Could Doug Marrone be a head coach again in 2016?


As the list of candidates to fill the looming NFL head-coaching vacancies begins to be compiled, a name that largely has been forgotten has once again become front and center: Former Bills coach Doug Marrone.

Some have Marrone not just as a fringe candidate in a season that may have more vacancies than “A” list candidates, but as a no-brainer. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media rattled off Marrone’s name earlier today not as a possibility but as a given, along with Patriots coach Josh McDaniels and Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase.

The obvious response is this: Why didn’t Marrone get hired last year, after opting to leave the Bills with full pay for 2015 following the change in ownership? As one source with knowledge of the dynamics recently explained it to PFT, Marrone arrived on the scene as a potential candidate a little too unexpectedly for teams to scrap their existing plans.

This year, Marrone (the offensive line coach and assistant head coach-offense in Jacksonville) is a known candidate. The resurgence (relatively speaking) of the Jaguars won’t hurt his cause.

The bigger boost for Marrone will come from his work with the Bills. He took the team to a 9-7 record in 2014. This year, the 5-5 Bills may have a hard time matching that performance despite having better talent.

Also helping Marrone will be the simple fact that there may be too many vacancies and not enough truly qualified coaches to take the jobs. Some have pegged the number of potential total openings at a whopping 14.

While the actual number surely will be much lower, there still may not be enough clear candidates for those jobs. And if an owner is looking for one of the rarest of former head coaches who wasn’t fired but chose to leave, Marrone could indeed be on the short list, somewhere.

Or in multiple somewheres.

25 responses to “Could Doug Marrone be a head coach again in 2016?

  1. There is no one else I am rooting for not to get a job more than this guy. Love how he quit last year thinking he would have his choice of jobs because he went 9-7.

  2. You’d have to be incredibly desperate, I would think, to hire a guy who quit on his last employer. A guy who not only quit on them, but had the foresight of putting the out-clause into his contract as a premeditated quitter. I wouldn’t hire him to mow my lawn. And if your qualification is that you’re slightly better than Wrecks Ryan then you don’t need to be a head coach in the NFL no matter how many open jobs there are.

  3. How in the world could McDaniels be on anyone’s list? He single-handedly set the Broncos back a decade when he was there by trading up in the first round to draft one of the worst qb’s in NFL history. He seems to think he’s the smartest guy in the room when its much more likely that he’s just the luckiest guy in the room, getting to coach Tom Brady. smh

  4. 14 potential openings? Wow.

    I like Marrone.

    He did a good job in Buffalo with limited roster and a sub-par QB, and I don’t blame him at all for opting out. I believe he thought it was better to walk away on his own terms rather than be fired when the new owner wanted to bring in his own guys.

    And the disappointing performance of this year’s Buffalo team is only making Marrone look better.

  5. Marrone’s agent emails Mike Florio.

    “Need to get Doug’s name out there for 2016 openings” he says.

    Florio writes column hyping Marrone for 2016 spots even though no one is talking about Doug Marrone.

    Gets to say he runs a website of scoops and rumors even though half of it is agents pushing agendas.

  6. The Browns, Lions or Redskins will hire him in the offseason after their coaches get axed, fire him after a season or two of losing and then he’ll disappear into the anonymity of assistant coaches forever.

  7. The Bills are no better off this year than last, they’re on the road to nowhere again.

    The guy walked away from the circus and pocketed millions of dollars, like anybody else would have.

    Sometimes the truth hurts.

  8. Definitely not enough qualified coaches.

    Probably half the head coaches this season are not competent for that position at an nfl level.

    That statement is backed up by what has consistently been the worst level of play throughout the league in 50 years of watching the NFL.

    Between Goodell’s softening of the league and the disgusting zero self responsibility, PC crowd it alway’s somebody else’s fault whiners the league is headed for a bigtime crash.

  9. Might be the smartest guy in the NFL. Walked away from a perpetual loser and stole several million on the way out. In broad daylight. That alone should have made him coach of the year.

  10. When he was in buffalo he preached commitment and hard work then bailed on his team because he thought he would be a hot candidate somewhere else. And Jim Schwartz and his defense had more to do with 9-7 last than Doug and his punt first mentality

  11. As a Bills fan all I can say is I look forward to my Bills playing any team that loser Marrone coaches

  12. Why does McDaniels always come up? Was everyone Rip Van Wrinkling during his time in Denver? Not only did he fail miserably, but he alienated his players. Good OC, but horrible HC

  13. While with the Bills, Marrone ran a college offense with his buddy Nate Hackett, while he left the defense in the hands of Jim Schwartz.
    That defense was very good but the offense was below average.
    As others have said, it seems Schwartz should be on team’s “head coaching radar” before Marrone.
    But you know some incredibly stupid owner somewhere will think Marrone is a great hire and give him a contract.

  14. Certainly there’s a young, smart, hungry and yes, decent coach out there somewhere in the college ranks – or better still a long-suffering coordinator on a current NFL Staff – who is more deserving of their first chance than this guy is of a second.

  15. Personally, I would not want to hire Doug Marrone because of the way he bailed on the Bills. He really belongs in college. There are 14 openings for head coaches at the college level, so maybe he should pursue those openings.

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