Dolphins fire offensive coordinator Bill Lazor


After the Dolphins’ first ugly loss to the Jets this season, they fired head coach Joe Philbin. After the Dolphins’ second ugly loss to the Jets on Sunday, they’ve fired offensive coordinator Bill Lazor.

Lazor was let go this morning, Thayer Evans of Sports Illustrated reports. Quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor will take Lazor’s place as the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator for the rest of the season.

There’s been talk of dissension in Miami about the state of the offense, with interim head coach Dan Campbell seemingly having a different philosophy than Lazor. We noted yesterday that Lazor has limited quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s ability to change plays at the line of scrimmage, and that may be contributing to Tannehill’s lack of development as a quarterback.

At 4-7, the Dolphins are in last place in the AFC East and likely heading for a major shakeup in the offseason. About the only good thing that could happen to the Dolphins down the stretch would be Tannehill showing some signs that he deserves his status as the franchise quarterback, and that wasn’t happening with Lazor calling the shots.

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  1. They’re the Dallas Cowboys of the AFC. Plenty of talent on the roster but it doesn’t show up on the field.

  2. I agree with this. Tannehill grew under Lazor but you can’t hold Ryan’s hand throughout his career (by limiting what he can call at the line of scrimmage). At some point, Tannehill needs to sink or swim and it’s absolute time for him to have complete control so everyone can see what kind of QB he is (minus a terrible offensive line and a crappy running game…but still).

  3. Looks like the mega millions they gave to Suh was a dumb move that will get them nowhere.

    And as the losses mount Suh will eventually quit since he got his big payday.

  4. Installing Zac Taylor as interim shows just how bad Lazor was. Taylor is horrible and was only hired because of his relationship with Mike Sherman.

    Stephen Ross has turned this organization into a dumpster fire.

  5. At least Miami has a offense to talk about, look at the Rams, they don’t have an offense, it’s very bad, they can’t even score points.

  6. Ryan Tannehill, coach killer. I’m sure this will fix everything since the college coach who had the system most familiar to him and now a coach who accented all of his strongest points have both been fired within 3 years, lol. It’s everybody else fault, and those Dolphin fans who think he’ll get better are right. Time to cut bait unless you want Tannenbaum to hire another yest man.

  7. Good luck selling tickets to those 4 home games coming up. Maybe it’s time to hire a coach with some sort of experience, Sparano and Philbin were both jokes.

  8. It’s got nothing to do with Suh, that’s a stupid remark “ravenmuscle” says!! He’s one of the only ones who has been showing up recently, with Jarvis Landry. Yesterday, was too bad to loose Pouncey so early too.
    The offense is a mess, so I am not surprised at the firing. At the end of the season, everyone will be out anyway. Another new coach, and another new system.

  9. Jets bested the Dolphins: big deal. It’s not like the Jets beat Brady/Patriots, like Osweiler/Broncos just did. Problems with the Dolphins is no different than the issues with the Titans, Jaguars and other teams that are winning/losing, rather than winning/winning: it’s about the dichotomy of players who are “in it” to win — versus those players who are “in it” for the weekly paycheck. So yeah, Coach “Fish” (re Jeff Fisher): it’s precisely about effort versus lack-of-effort: to win.

  10. I’m sorry phins fans, but Tannehill isn’t the guy many of you think he is.

    Yeah the offense is a mess, but I’ve seen enough football to know that Tannehill won’t become a superstar in this league, and at best will be a game manager type. You could do worse – way worse, but keep your expectations tempered or you will be incredibly frustrated by him in the coming years.

  11. Stop with the vanity cuts, make a move that will actually improve the team. Tannenbaum has no business or record of success of ever running a successful NFL team. He sank the future with Suh’s idiotic contract and no quality coaches or assistants are going to come to Miami take orders from him.

    Ross, I know your a terrible owner, but in my heart I think you honestly want to win. Please stop putting this franchise in the worst possible hands that you can find and then staying loyal to them because you don’t want to admit that YOU made a huge mistake hiring them. Irelands stink still clings to this franchise. Lets wash off Tannenbaum’s.

  12. FYI, the GM who hired Philbin was fired. It’s Jeff Ireland, and he’s been gone for almost two years now. As for Mike Tannenbaum, I’m not thrilled about having him at the helm. But one thing you can’t blame him for is hiring Philbin, Lazor or any of the other coaches, since all that happened long before he got here.

  13. blow up the entire roster. only Tannehill, Landry, Parker, Ajayi, Albert, Pouncey and James shoild be kept on offense. the d-line and Reshad Jones stay on defense. everyone else SUCKS. Stills isnt good. neither is Grimes all of a sudden. no playmaking at LB.. they cant even tackle. DB’s make every QB look like Brady. and two players that are good, Miller and Vernon, will go running from this dumpster fire as fast as humanly possible this offseason.

    and im just not sure about Tannehill anymore. i like the kid and want him to succeed.. but im having doubts now. in fairness he has yet to play with an adequate offensive line to protect him and provide him with a running game.. so that still makes me unsure. and if they fi ally let the kid audible.. who knows? maybe a lightbulb turns on. but the time to find that out is now, not next season. now. which is why the Lazor firing makes sense.

  14. Ryan Tannehill is overrated. Dumb as a brick…Can’t read a defense, locks onto receivers, holds onto the ball too long, can’t throw a deep pass. He is no franchise QB. Was a big mistake to anoint him their savior, he barely played QB in college.

  15. How many more people have to get fired before they realize it was a bad idea to take a QB that played WR in college. (Who also didn’t earn his starting job and has done nothing ever to keep it)

  16. That is most likely a good move. Lazor showed promise early but the way he called the games was baffling. Maybe Tannehill does not have what it takes to carry a team but limiting his options was a dumb idea. Hopefully the new OC allows some creativity. I don’t expect a drastic difference because adjusting at the line takes a bit of experience and they really haven’t even practiced that due to the complete control by the OC. Run some intermediate routes and get Cameron down the seam more. Actually running the ball will help as long as the runs are not those slow developing ones. Roll Tannehill out and take advantage of his mobility and talent for throwing on the run.

  17. ross needs to hire ernie accorsi to come in and right that sinking ship

    but it also looks like mia bet wrong with tannehill and this is what happens when you do that with your “franchise” qb. sets the team back for years. see Stafford, romo, kaep…

  18. Lazor needed to go, but anyone who thinks Tannehill is anything more than “just a guy” is clueless.

    He’s been outplayed this year by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tyrod Taylor in his own division.


  19. Don’t understand why Zac Taylor instead of Al Saunders but the season is shot anyway and they’ll all be gone before next year.

    The tailgating is still good tho. Got some deep fried turkeys coming up in a couple of weeks that may be the highlight of the day.


  20. It starts from the top with the owner. Show me one successful franchise where the majority owner’s first point of business isn’t the football team. Ross is committed with money but being an absentee owner obviously doesn’t work. All the great franchises owners are all in, not one toe in the pool.

  21. Were they limiting his development or limiting his mistakes by taking some of the responsibilities off him? Time will tell how this turns out but Tannehill’s stats aren’t far off his pace from last season which was his best ever. He’s already better than I ever anticipated him being and his 92 QB rating from last year (he’s still 88 this season which is his second best ever) could very well be his ceiling.

  22. Lazor had become so predictable it was laughable… He ran 3 plays time after time, game after game, and teams have been blowing them up regularly! Toss sweep to short side. Hitch screen to Landry. Fake hitch screen, reverse pivot screen to RB. ALL out of the shotgun. Gross… No running game, ignoring Miller, and his penchant for throwing slant pass after slant pass became predictable, as well. His big mistake in my eyes as a fan who watches every game was trying to run a spread, shotgun offense 99% of the time with a QB who simply CAN NOT do it. Tannehill has shown he CAN NOT read a defense, or make any kind of quick decision. You better be able to do both in that offense! He locks on receivers, holds onto the ball far too long, and doesn’t feel any pass rush, or EVER step up in the pocket to throw. His inconsistency is maddening. He picked up 3 garbage time TD’s yesterday AFTER the game was over. Get him under center please, get the OL fixed in the off season, and get the running game going and see if he can bootleg, play action, and manage a game with a stable of pedestrian speed receivers, who do get open (Landry beast!) because he has proven he can’t take a game over.

  23. Tannehill has been sinking, but Lazor took away a lot of his paddles. Not to mention the FO did zilch to actually upgrade the OLine this year — it’s as worse as it’s ever been.

  24. Squish the Fish!!! Suck it up buttercup you guys are toast. Not that the jets are any better. Both stink, just this one stinks from the head. The jets stink period. I think both teams should be alloqed to sit the rest of the season and give their fans a break. How much garbage football can you watch?

  25. Campbell reported to Lazor before Philbin was fired. As an offensive coordinator he was probably ticked off that he wasn’t named interim Head Coach. To have one of his subordinates named Head Coach and reverse the direct report dynamic, had to make him incredibly angry. He couldn’t show it, so he seethed internally.

    This move was doomed from the start. Frankly I don’t know what Ross should do. Everyone needs to go. He needs a renowned and credible General Manager. The new GM needs his guy to be the Coach, unless he is both. After that all of the personnel needs to be examined. We’re probably stuck with Tannehill for another year at least. Who else is out there and there is no one in the draft.

    I’ve been a fan since 1987, never wavered, but now, this year, I’m at the point where I don’t have a team anymore. The Dolphins are a mess. All of them deserve the blame. Ross least of all, he has done everything, spent whatever, never held back. He’s the only one.

  26. Sorry annes22 but drudema clearly agrees that it was an “idiotic” contract to give Suh when there are so many other holes to fill and coaching shortcomings.

  27. I used to make the argument that Tannehill is good enough but he looks the same as he did when he started with minimal growth… But I wonder who is placing the mortgage on Tannehill because he has gotten more chances then most QB’s but then again who else are you going to bring in… Lets see how much he can create with more freedom… Lazor offense had potential… Now we will see who it really is… Indeed…

  28. doomsdaydefensetx Says:

    Fire the GM. He is the genius who hired philbin and allowed him to choose his coaching staff.
    Bunch of softy dolphins.
    Well the guy who hired coach Joe Philbin was GM Jeff Ireland who was fired a while back LOL
    So when or if Tannehill reads blitz; do you really think that he was limited by Lazor to call a quick slant audible. Tannehill has not developed because he’s not a franchise QB. Someone in Miami does not want to admit that the Dolphins made a huge mistake in drafting and playing Tannehill as if he were a franchise QB. The executives gave Ryan franchise QB money recently so why would they admit to making a huge mistake. Just fire the OC Lazor and blame him. People who make dumb mistakes and have been given power do not admit to their own indiscretions. Lazor has been trying to protect the Ryan Tannehill weaknesses with his play calling.

  29. Lazor: another one of these offensive geniuses who is so smart he gives Lamar Miller 8 whole touches per game-I watch Lamar Miller play and I see a guy who has all the elements to be Jamaal Charles lite.

  30. I can’t believe all the hate on #17 I’ve watched every game he’s been under center and think he has regressed since Sherman left and our O-line started to fall apart back when they let Richie go… Ryan Tannahill is a very good qb that has yet to have a chance to be great… We need Coaches And o-line.. And depth… The D needs to be overhauled too.. But I can assure you Tannahill isn’t the problem far from it…

  31. I would like every smack-talking dolphin fan (most of whom have never even been to freakin’ Florida) to put their thumb in their mouth and cry.

    You are losers.

  32. One of the bigger problems in the NFL is recycling of bad coaches. The entire league needs shot in the arm of new coaches.
    Can’t speak of the players in Miami but what has come out in recent years clearly shows there are too many ” layers ” in the fins front office.
    Ross does not mind spending money. His problem is he throws it in all the wrong places. It will be no different next season. There are not many good coaches that are going to be available and again, Ross will hire a retread. It’s sad

  33. as a jets fan, i’m an expert at identifying bad qbs. that ryan tannenhil is an absolute scrub. can’t believe flipper gave him big money. front office must’ve been fooled by his garbage time stats.

  34. They have abandoned the run again.. Can’t expect Tannehill to succeed with no run game. Miller has been awesome when he’s seen over 15 carries in a game

  35. A QB that is 83-53 TD to Int ratio for his career & last year threw 27 TD’s & 12 Int’s and for 4000 yards isn’t the problem. In 2012 he was 24-17 & this year he is 20-11 TD vs Int ratio.
    As bad as he’s been, his QB rating is over 90 for 7 of his 11 starts in 2015.
    You give up on guys that are turnover machines, you give up on guys that year after year show zero potential for growth, sorry but that isn’t Tannehill. The problem is the play calling & the coaching, it sucks & it’s matched with a brutal O line.
    Many teams will take this kid including Chip, in the right system & with the right coaching Tannehill is absolutely a franchise QB.

  36. Change out Tannehill’s coordinator, HC, WR corps, O-linemen…….the one common denominator here is Tannehill is still mediocre. It can’t be him though. Not after the front office has paid him all this money.

    In other news, the paper tiger Fins D sucks even worse.

  37. Forget all these meaningless coaching changes how about going out on the field & playing ball,maybe makin a few plays,the the effort trying to tackle Chris ivory on his TD was rediculous,those players should all be embarassed…us Dolphin Fans are!

  38. As long as Ross owns the team, the Dolphins will continue to be an embarrassment.

    This aqua mammal stinks from the head down.

  39. About the only good thing that could happen to the Dolphins down the stretch would be Tannehill showing some signs that he deserves his status as the franchise quarterback, and that wasn’t happening with Lazor calling the shots.

    And, Dan Campbell deserves to be head coach for at least two more years.

  40. Funny with all the professional football players they couldn’t find one guy who could snap the football to the QB.

  41. If I’m Ross. I fire everyone and offer Pat Riley 20 million per year to run the team and give Mickey Arison part of the team for letting him do both jobs. He doesn’t know football but knows how to run an organization and will hire the right people to get the job done.,

  42. Don’t listen to the Dolphin fanboys who like this move. These same people use Tannehill’s stats from last year as evidence he’s good missing the point that Lazor helped enable them. The simple truth is, Tannehill was limited by his own lack of skill. He does not process information quickly enough. He goes to his first read 95% of the time regardless of down and distance. There is no truth that Campbell had issues with Lazor for “holding him back”. RT stared down receivers, can’t go through his progressions, and is inaccurate. Of course Lazor knows this so tailored the offense to get the ball out of his hands as fast as possible with as little thinking involved. The problem with that approach is that Lazor then has to call a perfect play. No coach can do that because defenses adjust. Now, most QBs can see this when they approach the line of scrimmage and point out blitzes, mike LBs, slide over protection, or audible. Not once in RT’s career has he done that and I have watched almost every single one of his career snaps. You will see zero change now that Lazor is gone except that RT won’t have that protection any longer. But see, that’s the point. The Dolphins want this to happen so they can justify getting rid of him and moving on. This is not Campbell but Tannenbaum (who has no allegiances to Tannehill) doing this. At least Dolphins fans can rest assure that they will be addressing the QB position (yet again) next year. The Dolphins have a good line and great weapons. Even an average QB gets them back in the hunt.

  43. Some of the comments on Tannehill, come from people who are reading twitter for their source, and haven’t really watched him play.

    The o-line has been and is pathetic. The kid’s been sacked more than any other QB in his 3 plus years in the league, and that is simply not all because of holding the ball too long. A stopwatch tells the truth. And due to the abysmal oline play, no consistent, productive run game. You know why Jordan Cameron doesn’t have more targets? Because he is held in to block out of necessity. No one is saying he is elite, but he is far more than competent, with the ability to be very good. Those QB’s don’t grow on trees.

    Look at the numbers. When Miami rushes for 100+ yards, they typically win, and Tannehill excels. Kind of hard to do that when the opposing teams Dline is in your lap all day

    It’s not magic.

  44. Okay… here it is… my Dolphins rant:

    This is a storm that has been brewing for years, and it all goes back to the departure of Jake Long/bullygate. The Dolphins were left in a position where they desperately needed O-Line help having failed to replace Long with Martin, and after losing Incognito in the bullygate scandal.

    So they trade up in the 2013 draft and select Offensive Lineman… KIDDING! They trade up and take Dion Jordan, a player who played a position of strength at the time who was coming off of a shoulder injury and is now suspended for the year with a second failed drug test. Amazing…

    That’s not just the 3rd overall pick wasted… it was our second round pick too, traded to the Raiders to move up from 12 to 3.

    We are in the middle of the years necessary to recover from the loss of so many draft picks.

  45. We are in the middle of the years necessary to recover from the loss of so many draft picks.
    Bingo. A great draft – especially in the higher rounds – can help a team immediately but a bad draft – especially in the higher rounds – can cost a team for years.

  46. It’s Tanehill stupid.

    The rest of the league knows it. One day maybe Dolphins management will accept it too.

  47. Can they play the Jets every week? That way everyone will get fired. A total overhaul top to bottom is needed.

    I saw a story stating that this is just the tip of the iceberg. But no need for getting hopes up. Rotten Tuna cronies and T-bomb insiders have and will always get this team nowhere fast.

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