Bruce Irvin in, Cary Williams out for Seahawks

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The Seahawks listed linebacker Bruce Irvin as doubtful on their final injury report of the week as a result of the knee injury that kept him out of the lineup that week, but he is evidently feeling better than predicted on Sunday.

Irvin is on the 46-man roster for Sunday’s game against the Steelers despite the MCL sprain that made him unlikely to play 48 hours ago. He’ll be part of the effort to slow down Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of the Steelers offense, but cornerback Cary Williams will not be involved.

Williams is a healthy scratch on Sunday, something that doesn’t come as a total surprise since he was benched during last week’s victory over the 49ers. DeShawn Shead replaced him last week and Jeremy Lane is active for the first time this season to give Seattle another option.

Running back Marshawn Lynch as ruled out after abdominal surgery last week. Wide receiver Paul Richardson, cornerback Tye Smith, linebacker Eric Pinkins, center Drew Nowak and offensive lineman Kristjan Sokoli round out the inactives.

For the Steelers, linebacker Ryan Shazier is active after being listed as questionable on Friday because of a knee issue. Quarterback Michael Vick, wide receiver Sammie Coates, cornerback Doran Grant, running back Fitzgerald Toussaint, linebacker Anthony Chickillo, tackle Byron Stingily and defensive end L.T. Walton are inactive.

7 responses to “Bruce Irvin in, Cary Williams out for Seahawks

  1. Didn’t expect him not to be active but guess the week of practice things didn’t get better. Lane could have been on the field 3 weeks ago. I think the last 2 weeks of practice and prep mean he should be healthy and hopefully not battling too much game rust.

  2. If Lane returns to last year’s form, I hope we can get him locked up long term. After losing Maxie and Browner the year before, and the Carey Williams experiment not working, it would be nice to strengthen the weak link of the LOB.

  3. “…I just want to give a shout out to all the Philly fans that warned us about Cary Williams. You were right…”

    Wish the news got better for you, but the last 2 teams that Williams played for are the Ravens and the Eagles. A quick look at the standings finds both those clubs contending for 2015’s Most Disappointing Team.

    I understand the difference between correlation and causality, but this guy does seem to be a divisive influence.

    In other words, the Seahawks might not yet have seen the full effect of the Williams signing.

  4. Hawks really need to find an answer for Shead, he is a major leak that’s not pluggable lest not if they play any team with half a passing game

    Shead made the Stealers look good actually, I felt for him.. Roethlisberger/coach/receivers knew, hey throw it anywhere near where Shead is and its 80% sure of a home run or at the very least we catch a holding or PI…

    sorry man but watching this team go FROM an ELITE defense that held opponents to FEWER points than any team in the league go to a sub par defense giving up 30+ each week is just too much to bear, watching the veterans STRUGGLE weak in and week out… you caught that right :-*

    they can’t cover it all, even though they can cover more than most and the zone just ISN’T an option in certain situations, where cover/1 bump and run is mandatory to buy the front line some time to get pressure, AGAIN, you don’t need to sack the QB, you just need to make him think he is about to get sacked so you FORCE him to either make a decision, BAIL on the play, HURRY, or FORCE IT!

    you want him to FORCE IT right? because then he has a better chance of making the wrong choice or just a poor throw, kinda like what was happening the last few years BUT, when he knows he is GOING TO get enough time for a check down and he will have openings, your FUGGED as a defense, any good QB/rec combo will pick you apart every time..

    however how can you call cover/1 when you can only cover 1/3 of the field?

    I say if the 3 are covering 1/3 anyways and babysitting, modify the zone and give the babysitters club 1/3 each, then have the other two ROVE, teach them how to FORCE QB’s into making quicker decision by showing tighter looks, something, el anything other than a long bomb for first n goal… sheesh

    “4-4-3” see how that works in thoery on 3rds +5 bump n run..

    Pitt went with the same play 4 times and it worked 4 times for not only a 1st down but big yardage as well.

    standing there with your thumb in the hole only stops the leak, it DOESN’T fix the hole..

    mend the hole, you know what they’re going to do before they do simply because you know what their options are going to be. let see, Thomas? meh 60% chance of INT 5% completion, 75% PAIN.. Kam? 65% int 5% comp, 110% PAIN! Sherm, 85% INT, 2% chance of comp, 20% pain… Shead? ahhah!… 5% chance INT, 85% chance of completion, NO PAIN!!!!

    gee where will they throw the ball in a pinch? hmmm…..

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