Bucannon gets big fine for hit on defenseless receiver


Deone Bucannon of the Cardinals has been fined $23,152 for a hit on a defenseless receiver in last week’s win over the Bengals.

Bucannon hit A.J. Green on a pass over the middle was not flagged.

Bucannon is questionable for this week’s game vs. the 49ers due to concussion-like symptoms that didn’t show up until a day or two after the game, so it’s unknown if he suffered a concussion on the hit that brought the fine.

A first-round pick in 2014, Bucannon is listed as a safety and wears No. 20 but generally plays linebacker for the Cardinals.

13 responses to “Bucannon gets big fine for hit on defenseless receiver

  1. The NFL just needs to make every player sign a waiver saying that you are playing at your own risk. You know the risk involved so either sign it or don’t play, do something else for a living. Takes out the absolute paranoia of lawsuits against the NFL. SiGN the Waiver or don’t play. Easy fix, problem solved.

  2. They should also fine the Refs for not catching this penalty.

    They seemed to find many other stupid penalties during this game, but the one that may actually involve the health of these 2 players.. totally missed it.


  3. Imagine if Nascar didn’t make the drivers sign waivers about driving at their own risk. Every time a driver crashed there would be a lawsuit. Same waivers should be signed by any NFL player.

  4. I don’t get the fans who insist on waivers and “play at your own risk”.
    There are known risk, and teh league is making some kind of attempt to reduce the number of concussions.
    Thats a good thing for the players, the teams, and the fans.

    Just because something is known to be dangerous doesn’t mean the owner/producer of that good shouldn’t make a real attempt to reduce that danger.
    Working in a coal mine is never going to be 100% safe. But you can follow safety procedures and reduce the risk.
    Unless you are in China, or Massey Energy.

  5. whocares69 says: They should also fine the Refs for not catching this penalty.
    Bad idea. Not disagreeing that ref wool is poor, but this plan will only make them flag questionable calls even more often to prevent fines.

    Instead fine them for bad calls as agreed by some mixed group of coaches, players, refs.

  6. Yup. My biggest gripe all week had been that Chris culliver pick six on cam newton that was called back bc culliver was ruled that he hit olsen with unnecessary roughness. Then I saw this hit on aj green with no flag.

  7. Gotta love a defender who gives himself a concussion knocking the bejesus out of a receiver trying to catch the ball.

  8. I agree with the above poster that yes, all safety precautions should be taken to cut down on the injuries esp to the head. Nevertheless still make all the players sign the waiver to play at own risk so they can’t sue the NFL for playing a game that have these known risks. Same as with Nascar… they make the drivers sign waivers but at the same time they installed safer barriers, HANS devices under the helmets (head and neck restraint system) the one that Dale Earnhardt Sr. refused to wear (he died from a neck injury) and now they are required. Also, nascar has improved the cars to absorb hard huts better and many other safety improvements BUT still the drivers sign off so they can’t sue Nascar later. Same should go for the NFL. Problem is the players Association may gripe so the players can still sue later.

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