Roddy White on QB change: “Who else we going to put in there?”


Falcons owner Arthur Blank and coach Dan Quinn expressed confidence in quarterback Matt Ryan after yesterday’s latest loss.

Veteran wide receiver Roddy White took a whole lot more of a pragmatic approach to the situation, when asked about the possibility of benching Ryan.

Who else we going to put in there? That’s going to be our quarterback forever,” White said, via Vaughn McClure of “Isn’t going to ever happen. All that speculation, you might want to kill that. We’re going to play better. So let’s nip that in the bud.”

Of course they’re not going to fix the problem by putting former seventh-rounder Sean Renfree in the game, but there’s clearly a problem that needs to be fixed.

The Falcons have lost five of their last six and four in a row, and the issue has been on the side of the ball they used to be able to trust the most.

In running out to a 5-0 start, the Falcons were averaging 32.4 points per game. Then they turned ice cold, with that number becoming 16.3 per game over the last six. They didn’t get to the end zone until the final two minutes against the Vikings, when it was already too late.

“To tell you the truth, our defense is playing really well, to me,” White said. “They’re getting stops. They’re getting turnovers. They’re allowing 20 points or less. We’re supposed to win those games, with the talent we’ve got on offense.

“Those guys [the defense] gave up 10 points over three and a half quarters against the Vikings, and we’re over here and we’ve got three points. We had three points until 1:30 left on the clock. That can’t happen. Can’t ever happen; not with the talent we’ve got. Our guys are too good.”

Or at least they used to be. The Falcons still have a chance to turn things around, but with a pair of games against the undefeated Panthers left, they better hurry if they want to matter down the stretch.

16 responses to “Roddy White on QB change: “Who else we going to put in there?”

  1. You ride or die with Matt Ryan, and just hope for the best. Like he said “Who else are you gonna put in there?”

    Some people act like Tom Bradys just grow on trees. Reminds me of the Cutler detractors in Chicago.

  2. The Vikings defense suffocated Atlanta’s offense. Period. Their only TD was against a prevent, (give ’em a freebie), eat the clock defense.

    Minnesota ain’t a flashy team, but they keep winning. So far, so good.

  3. I think the answer’s pretty obvious: It’s not the QB. It’s the offensive coordinator and perhaps head coach. Also, there aren’t really any other consistent playmakers in the receiving corps outside of Julio.

  4. By the way, I was at that game, up in the nosebleeds where the PA system is right in front of you. There’s no question that the Falcons are still pumping a little crowd noise through the PA.

  5. It’s fairly clear that young Mr. Shanahan and Ryan aren’t really adjusting well to the new system. The Vikes were saying that Ryan looked confused if his first read was covered — something you never heard about Ryan the past couple years.

  6. The same thing happened to the Browns last year under Shannahan. Started the year off surprising everyone with our offense, and by the second half of the season we couldn’t score and Brian Hoyer was a bum. Maybe you should be look at Shannahan’s inability to adapt his scheme after others have adapted to it.

  7. The best QB Shanahan has ever coached: RG3. Falcons should find some team to take Ryan and his salary off its hands so it can find Quinn an athlete at that position that can make that offense go. The D is good, to go along with Julio and Freeman. RG3 or Manziel would be awesome fits.

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