League: Keenum case not closed, but there will be no discipline


The Case Keenum case is closed. Unless it isn’t.

As it relates to the question of whether anyone will be disciplined for last week’s incident involving Rams quarterback Case Keenum, the league has confirmed to PFT that no one else will be disciplined, either. However, the NFL contends that the case has not been closed.

“The review continues with the union to see what can be learned to ensure protocols are followed by all involved,” the NFL told PFT via email. “This includes players, officials, the ATC and team medical staff.”

In future cases, discipline could indeed be imposed if/when a player with an apparent concussion is not promptly removed from play. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the unique confluence of events in this case contributed to the decision to not take action against anyone involved.

So, basically, the league is taking the position that it was nobody’s fault. The better view could be to determine based on the outcome that it was everybody’s fault. While an argument could be made that it’s not fair to make everyone responsible, that would be the most effective way to prevent something like this from happening again.

8 responses to “League: Keenum case not closed, but there will be no discipline

  1. “I know nothing”

    – Dr. Wilhelm Klink (Director of the NFL Brain Injury Science Center)

  2. … or…

    …was that…

    … Dr. Hans Schultz (Associate Director of the NFL Brain Injury Science Center)?!?

  3. You would have to be blind not to have seen Keenum struggle to get up and then stumble a bit. Even his teammates could see it, but yet then said nothing. This was a classic case of a player that should have been taken out of the game.

  4. Unless he is, unless he isn’t, unless he does, unless he doesn’t, ect.
    Not funny at all buddy. Pretty Imature and overused. Move on. Please.

  5. Player fails a drug test?
    You’re suspended. No questions.

    Allow a visibly concussed player to keep playing?
    Nothing to see here. Move along.

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