Roughing call helps Cardinals drive for late victory


The Cardinals drove 85 yards for the game-winning score Sunday, then sealed a 19-13 win at San Francisco with a defensive stand.

A controversial roughing the passer call on Quinton Dial on a second and 10 from the Cardinals’ 32 extended the winning drive, then Carson Palmer hit Larry Fitzgerald and J.J. Nelson on big passes to keep the Cardinals moving.

An 8-yard scramble by Palmer provided the winning touchdown with 2:28 left and capped a 14-play drive. The 49ers had tied the game late in the third quarter on a 33-yard field goal by Phil Dawson.

The 49ers got to the Cardinals’ 30 on their final drive before giving up a sack and then coming 2 yards short on fourth down.

Palmer was 24-of-40 for 271 yards. 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert was 25-of-36 for 318 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception.

The Cardinals won in San Francisco for the first time since 2008. The Cardinals move to 9-2, while the 49ers fall to 3-8.

31 responses to “Roughing call helps Cardinals drive for late victory

  1. The refs called an awful games. AZ is lucky to escape with a win. If that douche windbag Arians and his sh1tbirds play a game like that against Carolina or whoever wins the AFC, it won’t be as close of a game as it was up in Santa Clara.

  2. Cards fan here. HORRENDOUS call, Santa Clara definitely got jobbed on that one. Tons of other ridiculously bad calls throughout the game. Misinterpretation of rules on one sequence. One of the worst NFL officiating jobs I’ve ever seen, and nowadays, that’s really saying something. When does it stop, Roger?

  3. Hard to watch the whole game with the bumbling officials losing track of the down, messing up illegal touching, and the many other mistakes. Some mistakes are always a given, but this had to be one of the worst collective officiating jobs since the Steelers/Seahawks superbowl.

  4. Am I the only person who thinks Gabbert is actually playing much better than he was before? He’s not perfect, but he seems to know what he’s doing. His completion percentage in 3 games is at close to 65%, and remember, this is Blaine were talking about.

  5. Cards fan here. That really was a bad call. Great hit by Dial. I wonder if it was a make up call for the bogus roughness call on Sendlein earlier in that same series.

  6. The cards must lead the league in 3rd down penalties that give them 1st downs. It seems they always get the crucial call on 3rd down. You keep giving a team a fresh set of downs, eventually they will beat you.

  7. I agree with the first poster….. Play like that against any playoff game and it’s one and done…

    The same issues that have plagued this team all year were present in this game… Interior of OL badly beaten.. No outside pass rush… LBs can cover … Reliance on deep ball

    Happy that they are 9-2 but

  8. There was some questionable calls in this game, but the Niners did not do enough to win. Good game Cards, stay above those Seahawks.

    -Niners fan.

  9. You drop a sure interception in the end zone. Way to many LEGIT penalties. Not the BS ones late. Fumble kickoff and interception, 49ers lost the game it wasn’t the refs fault.

  10. Not to worry, if the refs don’t give away the game, the Cards always had Jimmie Ward (yet another stellar Baalke pick) to fall back on.

  11. As a Cards fan since 1970 (45 years and counting of basically the definition of suck), this game was mind-blowing on a number of levels. Cards couldn’t run the ball. Couldn’t get to the passer. Did just enough to stay above water.

    An earlier poster nailed it: try playing like today in Carolina (or at home against a team with an attitude) and they’ll be one and done in January.

    I do like BA and think today was an anomaly, but… this game made the Steelers/Rams debacles look good.

  12. Niners will always be a hump. Throw the records out in the division. The Rams have stunk in recent weeks and they will play tough next week. Honey Badger was right, Gabbert can ball.

  13. The defensive effort by the Niners was refreshing after last weeks debacle. No moral victories but at least they reminded us of the team we saw week 1 against Minnesota.

    Arizona fields a great squad but I hope even the homers acknowledge the incompetent refs who threw flags for phantom infractions. They were given 7 downs on their goal line stand and the roughing the passer call against Quinton Dial on AZ 3rd & long was total BS.

    Gabbert looked serviceable again, he will be a nice interim QB until we draft our future starter. Again I’m actually glad the Cardinals won (whatever gives them a lead over SEA) but that was shameful officiating. I’m sure most will call sour grapes but look at the recap, it was blatant.

  14. Brutal call but this is the norm in the NFL , these games are getting harder and harder to watch . Games have no flow or consistency anymore and the quality of the majority of the games is atrocious now .

  15. LOL at you fools, the NFL wants us to win this year. The refs have favored us the past 3 games. We have the best storylines this year. Peterson & Honey Badger pals from LSU, the “Cool Uncle” Arians beating Lord Belichick in the Super Bowl, Fitzgerald winning a ring before retirement as a future HOF’er, Patrick Peterson as the best CB in the game, and Carson Palmer finally winning a Super Bowl after 2 torn ACLS and after playing for 2 dysfunctional franchises.

  16. That was a film study on how to tackle a QB.
    Not helmet lead. No leaving the feet to launch yourself.
    No hands on the helmet.
    It was a perfect tackle.


  17. gallopinggilmore says:
    Nov 29, 2015 7:49 PM
    …two weeks in a row that key calls, strange key calls helped the Cards. hmm

    Sorry, I have to disagree. It hasn’t been 2 weeks in a row. It’s been 3 weeks in a row. The Seahawks/Cards game was clearly called by the refs in Az’s favor. Almost every Seattle drive started with crippling flags against Seattle. Then you rewind and watch the play and watch the players who got flagged and they were clearly BS calls. Holdings, facemasks, all phantom calls to kill Seattle drives. Then on the flip side, Az gets away with at least 3 delay of games and multiple phantom calls when the Seahawks had them stopped on 3rd down to keep the Az drives alive. It was a complete joke. Then the following week against Cincinnati, same thing. Then yesterdays game was icing on the cake.

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