Packers had players-only meeting, apparently over excessive video games

On a day made famous by John Madden’s Turducken, a Green Bay defeat to cap the game during which Madden’s favorite player was honored may have been fueled in part by an addiction to Madden’s billion-dollar video game franchise.

“They had a little players-only meeting this past couple weeks ago before that Minnesota game,” NBC’s Cris Collinsworth said midway through the third quarter of Green Bay’s 17-13 loss to the Bears on Thanksgiving night. “I don’t think Aaron Rodgers was too happy with the preparation schedule of some of the young players on this team. A few too many video games being played and not enough homework.”

The Madden intervention apparently worked against the Vikings. But with a short week and a quick turnaround and a premium placed on preparation before playing again on Thursday, it could be that the Lure of the PS4 kept the Packers from being as ready to go as they should have been.

They now have a full six days to prepare for their next game, which will be another visit to prime time via a Thursday night trip to Detroit, one of two NFC North rivals who have come to Lambeau Field this month and beaten the home team.

The Packers have every incentive to win this next one. And they have the talent to do it, too. As long as the young players on the team can resist messing with consoles that are being purchased by the truckload on Black Friday.

76 responses to “Packers had players-only meeting, apparently over excessive video games

  1. Omg, when does it end with this team? They have an excuse for everything. I bet even in the video games they were getting calls in their favor from the refs.

  2. This team is down the dumpster fire road and there is only a couple exits to get off, before you are declared just that. Do you want to be mentioned in the same breath as Cleveland? No you say? Then get your **** together!!

  3. Does Rodgers’ showing up in every other TV commercial these days have anything to do with his and the team’s crappy play ? Maybe a “player’s only” meeting is needed to straighten out Aaron.

  4. I don’t think it’s an excuse it’s Aaron Rodgers doing what everyone says he doesn’t do – be a leader. Stop playing video games and concentrate on your job its the middle of the season! Packers have no one to blame for themselves – they are a draft and develop team and they drafted some knuckleheads on offense. Lacy and Adams are not Jordy Nelson’s when it comes to preparation.

  5. A loss to the Lions is more likely than not which is a shock to say. Pack has to get some resolve because the Lions are foaming at the mouth right now.

  6. Fact, people who devote their lives to Madden football and fantasy league football are total losers (no jobs, no friends, no relationships, and no self-esteem) and are a giant energy suck to our economy.

  7. Pretty sure Vince Lombardi is ashamed of modern day Packer organization. You lost your way. Now you losing the North for good.

  8. If that’s the state of the league, that young guys would rather play video games than prepare for a game their getting paid millions to play…..the NFL won’t be around much longer because after the horrid level of play this year throughout the league they’re crazy if they thing it will keep people as engage as they have been.

    I watched none of the games yesterday and had no problem finding other ways to entertain myself.

  9. Same personnel as last year, with absense of Nelson. Biggest change – McCarthy giving up play calling.

  10. The Chicago Blackhawks locker room bonds over games of Mario Kart during their long road trips. They’ve also won three championships in the last six years.

    Maybe it’s not the video games that are the problem Aaron.

  11. So do the Packers never get called for holding and does Rodgers get bailed out with phantom PI calls in Madden, too?

  12. Up up – down down- left- right- left- right -B- A -select- start.
    To all of the Packers players that will unlock unlimited lives in Contra for your first gen Nintendos.
    No thanks needed, happy early Merry Christmas.

  13. One misses the days of ol’ Vince, when there would have been no team meeting on video games. Rather, players would be extricating them from their rear cavities.

  14. People can get addicted to anything. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, surfing the web, video games, fantasy football, porn and even work. Everything in moderation as they say. Although I even have had some problems with a couple of these listed.

  15. As a Bears fan, I would like to say I had a great time watching the game last night. Even though there was many bad calls that game, it was still a hard fought rivalry fight for the history books. Packers vs. Bears is always a great fight and the fans respect one another no matter what the outcome unlike some of the other teams in the division.

  16. coltluger says:
    Nov 27, 2015 8:52 AM

    Sounds like Mike McMuffin has lost his lockeroom.
    I really wish I had thought of this first.

  17. The Lions will kick their arses and we can all finally acknowledge what I’ve felt for a long time: this is not a talented football team. Pass D one of the worst in the league, O line just isn’t playing that well this year, running game is ok but this is a passing league now and the passing game is less than average. Reason, Adams, Rogers, Perrillo, Jones, all lack speed, Easily covered by man, leaving Cobb to be double teamed or covered by other teams fastest dback. That is why other teams are giant killers now against the Pack. Nothing to fear here!

  18. Nov 27, 2015 9:10 AM
    Davante Adams, Richard Rodgers and Eddie Lacy playing video games and 2 of them getting fat while doing so.

    Two of three? which one do you have being thin?

  19. Why didn’t McMuffin and the position coaches take control of this in training camp? Does Rodgers now have to police the place? Does he have to continue to prop up this average coaching staff that is clueless, and now perform their duties?

    Good coaches can spot bad study habits in a second…

    I can see this though….lol
    “From now more video games in my complex. Excuse me, but this call is from Olivia…

  20. Several thoughts:

    1. The calls – Packers Oline with some of the most blatant holdingI’ve ever seen in 30 years of watching NFL and NOTHING?
    2. The way they carry on when nothing goes there way.
    3. The video game excuse is easily the lamest excuse I’ve ever seen reported.
    4. They are only as good as 12 plays and when he plays less than 100% perfect they lose.

  21. Rodgers is Green Bay’s main problem. He never attempts to encourage, praise or uplift his teammates when they’re down. He only gives them stink eye, blames them for his own mistakes, sulks, and pouts on the sidelines. It must be a real drag playing for this dude. Many players have in fact, indicated such.

  22. On the plus side, watching a game of Madden is becoming more interesting and flowing than an average NFL game. No doubt about what a catch looks like, no flag on every play, takes less than 4 hours to play and you can mute out the crappy booth comments. In fact can ESPN not show it on Monday nights instead of the crap Goodell and Blandino serve us up?

  23. Rodgers is clearly not a natural leader that guys gravitate towards and follow. A few more losses before guys are openly throwing him under the bus and this thing really blows up.

  24. Greg Jennings was right. He just doesn’t have it in him to shoulder any blame.

    Admit it Packer fans. Just one time. I promise you won’t pass out from exhaustion. Or was Greg right about that too? That you’re too brainwashed to see what everyone else sees?

  25. Aaron Rodgers is one of my favorite QBs and the Packers would probably be one of my favorite teams were I not in it for being a Bucs season-ticket owner. That said, I get the impression the Packers have taken for granted…that their home field will always guarantee victory. It’s time for them to be more attentive to basic prep and taking every game as a planned brawl like they used to…like they did to get themselves out of the their last few slumps and back to their historic winning ways. The Bears are fighting to get back into the hunt, and I get the impression the Packers think they are entitled to it no matter what. The Packers were the better team last night, but the Bears were more prepared, wanted it more.

  26. What do you expect? Is there anything else to do here? Do you know where we play? The players have admitted that this is last place they want to come to?

  27. I think every non Packer fan should send their used video games to the Packer Office in Green Bay…

  28. Lose a few games and the speculation starts. The Packers problem is they have horrible wide receivers who can’t catch balls when they hit them right in the hands. That is the gist of the struggles in Green Bay. Adams dropped 8 balls and the other he didn’t catch, he was bumped by a defender and immediately looked for a flag while porter basically sealed the deal with an interception.

    If McCarthy and Rodgers don’t straighten these receivers out, the season is lost. At least the Packers will get to pick a little higher for a change. Maybe they can draft someone who can catch footballs?

  29. But but, I thought it was Jay Cutler who was the horrible person who none of his teammates wanted to play for and always blamed someone else and had no leadership qualities. Just sayin.

  30. The problem is that the packers are Rodgers, and everyone else. Rodgers furthers this by never accepting any blame for anything that goes wrong in packer land.

    If there’s dissension it’s because of Rodgers’ arrogant, holier-than-thou attitude.

  31. “Green Bay has the talent to do it, too”?

    What team are you watching?

    The prima donna needs to have a players only meeting about Lacy’s and McCarthy’s diet but about video games?

    Seriously if you want to get on someone’s preparation fine but do not single out what people do in their spare time. Does he think he their mother? Focus on what they need to do to prepare correctly not blame them for their past time being bad. Frankly that is none of business.

  32. The NFL is screwed not just the Packers. This new generation of player is too concerned with how they look on camera or their next Twitter pic/message among a long list of other “me first” things. They aren’t perfecting their craft like guys of yesteryear. You can see it in the quality of play each week and it’s turning fans like me away from the game whom have been lifelong followers.

  33. ad28bestever says:
    Nov 27, 2015 8:52 AM
    Omg, when does it end with this team? They have an excuse for everything. I bet even in the video games they were getting calls in their favor from the refs.

    yes, because the 2 calls that Rodgers got the def to jump offsides that they blew dead, 1 which would have been a touchdown…were in our favor. you guys are dumb. i’m sure you looked at Jeffery 2 yrds past the line of scrimmage and thought…that was a bad call too….

  34. The Packers have every incentive to win this next one. And they have the talent to do it, too.
    Sounds like they don’t even have to play the game.

    With Green Bay coming off a loss to the Bears and the Lions riding high on a winning streak … I like the Lions to win this and sweep Green Bay for the first time since 1991.

    Don’t forget that this game is indoors, which means the Packers can’t rely on the frozen tundra (huge home field advantage). I never would have guessed that Martha Ford has got her mojo working, but she does. If the Thanksgiving Lions play again next Thursday … Lions win.

    The elephant in the room is that the Packers were suspect last year and even worse this year. Aaron Rodgers is a fantastic QB, but one guy does not maketh an entire team. For the past couple of years he’s been getting knocked around a lot. In general his supporting cast seems to be weaker every year. If I were a Packer fan, I’d be looking for some changes in the off season.

  35. There is no excuse for players not being prepared, but there aren’t too many Ivy League guys in the NFL either. Coaches can make it too complicated for their own good. When you have a guy like Aaron Rodgers, just concentrate on blocking and tackling and you should win 11 or 12 games easy.

  36. It isn’t an excuse. It is just the truth. When you have an NFL network show on Madden 2015 that tells you it is a distraction. His receivers clearly are not getting the job done. Whatever their distraction, it is disgraceful that they are not catching the ball or being in the right spot.

  37. I still don’t understand the attraction of a stupid video game to a youngman not a teenager but a man, and especially a professional football player, men don’t mature as fast today as they did in my time and I’m 58.

  38. BigGuyForYou says:

    Better video games than going out and acting like clowns on the town.

    Exactly. You can’t get a DUI or get into a bar fight while playing video games. It is literally the cheapest form of entertainment, one $60 game could last you an entire year.

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