Gronkowski knee injury not believed to be serious, for now


Patriots fans everywhere gasped when tight end Rob Gronkowski went down with a knee injury, and the look on quarterback Tom Brady’s face as Gronkowski was on the ground justified their worst fears.

So far, the news isn’t nearly quite that bad. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the injury to Gronkowski’s knee currently isn’t believed to be serious.

That assessment could change with further testing. For now, though, the Patriots and Gronkowski have avoided what appeared to be, based on Gronkowski’s demeanor after the injury, a potential season ender.

The actual injury involved no awkward twisting of the knee, and Gronkowski’s leg wasn’t planted when he was hit low. It’s entirely possible that he escaped with no ligament damage.

Via Tom Curran of CSN New England, Gronkowski seemed to be upset about something related to the game as he left the locker room, unrelated to the actual knee injury. It’s possible that Gronkowski was concerned about the perception that Broncos players were aiming low on him throughout the game.

94 responses to “Gronkowski knee injury not believed to be serious, for now

  1. Remember when the Broncos circumvented the cap and paid players under the table to win their only two Super Bowls? This might have been worse cheating. Wow, Goodell hates the Patriots. Lol….it’s crazy. How the NFL just handed a win to Denver…that was awful. Thank God I’m not Pat fan and didn’t put money on them.

  2. They WERE aiming low on him. Most teams do. Nothing new. Doesn’t mean its right but they can’t go high without either taking a penalty and more importantly not stopping him.

  3. The Broncos have a long storied history of going after opponents knees. They knew they had to take Gronk out to have a chance at a Super Bowl. But this is cool with Goodell who won’t need to take his Viagra tonight after watching Tonni Corrente’s Crew screw the Pats.

  4. If he wasn’t seriously injured he was probably mad about the travesty of the OPI call against him, which combined with the Tre Jackson holding and the Chung defensive holding were as clear evidence as I’ve ever seen of the fix being in.

  5. That was not a low hit. Gronk was still in the air when he was hit. Had he been on the ground it would have been a tackle at the thigh level. Glad it’s not serious.

  6. Target his knees? Of course they did. The Bronco’s have been a dirty team since the 80’s Elway teams.
    Wait a minute, Elway runs the team now. Coincidence? I think not…..

  7. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Nov 30, 2015 12:52 AM
    Tom Brady owned by Brock Osweiler.

    The record doesn’t lie.

    What’s the big deal about New England anyway? Obviously they’re pretty beatable.
    Obviously you did not see the same game everyone else did, the only player Brady was owned by was the Zebra with orange stripes.


  8. Patriots complaining about their injuries, meanwhile Broncos played without their entire starting offensive line and hall of fame quarterback.

  9. It wasn’t an illegal hit or even a “dirty” hit. Just a something that happens while play hard football. Never like seeing a player get hurt, get well soon Gronk!

  10. People made such a big deal out of replacement refs, but these refs are just as bad! Unbelievable how they let some of this stuff go and then call ticky-tack fouls like the one on Chung. Reffing needs to be addressed by the NFL in the offseason, it is really unacceptable how they can impact the outcome of a game.

  11. See what happens when your soft team ventures outside that joke of a division and plays a real team, Patriot fans?

  12. Yeah…super dirty players. Do you know what happens when players go for the legs of a ball carrier who’s much larger than they are?

    They fall down.

  13. Broncos WERE targeting him low all night. It’s the tj ward playbook. Was I the only one who noticed this? Every time he got close to the ball they had defenders diving at his lower legs.

    If he only missed a couple weeks, that’s a season changer. The broncos have never beaten the patriots with a healthy gronkowskii.

  14. I am hopeful that nobody that gets injured misses a season – especially those who have had prior season ending injuries. However these Pats including both Brady and Gronk need to stop whining about every hit and every call and or non call. That being said – that was a sketchy Offensive PI against him. I just hate these bunch formations and the picks that are occuring – especially since the D guys are so closely watched for Defensive PI. But these offensive one on one Offensive PI calls are commonly called wrong. When is the NFL going to allow a coaches challenge on these calls. You can challenge a lot of other game changing plays, why not one of the most game changing plays. Maybe you would get more calls if the refs knew that if they missed it, it could be overturned.

  15. I would take a healthy Gronk over a win any day. If they get Edelman, Amendola, Gronk, Hightower, and Collins back, they will be really tough to beat in the playoffs. It took overtime on the road against the AFC’s 3rd best team to beat them. Looks like another SB appearance for the terrific one.

  16. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Nov 30, 2015 12:52 AM
    Tom Brady owned by Brock Osweiler.
    Ha! I guess if you ever understood a game you’d know that no QB ever “owns” another QB because they never face each other on the field. And he needs more than one OT game at home to “own” the Pats’ D. He played well enough though – Peyton’s injury just got a lot worse.

  17. I thought the officiating was horribly uneven, and ultimately benefitted the Broncos unfairly.

    What the heck is going on with the decline in NFL officiating?

  18. He better have his leg amputated based on how much he rolled around and cried. For goodness sake, he looked like a soccer player! He is a great player, but once again proves he is a China Doll…

  19. Here comes all the insufferable patriot fans claiming every team is dirty and trying to hit low at the knees… News flash:this is what the NFL demands. Can’t hit a guy high so your target is the chest down.

  20. Maybe he was upset about the officiating, and how it put the Patriots in a very predictable situation. With a depleted roster in a close game, on the road, it sure was a good time for Roger to put in that call to the head of officiating. Hands to the face on Vollmer? I saw the same thing on the last Denver TD. No call. LaFell held in critical situations? No call. Chung puts a hand on a receivers shoulder? HOLDING! Not only were the refs bailing Denver out, they were crippling New England’s chances to get first downs. I can handle a few home calls but this was ridiculous.

    Knowing the injury situation I knew they could lose this game and the undefeated season. Losing Gronk would be unbearable. I sure hope this report is accurate.

    Someone needs to show LaFell how to catch so he can stop basket catching and double clutching. The hand attached to the shoulder that is closest to the incoming ball goes on top. Snatch the ball out of the air with your fingers, not your palms. The ball will be in perfect position to tuck and run. Please. Learn to catch.

    McDaniels should have handed off to Blount and forced Denver to use their last time out. The throw to Gronk was not necessary. They could have punted and got out with a win and a healthy Gronk.

    Someone should have told Harper to fair catch or let the ball bounce. Up 21-7, about to get good field position again, they could have put the game away. They did not send a returner back on the last punt, but that decision came one punt too late. The loss of punt returners Edelman and Amendola showed up huge in this game.

    Finally, I never saw a team get so many lucky bounces of their own potential turnovers. Denver got lucky tonight.

  21. Hope it’s not serious – this guy is everything that is fun about the NFL. Good dude, get well soon big guy.

  22. For them it’s not, “Next man up!”
    Instead it’s, “What’s the next way we can cheat?”

  23. They’re dirty for going low? Dude is 6’6 and 260+lbs! What do you want them to do? Go high and get fined/penalized for a helmet to helmet hit? C’mon think people, we’re not splitting atoms here…..

  24. Apparently Gronk and all of Patriots nation have been coached on how to cry like a little baby courtesy of their cry baby leader Brady. Give me a break. It’s the NFL. If you go high they’re going to call penalties so taking out the legs is your only option. Wanna cry about it? Cry to the NFL losers!

  25. MurdochMysteries

    Could not agree with you more.

    After Gronk went down I could not care less about the game. I just wanted time to pass so we could get news on how he’s doing.

    Hopefully Hightower is OK as well. He is just as important on the other side of the ball.

    Congratulations to the Broncos. They played extremely well when it counted. The Pats were the better team for most of the night except in those final 10/15 minutes when the Broncos were lethal.

    Great football game.

  26. With Gronk out we finally have a somewhat even playing field in respects of who the MVP is, Since Cam Newton have no one resembling a Gronk on his team.


  27. Hate to see any player get hurt; so many injured players today!! Ya gotta love Gronk! He’s had more than his share since entering the league- hope it’s not serious!

  28. Colts fan here. Glad the Pats lost. Hoping Gronk is back on the field soon. Heard they are saying it isn’t a serious injury and glad for that. Pro football is in a better place when Gronk is on the field.

  29. That wasn’t a dirty hit. They were both in the air and the Broncos player went for the midsection, gravity did the rest. Unfortunate but not dirty.

  30. Its good to be a Pats fan. Havent lost in over a year and the keyboard cowboys are saddling up..Theyre garbage teams obviously not in the same galaxy as New England. Cant win em all. Well done Denver…and the refs!

  31. Seems like a pretty serious injury bug in New England, who could be next?? It’s getting to become a “who is this win going to cost us” situation in New England. Seems like this season could get away from them quickly.

  32. Great effort despite the many injuries to overcome. The next time they play the Patriots will likely be at home and will demolish them. The donkeys are the dirtiest team in history because of Charlie Ward..

  33. Remember when all those Patriots fans blamed their humorous notion of karma for Joe Flacco’s injury? I wonder to what they attribute this?
    Oh right, the other team must have been dirty.

    Gillette Stadium: The NFL’s biggest glass house.

  34. That’s a damn good Bronco team, Peyton or no Peyton.

    An AFC Championship game in Foxboro will make us remember why we just love football. 2 evenly matched teams in a back-and-forth nail biting down-to-the-wire rock fight.

    I’ll be getting my popcorn ready for that one. See you January 24th Bronco fans.

  35. The last three games have been brutal injury-wise. Denver is always a tough place to play, and the refs did the Pats no favors (waaa, I know). But if Gronk misses no time or only one or two games and is back to 100% it will feel like a win.

  36. Why was he mad? It’s one of two possibilities:

    1) He gets hit low practically every time the ball comes near him

    2) That cheap OPI call on him a few minutes before the injury that killed a drive.

  37. if you aint cheating you aint winning.. sounds like the bronco’s are just following the patriot way. get well soon gronk.

  38. It didn’t look like a dirty hit at all. It would be great news if he was even back for the playoffs because they can’t overcome another injury as big as that one. They absolutely have to have him for a Super Bowl run.

  39. throws like that put the receiver at risk. so-called hospital throws or hospital routes. that was part of brady’s facial expression…brady partially caused it by hanging his TE out to dry.

    any word on whether gronkowski will miss any games ?

  40. gronk hit wasn’t cheap or dirty. routes like that put the receiver at risk. amazing though denv got the def holding call against chung that turned a 3rd and 19 into a 1st and goal.

    NE RARELY has calls like that against them

    highly questionable call…you have to wonder

  41. Oh my god people, he was tackled the way defensive players are taught to tackle back in PeeWee and High School. Tackle the legs. The difference is now they lead with their helmets. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a low or dirty hit. The problem is someone beat Mr. NFL Golden Boy Brady and may have hurt his best pawn in doing so. Bummer. You’ll get over it and find a way to cheat next week.

  42. Too bad about gronk and all their injuries. The schedule is pretty soft here on out,but at least Broncos stuck it to them. I see patriots running the table rest season only team that might compete is Texans, they’re on a roll. Maybe jets, but that would take miracle. Brady just makes 3&4 receivers look good.

  43. I’m going to wait on official word rather than believe the unnamed source on this one. Can’t remember the last time a guy was in that much pain, down that long, and removed on a cart where it was no big deal.

  44. “Target his knees? Of course they did. The Bronco’s have been a dirty team since the 80’s Elway teams.”

    Particularly devious how they managed to disguise it so well in this case, coming in waist-high all the while magically knowing Gronk would jump into the hit.

  45. He was thinking about facing the Minnesota Vikings in SB 50. The Vikings are in everyone’s heads now.

  46. The hit on Gronk that caused the injury didn’t seem all that egregious to me. There were two others before that though which I thought were pretty questionable, not to mention a high one on Brady

  47. I hope I am wrong, but this report about Gronk’s knee not being too bad is most likely B.S.
    At least Paoloantonio’s report is based on seeing Gronk walking under his own power 80+ yards to the team bus with only a slight limp. I bet most of this other “sources” are other people having seen the same thing.
    You can walk on a busted MCL, and it is still busted.
    Gronk’s gait might not have looked bad, but his facial expression did.

  48. The Officials made sure the Patriots were not going to win the game…that just might have come from Goodell.
    Some of those calls against the Patriots were down right sickening.

  49. Both Denver and New England are facing the same problem.

    Neither has much of an offensive line.

    Denver already lost Manning because of it and it could be only a matter of time before New England loses Brady as well.

    Both were/are getting hit with an alarming frequency. Not all the hits are sacks. However, all those hits do add up and will eventually be felt… even by Brady.

  50. Just food for thought, all you pats fans going on about “karma” when Flacco went down with an injury…maybe this is what you get.

    Get well soon, Gronk. As a football fan, he is one of the most exciting players to watch.

  51. Just remember patriot fans, when Jordy Nelson went down in preseason, they originally didn’t think it would be serious either. But they were obviously wrong.

  52. If Gronkowski can’t push off to create separation for quick short pass, then he will have to run down the field longer. Brady throwing a deflated ball downfield is a bad idea, all the long passes were terrible. Patriots are in trouble.

  53. dawgzzxx says:
    Nov 30, 2015 8:37 AM
    The Officials made sure the Patriots were not going to win the game…that just might have come from Goodell.
    Some of those calls against the Patriots were down right sickening.
    The same thing happens to 31 other teams when they travel to Foxborough

  54. Good game, nice comeback by Denver.

    That said, if this sport is going to survive–the NFL needs to look at the rule book. When people who have been around the game for as long as the announcers have and call the rules ‘like the tax code’….not a good sign.
    Baseball has a ton of rules. 90% are common sense. When Baseball had a ‘what is a catch’ moment a few years ago, they solved it in a week.
    I’m still not sure what a catch is, when PI is PI and when it isn’t exc. I think the zebras have a tough job, only made tougher by the idiocy that is the current football rulebook.

  55. Finally the Patriots/Brady haters get a chance to squawk and gloat… a little. Read through the comments and the sentiments are obvious.

    Reality: The Pats go into a hostile environment with a very noisy crowd with a severely diminished roster that got even more diminished. Broncos had injuries too but the level pales compared with the absence of Amendola, Edelman, Gronk, Hightower, Collins among others. Some all-pro potential talent each. Fumbled balls up for grabs went Denver’s way. Then to have the mystery calls by the officiating crew that went one way in the critical parts of the game – it is unbelievable Patriots pout together what they did and nearly yanked this one out.

    Games like this are gonna happen – and the only ones hanging on the edge of the 16-0 season are the anti-Pats crowd. The rest of us are very happy with 15-1, 14-2, 13-3… whatever. First round playoff bye. Bodies get healthy. God help whosoever gets in the way. Go Pats!!

  56. The Pats have been the chief beneficiary of these kinds of calls for years (tuck rule, anyone?). They NEVER get called for holding and hold like crazy all the time!

    There is a clip from a few years back where Brady gets breathed on by a guy, he then looks to the ref and puts his hands in the air. The ref nods and throws a flag.

    Here’s to hoping that their years of special treatment are over.

  57. Viruses to players.
    Lewis injury.
    Edelman injury.
    Amendola injury.
    Now Gronk blowing out his knee.
    The embarrassing loss last night.

    It appears Karma is finally catching up to the Pats for deflategate.

    The Football Gods don’t take lightly to cheating.

  58. 315judman nailed it. Pats get the calls like no team I’ve ever seen. Even Shula’s Dolphins never got those kinds of breaks. Gronk pushes off EVERY play – he finally gets nailed with OPI and chowder heads cry. Unreal.

  59. ballreaper says:
    Nov 30, 2015 3:17 AM

    With Gronk out we finally have a somewhat even playing field in respects of who the MVP is, Since Cam Newton have no one resembling a Gronk on his team

    Newton IS Gronk – the QB version.

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