NFL won’t discipline officials for latest Monday night mistakes


Earlier this year, a pair of Monday night officiating errors resulted in extra discipline from the league. The most recent Monday night game, which included a pair of officiating blunders, will not lead to a similar outcome.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL will not suspend or reassign any of the officials from referee Gene Steratore’s crew for the inadvertent whistle during a Patriots offensive play or the faulty decision to keep the clock running after Bills receiver Sammy Watkins caught a pass and rolled out of bounds with two seconds left in the game.

Following a Monday night game in San Diego, side judge Rob Vernatchi was suspended with pay for a week after failing to notice that 18 seconds accidentally had been allowed to run off the clock before the final offensive drive by Pittsburgh. Likewise, back judge Greg Wilson was reassigned away from a Sunday night game between the Patriots and Colts after he failed to call an illegal bat on Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright during a Monday night game between Detroit and Seattle.

As to the latest Monday night mistakes, the NFL said this regarding the officials, in an email to PFT: “Their performance was evaluated, just as it is for officials every week.”

In the aftermath of the Vernatchi and Wilson punishments, PFT reported that the NFL and NFL Referees Association were talking about adopting a specific formula for imposing suspensions with and without pay for officials who make mistakes. That process wouldn’t be launched until 2016.

For now, it appears that the NFL has decided not to continue to take specific action against officials who make mistakes, beyond the grading process.

41 responses to “NFL won’t discipline officials for latest Monday night mistakes

  1. It’s hard to watch this 49er vs Cards game and not think some of these officials have the Under on this game. These calls are pathetic. Making me really not enjoy the NFL.

  2. Ending the game with a Bills player going out of bounds with a few seconds left was an egregious error, I’m sorry isn’t going to cut it.

  3. Sure wish I had a high paying side job where I could screw up with impunity and never face consequences.

  4. And right now, perhaps the WORST performance by an NFL officiating crew is going on in SF. Ineptitude on a scale even incredible by NFL standards. How much longer can the league ignore this problem?

  5. There are “mistakes” and then there are totally fabricated calls. Look at the OPI on Vance McDonald in the Cards game. It’s hard to imagine an official making that call unless he has money on the game. That is definitely a score influencing call when you look at the down, distance, and field position. There is no way in hell an official at any level looks and that play and thinks OPI. It was fabricated out of thin air.

  6. Well, they’re going to have their hands full again this week..

    With all the lame illegal contact and pass interference and defensive holding calls these refs call… The Sherman throws a receiver to the ground 15 yards down field and picks off the pass, yet no flag.

    As if that was questionable enough, the head ref RAN PAST the side judge that was on the spot – and didn’t throw a flag – to throw a flag on Russell Wilson being shoved out while 3 feet in bounds.

    Very suspicious, hard to believe these refs are this consistently horrible. I’m starting the think these games are actually rigged. I mean, we can’t leave Seattle out of the playoffs, right?

  7. Everyone is accountable. Except for the ones that can alter the final score of the game one way or another for Vegas. The nfl is entertainment not true competition. If you don’t believe that then watch wwe and see how storylines and drama are the cogs in the machine

  8. Player falsely accused of tarnishing integrity of the game, 4 game suspension, team fined $1 million and loses 2 draft picks.

    Refs and League Office tarnish integrity of the game faily, our bad we apologize, no suspensions.

    Goodell, refs and the League Office are frauds, incompetent, and corrupt

  9. Maybe they should suspend every ref one week, with pay of course, to really show ’em they mean business. We could give call your own fouls a try. I bet it’d be more transparent, accurate, and fair than these criminals they have in the stripes right now.

  10. Look at the roughing the passer call on Quinton Dial on the Cards game. He went facemask to chest and Palmer ducked at the last second. Dial barely got helmet and he only got that because Palmer lowered his level which created the contact. It was a totally bogus call. Its just not a bad call. It actually kept the game winning drive alive. The Cards got 3 game extending calls on the final drive. NFL needs to start checking bank accounts of relatives for these refs.

  11. Believe it or not, the was a time back before the Roger Godell era, where we didn’t need these (loosely named) rule experts to chime in on every call. Then they comment and get it wrong at least as much as they get it right.

    Back in the day before Roger ruined the league, you could simply watch the game, see the call, and simply diagnose the rules in 2 seconds.

  12. Nothing new in my opinion the outcome of games in all the major sports league are controlled as much as possible by officials for whatever reason

  13. 6250claimer says:
    Nov 29, 2015 6:57 PM

    And right now, perhaps the WORST performance by an NFL officiating crew is going on in SF. Ineptitude on a scale even incredible by NFL standards. How much longer can the league ignore this problem?

    I loved the part when it too them 10 minutes to figure out what down it was.

  14. bassplucker says:
    Nov 29, 2015 6:57 PM
    Sure wish I had a high paying side job where I could screw up with impunity and never face consequences.

    Pretty much any union job so do..

  15. Until the NFL hires referees as a full time position, this is what you can expect. These guys aren’t practicing all week like the teams and watching video. They are working basketball games and college football games. They need to be solely focused on NFL football during the season.

  16. To be fair, the official who inadvertently blew the whistle shouldn’t have been suspended for the whistle itself. Sucked (temporarily) for the Pats, but s**t happens – hence the rules for how to deal with an inadvertent whistle. It’s Steratore and/or whichever of the officials who claimed that the ball was being caught when the whistle blew, and thus did the rule wrong, that should be held responsible.

  17. Watkins rolling out of bounds 60 yards away from goal line with at most 2 seconds on game clock is not an egregious error. It had no outcome on game as opposed to blowing whistle with ball in air and caught by pars wr with 40 yards of daylight ahead of him, now that’s egregious.

  18. The 2015 NFL Champion Minnesota Vikings do not need NFL front office help, but thank you anyway.

  19. Godell gets paid 40 million per years to be the red haired circus clown, for the GREEDY Owners.

  20. Who let that vikes fan smoke some weed? I guess there is nothing to do in the frozen tundra, except dream.

  21. Don’t know why you disappeared my comment on yet another clock error in the Redskins-Giants game. But whatever. In the year 2015, This is the worst commenting system on the internet.

  22. If you want the national fake league to change, just stop watching. After it affects their money, the kings of greed will make the necessary change. Simple as that.

  23. Jerome Boger got to ref the Super Bowl despite having the lowest grade in the league, and he’s still got a job despite a mountain of screwups that might eclipse Everest. Ed Hochuli is only a bit behind him.

  24. How about Thursday’s mispotting of ball with 27 seconds to go in half of Chicago/Green Bay game that inexplicably gave Green Bay three yards that ended up with a 50 yard field goal?

  25. Blown or shaky calls are becoming a weekly occurrence now in just about every day. The games are becoming unwatchable.

    Not a Pats fan, not a Broncos fan, but just watched a bogus holding call possibly take a win away from the Patriots.

    The NFL is turning into total garbage.

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