NFLPA “befuddled” by league closing the book on the Keenum case


The NFL apparently has closed the book on the question of whether consequences should flow from last Sunday’s Case Keenum concussion debacle. That hardly means that the situation is over.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL Players Association is “somewhat befuddled” by the league’s position that no further action will be taken. Especially since, as Chris Mortensen of ESPN mentioned earlier today, the NFLPA’s investigation regarding the situation continues.

The league dropped a strong hint regarding its attitude regarding the situation via the statement released on Wednesday, during which the NFL said that, in the future, there will be “consideration of discipline for future violations of the protocols.”

From the NFLPA’s perspective, consideration of discipline should be on the table for the Keenum case, which regardless of the process resulted in an unacceptable outcome. And the absence of discipline in the wake of an unacceptable outcome will do nothing to ensure that, in future situations, teams and others will err on the side of removing a potentially concussed player from the game.

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  1. I’m befuddled that the NFLPA fights all attempts at drug testing and opposes reforms to protect the players from financial ruin.

  2. Swept under the rug by King Roger. But God forbid the cold air takes a couple of puffs of air out of a football! Integrity! Integrity!!! Blah, blah!

  3. Soooo, the NFL, the team, and the refs, gave the same break that they gave to the (to remain un-named) Patriots receiver staggering around the field in the super bowl and now the NFLPA is all upset? Sounds par for the course.

  4. Makes me wonder if NLFPA is setting up for submitting a grievance on Mr. Keenum’s behalf and the NFL is trying to head off it like a bad cop (“nothing to see here, folks. move along. move along.:)

  5. Next time the NFL will punish someone, next time.

    When it’s a team without a coach or GM on the NFL’s Competition Committee. Or when it is the Pats.

    Check out who’s on the Competition Committee:

    Rich McKay (chairman) president, Atlanta Falcons
    John Mara owner, New York Giants
    Stephen Jones owner, Dallas Cowboys
    Mark Murphy president, Green Bay Packers
    Ozzie Newsome GM, Baltimore Ravens
    Rick Smith GM, Houston Texans
    Jeff Fisher – HC, St. Louis Rams
    Marvin Lewis – HC, Cincinnati Bengals
    Mike Tomlin – HC, Pittsburgh Steelers

  6. The league spends $5 million on a biased investigation and penalize the Patriots with a drift pick, cash and Brady gets a 4 game suspension all for deflated footballs which could possibly be explained by science – although we’ll never know because the league does not use properly calibrated gauges.

    Meanwhile, concussions are a real issue for the league which has the attention of everyone including non-football fans and which the league tells us they are taking seriously, the NFL decides to close the investigation after a week.

    Sure. OK………..Can the league by more of an embarrassment.

  7. If Jeff Fisher wasn’t co-chair of the NFL Competition Committee, the investigation would be ongoing and there would be speculation of harsh penalties.

  8. The league should review the play of every player evaluated for a concussion and make sure that they didn’t get the concussion earlier than was officially determined.

    Roger is the press secretary for the league. He doesn’t run the league. At times he has to go out and sell people on positions that he doesn’t hold himself.

    Most likely the league didn’t agree on or even discuss the penalties for leaving a concussed player in the game.

    The players association should insist that every player who is evaluated for a concussion should get a second opinion the next day. To me, the term “team physician” is an oxymoron. Your doctor wouldn’t tell you to play if you’re injured but team physicians do that all the time.

  9. Thats how the NFL wants their players….befuddled.


    But seriously, this is all about avoiding liability. There were refs right there. As many NFL officials were there watching as there were Rams personnel. Any blame would gave to be shared evenly by the NFL both. So the NFL wants to shut this down and not have there be any blame.

  10. I don’t always agree with the NFLPA, but this is a situation where they need to push for more accountability.

    If the Rams can bungle a concussion this badly with zero consequences, it speaks volumes about how seriously the league takes the concussion protocol and “player safety.”

  11. What’s hard to understand ? Fisher is an important member of the “competition committee”

    He has undue influence on the league and they don’t want to put him in a place where he might not be their lapdog when they want certain changes to the rules.

  12. The team and league may have dropped the ball but the people most cupible in this are the players that were on the field at the time. How’s the nflpa feel about holding them accountable as well?

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