that….

  36. eagleswin says:
    Nov 26, 2015 6:57 AM
    In the NFL you have to adapt. Chip Kelly has shown ZERO ability to adapt.


    100% agree. I remember earlier this season when Chip said “the system is fine, the league is adapting to us.” Basically throws it on the players. I don’t know where you’ve coached Chip, but everyone adapts to you in the NFL. Chip almost seems nonchalant about it.

  37. One average season and everyone wants to send Chip packing? Patience people. He won 10 games each of his first two seasons with below average QB’s. His “predictable” schemes made Foles look like an MVP, and now he can’t beat out case keenum. He got rid of the players who didn’t buy in and got his guys. Bradford was a risk and it’s not paying off. I would love to see his offense with a true dual threat qb. Kaep or RG will be the QB next season. Should be fun.

  38. Sounds exactly like the Bears under Marc Trestman last year. If the Eagles lose to the Lions today you have to start giving these “sources” some cred and if they flat out lay down then the theory seems all the more legit.

  39. You Philly fans deserve what you got. Which is zero Super Bowls. It’s you guys that protested Andy Reid outside the team HQ and ran him out of town.

  40. Don’t they require reporters to take ethics cases in school? I even had to take one in engineering. The use of anonymous sources is pathetic.

  41. Whatever is going on in Philly I’m sure that Chip has a smoothie/shake to cure what ails them.

    This guy is going to change the way the NFL game is played! Please, just give him a fair chance!

    Of course having a roster of 85+ kids who follow your every word and can be buried on the depth chart if they don’t might be what ol’ Chip failed to consider…genius? Probably just another Spurrier.

  42. Normally I would dismiss this type of anonymous pot shot, but there really is no other explanation for how the Eagles are playing other than that they have quit on Kelly.

    Bringing a radical system into an organization that features insane amounts of conditioning, grueling practice regimens and a breakneck pace on the field requires 100% buy in from the players. Kelly got it in year one, and the Eagles were vastly improved.

    Kelly thanked his players by getting rid of half of them, including most of the popular ones. He further alienated the team by continuously insisting that his system worked and the players simply were not executing it properly. He was completely tone deaf to what was going on around him.

    But the fact is, his system works in college, where the players are pretty much held hostage to their scholarships and their dreams of the future. Buy in is guaranteed, because the players are younger, more impressionable, and frankly have few options. So don’t take it as an indictment of the players Kelly had in Philly when he goes to USC and wins the Pac 12 almost immediately.

  43. TheWizard says:
    Nov 26, 2015 9:32 AM
    Having had to see the Reid / McNabb era, I hope Chip is around for awhile. That team will be fine if they let him build this over time, though I did find the trade for Bradford to be bizarre.

    You found the most significant move he’s made so far to be “bizarre”, yet you still trust him to build the team?

    Interesting. Tell me more.

  44. For anyone curious:

    Year before Kelly took over: 4-12
    Year 1 Chip Kelly 10-6 – Won NFC East – one & done in the Wildcard round to a Saints team that lost the next week.
    Year 2 Chip Kelly 10-6 – missed playoffs – going 5-5 after the bye & had a 5-1 start.
    Year 3 Chip Kelly (to this point) 4-6, since T-Day 2014 Kelly is 6-9.

    Year before Andy Reid took over: 3-13 (not far off from the 4-12 Chip took over…)
    Year 1 Andy Reid 5-11 no playoffs.
    Year 2 Andy Reid 11-5 – Wildcard playoff birth & wins on the road in Tampa Bay, 1-1 in playoffs in 2000 losing to eventual NFC Super Bowl rep.
    Year 3 Andy Reid 11-5 – Wins the NFC East & wins 2 playoff games on the road, losing to the eventual NFC SB representative (also called the greatest show on turf) meaning the Ram team they eventually lost to was one of the NFL greatest offenses of all time. (playoff record in year 3 of their coaching careers AR 3-2 CK 0-1)

    HUGE difference in their 1st 3 years & it can be strongly argued the team Reid took over in ’99 was a lot worse than the team Chip inherited.

  45. Haha this is priceless listening to all the Eagles fans lament on how much they hate their head coach. It’s the same Eagles fans that would troll all the Chiefs sites just so they could take a cheap shot at Andy Reid. Isn’t Karma a bitch Philly! lmao

  46. All offseason PFT had to listen to the Philly fans crow on and on about “In Chip we trust” and how he was smarter than everyone else, we were just “haters”, blah blah blah.

    Eagles fans are like the classless Knick fans who booed Kristaps Porzingis on draft night and ruined what should have been the best moment of his life. Now the kid is playing like an all star and all the Knick fans, like Eagles fans, look like fools.

  47. Because the Eagles are a team of historically unprecedented quitters, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them fire Chip. IMO, the Eagles should shed that stigma and double down in their commitment to him. Give him a 5 year extension and give him total control of the team. After 5 years, let’s see what he does. I will say though, his biggest mistake so far in judgement was going with Bradford/Sanchez over Tebow. As was evidenced the last time Tebow was given the ball regularly, he led his u derogatory team to the playoffs. Had the Eagles done the right thing, they’d be preparing for a longer schedule.

  48. Well deserved, couldn’t happen to a better fan base.

    20,058 days and counting since the Eagles have won a Championship.

  49. Gee, where anonymous sources were involved I thought this article would have been written by Cris Mortensen. His anonymous sources are so anonymous that they are only in his mind and nowhere else.

  50. I’m just thankful Chip said no thanks to signing Tyrod Taylor. He really wanted to play in Philly. He felt he was “Taylor” made for his system. Chip had no interest in signing him…
    The Bills season would be in the toilets if Chip had signed Taylor.

    Oh and thanks again for Lesean McCoy!

    i don’t know where my Bills team would be right now without Chip’s questionable decisions.

  51. Chip Kelly is officially finished as head coach of Philly, barring a great comeback from their current halftime deficit of 24-7. Personally just grateful that this sob landed in Philly and hope he doesn’t end up in SoCal.

  52. Kelly will coach the eagles next year. the question is who will be the QB ? and which existing players will get jettisoned for not buying in / quitting ?

    I suspect Bradford and murray, our two sooners, are both gone.

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