Browns confirm Josh McCown is out for the season


Browns quarterback Josh McCown’s season is over.

McCown suffered a season-ending broken collarbone on Monday night against the Ravens, coach Mike Pettine announced today.

That means the Browns are down to two quarterbacks on the roster: Austin Davis, who stepped in for McCown after the injury last night, and Johnny Manziel, who was demoted to third string after a video of him partying emerged last week.

Will the Browns stand by their decision to make Manziel ride the bench because of his off-field problems? Or will they decide that they simply have no choice but to put Manziel on the field and see what he can do, even if they’re not pleased with the way he conducts himself off the field?

That’s the question Pettine will continue to face for as long as he refuses to anoint Manziel as the starter. As much as the Browns are disappointed with the way Manziel has conducted himself, the fact remains that they spent a first-round draft pick on him. If they’re not going to play him now, maybe they should just acknowledge that he’s never going to play in Cleveland.

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  1. Beating up a child or girlfriend is one thing.
    Partying which doesn’t hurt anyone is another.
    Start him already. Sheesh.

  2. I still wonder if Pettine used Manziel lying to him as an excuse to not start Manziel.

    If he did, then I suspect Manziel will continue to ride the pine.

  3. Austin Davis, 11 games played:

    187-294 (63.6%) – 2078 yards – 13TD – 9INT

    Johnny Manziel, 12 games played:

    94-163 (57.7%) – 1108 yards – 5TD – 4INT

    If it isn’t strictly about the draft position, then you might be better off starting Davis. Manziel isn’t just done in Cleveland, he’s done in the NFL.

  4. packmanfan says:
    Dec 1, 2015 3:01 PM
    Beating up a child or girlfriend is one thing.
    Partying which doesn’t hurt anyone is another.
    Start him already. Sheesh.


    That is what Ray Lewis said.

  5. The Browns are pissed at Manziel.
    They can:
    A – trade him
    B – bench him… and hope for what? That he grows up and starts next year? If he parties again, then what? Bench him again? How does this help Cleveland.

    Lets look at A (Trade him). The way to get the most value for him is to start him, hope he performs at least ok, and try and get a #3 or a conditional #2 for him.
    His draft value (a #1 pick) is a sunk cost and can no longer influence his worth. (Just because you over pay for X doesn’t mean X is worth that).

    Play him, if he sucks, at least you know he’s not worth holding on to. If he plays well, you can trade him in the off season.

  6. Mike Pettine is the dumbest man in Cleveland. HIS defence is the worst in the NFL, and he still refuses to fire his high school buddy. He can’t manage the clock and admitted he didn’t even know the score of the game. How would anyone expect for that idiot make the right decision to start Johnny?

  7. How can anyone have any confidence in Pettine? You have a young QB drafted and the season is basically over and he was still starting a 35 y/o + journeyman QB.

    Defense is suppose to be the coaches specialty and those guys look like they quit on him. You gotta be a masochist to be a Browns fan.

  8. dizzack says:
    Dec 1, 2015 3:00 PM

    All aboard the Tebow Train!


    Except his girlfriend.

  9. It’s Cleveland for crying out loud. No matter what they decide it’s going to backfire so just flip a freaking coin and be done with it.

  10. Tough break…

    They were poised to go 2-14 with him. Guess they’ll have to go 2-14 without him now.

  11. chrisk61 says:
    Dec 1, 2015 3:00 PM

    give Austin davis a look-see.

    he looked good last nite.
    He looked especially good sliding to stay in bounds when they were trying to stop the clock at the end of the game.

    If that wasn’t a meaningless game between two also-rans, it would get consideration for dumbest play of the year.

  12. Your season is over.
    You can’t start him. He is another one of these sick guys who then assumes he is essential and can do whatever he wants. And doing whatever he wants hurts the team anyway. So there is absolutely no benefit to letting him start.
    Find a journey man qb for the balance of the year and keep Manziel on the bench. At the end of the season send him to another rehab, thereby whitewashing his resume and trade him to the dumbest bidder (someone named Jerry).

  13. Johnny Dumpster Fire needs cut. He will never be an elite quarterback. He might be an adequate back up. He lies, can’t be trusted, and couldn’t give two craps what anyone things. He’s a loser.

  14. The Browns should hang on to Manziel until after the season and then trade him to the Eagles, Chip Kelly will give them Bradford and a 2nd round draft pick for Manziel.

  15. Really? The only one that didnt seem to realize that LAST NIGHT was Mike Pettine. That fool goes if Josh is healthy, he’s starting next week, after the game.

    Does this idiot even watch the game from the sidelines?

    And this clown wanted to go for 2 after Benjamin scored the TD to cut it to 27-26.

    Mike Pettine has no business coaching a Varsity HS football team let alone an NFL team.

  16. McCown did everything the Browns expected of him and put up impressive stats. It just didn’t result in a bunch of wins for a variety of reasons including Pettine’s inept coaching. Now Haslam will probably blow it all up and go back to square one and this front office/coaching staff will have the opportunity to waste high draft picks yet another year. They better find out what they have in Manziel before that.

  17. steelerben:

    Manziel isn’t just done in Cleveland, he’s done in the NFL

    Ridiculous. He’s not even had a chance to play for any stretch of time. Done in the NFL? Why? He’s looked much better when he’s played this year. The only question is whether he can get himself together off the field.

  18. Isn’t it amazing? the Browns’ lot in life.

    After their average guy starter QB is injured their high profile QB is named the starter then average joe gets better, then he gets worse but then their high profile guy is in time-out cuz he lied so the middle QB gets put in and he does really okay then the next thing you know he’ll be the starter because your original, mediocre starter is out for the rest of the year…then Jerry Jones is calling cuz he doesn’t care if players lie…and on and on and on.

    It’s a never ending drama with the Browns.

  19. Anyone who is supporting or making an argument for Johnny Dumpster Fire to start or even be on a team are idiots. He is paid a lot of money to comply with his employer and can’t see to to that. Why should he be given a chance if he can’t even do as the team requires him? This has nothing to do with the Browns or their head coach. Any team would have asked him to do the same thing.

  20. They are such a mess. You could give them Brady, Gronkowski, Calvin Johnson, Amari Cooper, Adrian Peterson and the entire Carolina defense and once they put the Browns helmets on they would still be in last place.

  21. Cryin’ shame: Jernigan (Ravens No.97) was already tackling McCown when Upshaw (Ravens No.91) decided to give McCown the-ole-heave-ho to the ground, yet no official called that (ROUGHING THE PASSER). Redonkulous. No.91 should be fined, as well.

  22. Pettine was head coach at my high school about 15 years ago. The team he has now plays at about the same level as that team..

    Johnny F should be starting. At least the fans will actually cheer and more people will actually be interested in the Browns

  23. Cleveland Browns: They continue to be the victims of their own stupidity. What an awful franchise, incompetent from top to bottom. I truly feel sorry for their fans, some of the most loyal in the league. They deserve better.

  24. This season is very close to being officially ruined by injuries. And I don’t mean the Browns season, I mean the whole NFL season.

  25. I can’t believe I am saying this, but Peter King made a good point yesterday.

    How long do you think hard partying QBs like Ken Stabler would have lasted in the world of social media? Would Brett Favre have ever gotten off the bench or out of Atlanta if video of his antics as a young man were plastered all over the internet? Heck, social media was only around at the very end of his career and he STILL managed to get in trouble sending pictures of Little Brett to women.

    I would be willing to bet that the number NFL players who got drunk in clubs during their team’s bye week is in the hundreds. Are we sure none of them had DUI’s (which Manziel doesn’t) or stints in rehab (which Manziel does)? I know that Manziel is being held to a “higher” standard because of past incidents, but the fact is most of those “incidents” are only as big of a deal as they are because of social media.

    Not sure what it says about NFL fans that people endorse loudly multiple “second chances” violent abusers but seem to take great glee in running this kid out of the league.

  26. He’s running himself out of the league…..millions of dollars were spent on this kid and support in the off season and he’s made no effort to comply with his employer. Other jobs around the country would have fired this guy already. He’s lucky to even have an opportunity. He lies and cheats his employer.

  27. The Clowns 95 games under .500 since 1999 (and counting)
    and 97 games under .500 since 1970.

    Keep up the stellar tradition.

    Well the Browns are following their moron head coach’s advice. They are definitely playing like Browns.

  28. It’s like the football gods are daring Pettine to play Johnny Football to ensure both of their careers are ruined for good.

  29. Last Monday the Buffalo qb was a td back and cost his team a chance at coming back when he and his coach insisted on his staying in game despite being unable to compete. This weak the qb came out and the backup led his team down field for the dramatic tying td.

  30. They are such a mess. You could give them Brady, Gronkowski, Calvin Johnson, Amari Cooper, Adrian Peterson and the entire Carolina defense and once they put the Browns helmets on they would still be in last place.

    I’ll take that bet.

  31. I give it one game before Johnny Football is back. It’s time like these that I don’t feel so bad being Giants fan.

  32. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCowan is faking it. I am sure he’s had enough of this mess and just wants to get away from the Ringley Browns circus. The season can’t be over quick enough for those guys.

  33. To all those claiming that it’s no big deal he was partying, did y’all forget that he went to rehab and was supposed to be “turning his life around”? Did you all forget that he broke the trust of his coaches and lied to them, then got all his toxic entourage to lie as well?

  34. The worst punishment you can give Johnny Highball at this point is to have him start for the Browns.

  35. How come nobody is crying that Vick got a second chance, AP got a second chance, Hardy is back on the field, but everybody wants to run Manziel out on a rail. I get it – it’s racism against Johnny Football! Same as it was against Incognito. And Tebow. Peyton these days. Oh, wait, you mean that’s not the case in any of these situations, it’s just football fans being fans?

  36. Its just unbelievable how they could not protect him from the devastating shots he took all year. From the oline to the coaches to himself and the receivers and backs, everyone let him down IMO.

    It wasnt just taking hits, its the kind of hits he took.

    I thought they made some strides last year but as a team and organisation right now they are as terrible as ever.

  37. I personally met The Vikings 1977 #1 Pick Tommy Kramer in a Bar In Sioux City Iowa about 20 yrs ago,
    he said his nick name was 12 Pack Tommy. He said he Got Snockered every Saturday night and ate Raw Oysters before his Sunday games.
    Just another Johnny Football….

  38. Concerning Manziel, either start him the rest of the way or cut him. Its either going to work (or show positive signs) or its not going to work.

    Once 2015 is over the Browns need to know what they have and what direction they want to go. If they are not convinced by Manziel, cut the cord and move on.

  39. kevpft says:
    Dec 1, 2015 3:33 PM
    This season is very close to being officially ruined by injuries. And I don’t mean the Browns season, I mean the whole NFL season.

    11 5

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve never seen anything like it… And to think they cut down on practices all year to avoid this

  40. Manziel has been an arrogant, entitled, enabled jerk since Cleveland drafted him. If anything, he should have been cut at the end of last season. He is also, and most importantly, a relapsed alcoholic and possible drug addict. People who say the most important thing is to find out if he can play are insensitive and missing the bigger picture. His drinking and wild driving could cost some innocent person their life. Whether he can play or nor is irrelevant. This guy needs to know there are consequences to his actions. Also, the team is NOT behind him, so do you think the Browns want a QB as a leader and the face of the franchise who won’t be supported by his own teammates? Give me a break! And by the way, he can’t play … just read the comments by the pro scouts and teams that have played against him.

  41. LOL at people still trying to compare Johnny DoneNothing to Stabler and Favre.

    How easy it is to forget that there are more Ryan Leafs and Jamarcus Russells than there are Stablers/Favres.

  42. If every instinct that Browns management has is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right. Start Manziel!

  43. @icancoutcanyou: are you kidding yourself, because nobody is buying that. Johnny Manziel backed himself into a corner and most people want to see him play. To call racism is nothing more than trying to stir a lot that needs no stirring. Shame on you.

  44. I want Johnny “cocaine” Manziel to light it up like a laced blunt. Just wait. He’ll show all you idiots out there. To he’ll with LeBron James. “Cocaine” will being home the trophy. Bank it!!!!

  45. With the 1st overall pick in the 2016 nfl draft the cleveland browns select uncle rico from the university of new mexico! This is the worst franchise in all of sports and they should just move away again but this time never ever come back! It’s very sad to say how much time this fan base has wasted on watching this “team” each year with an average of 4-5 wins but you are the dumb asses that keep going to games and expecting to see anything different they what you have seen for the past 30 years!



  46. As long as Johnny stays sober the rest of this season, the Browns can consider this season a moral victory. Even if they run the table with all losses.

  47. I like McCown but his problem is he literally plays like every last snap will be his last. I cringed watching him taking off running and then diving head first in the first game of the season, shaking my head at how reckless he was.

    It’s admirable that a career journeyman is trying to have his swan song, but he needs to realize it’s a 16 game season and that he’s shown enough to not play as though he still had to prove himself

  48. My guess is McCown and Romo weren’t big milk drinkers as kids. Especially Romo, his frail boney skeletal structure suggests he drank cola over milk and is now paying the price.

  49. McCown seems like a good dude, but he only won 1 game all year. The other Browns win was Manziel.

    McCown lost all except for 1 of his starts this year and led his team last year to the worst record in the league.

  50. mancave001 says:
    Dec 1, 2015 3:26 PM

    Manziel isn’t just done in Cleveland, he’s done in the NFL

    Ridiculous. He’s not even had a chance to play for any stretch of time. Done in the NFL? Why? He’s looked much better when he’s played this year. The only question is whether he can get himself together off the field.


    He has demonstrated that he’s a project quarterback that needs to be focused on developing his game and putting his nose in a playbook, however he has put drinking and partying first even though he has admitted to not being able to control himself when he does (he went to rehab). You can continue to dump money down a guy that has talent but no will to learn what he needs to do to be successful, I’m looking at you Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, and Todd Marinovich, or you can cut your losses and realize that there are 20 guys with just about the same talent level who will actually choose football first.

  51. This isn’t college.
    Adult went out and had a few drinks. So what. Like Kenny Stabler and Joe Namath, et al., didn’t? It’s not like he beat his wife/girlfriend/child….

    The goal is to win football games. To do this usually requires putting your 22 best players on the damn field. How hard is this?

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