Cam Newton: We won’t be “lured in” by talk of undefeated season

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The Panthers are the last team with a chance to go undefeated this season, but a 16-0 record was a topic that coach Ron Rivera didn’t feel much like discussing after they improved to 11-0 on Thanksgiving.

Rivera said last week that thinking about going 16-0 means “you are not focusing on the details” that have contributed to Carolina’s strong start to the season. That message seems to be resonating with his quarterback.

Cam Newton said Tuesday, via Steve Reed of the Associated Press, that the team won’t be “lured in” by talk of an undefeated season, calling it “ink for the media” that isn’t of concern to Panthers players.

We don’t use any ink in these parts, but we’re willing to take a look at Carolina’s chances of running the table all the same. They play at New Orleans, face Atlanta twice, take a trip to Jersey to face the Giants and close with a home game against Tampa in Week 17. It’s neither an underwhelming schedule nor one larded with creampuffs, leaving the Panthers with a decent chance at getting through unscathed if they keep playing at the level they’ve been at through the first three months of the year.

47 responses to “Cam Newton: We won’t be “lured in” by talk of undefeated season

  1. Carolina looks really good this season. It is reasonable to think that they could run the table, but unreasonable to think that they will. You could easily see them wrapping up home field and then sitting payers for meaningless games to avoid being bitten by the injury bug.

    I could also see this team being better next year with a healthy Kelvin Benjamin back on the field.

  2. They probably lose to either Atlanta or the Giants on the road. They’re good, but not 16-0 good.

  3. Love him or hate him, Cam has had made big strides since his accident last year and has put the work in.

    “Ink for the media,” is a damn mature comment. A team like this has a good of a chance as any to get the dolphins to finally hand over that champagne bottle.

  4. Its easy to hate on someone that shows absolutely no maturity and taunts the opposition at every chance he gets…something the great QBs would never do… Cam couldn’t act mature if his life depended on it……

  5. I think the first loss will come this weekend vrs. the Saints. Either way, I hope Carolina doesn’t rest starters at the end of the season. Putting the hot hand on the back burner is a recipe for disaster. Just get home field guys, and keep pounding!!

  6. It’s crazy they let Steve Smith go, let Deangelo Williams go, Kelvin Benjamin tearing his ACL in preseason, and they are undefeated. Cam needs to win the MVP

  7. A dual threat quarterback has represented the AFC in the Super Bowl the past two years in a row. And now, the best team in the NFC (and quite possibly the entire NFL) features an dual threat QB as its MVP. … Still think athletic passers like Wilson, Newton, Luck, Bridgewater, Mariota and Bortles aren’t the future?

  8. Well, what do you expect these guys to say? It’s the NFL; you can’t really afford to look past anybody. (Even the Browns have won twice.)

    One game at a time should be Cam & co.’s mantra.

  9. Maybe the Panthers will follow the Colts lead of Jim Irsay, Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell) and once they secure home field advantage tank the following games so they do not have the “pressure” of a perfect season.

  10. Every true football fan should know Cam Newton is as tough as they come . His senior year at Auburn he was constantly bombarded with his dad’s scandal NOT his. All he did was stay focused and win a National Championship! My Saints ain’t going anywhere but HOPEFULLY the Texans (my second favorite team) can do something. If not, Carolina Panthers do the NFC South proud and win Super Bowl 50!

  11. Josh, don’t fall victim to those dang gone division games. If Carolina loses this year, it’ll came at the hands of Atlanta or Tampa. Just like the Packers suddenly can’t beat the Lions and bears.

  12. Cam makes enough plays to put points on the board when needed and the defense is good enough to get off the field on 3rd, get turnovers and defend the pass and run very well….it wouldn’t surprise me to see them do it, all division foes plus the Giants, I can see them staying focus for that….

  13. To the poster above who stated that the scandal during Cam’s senior year at Auburn was his fathers responsibility and done without Cam’s knowledge, I wouldn’t be surprised if you believe in unicorns also.
    Still, he’s a tough guy who is the heart and soul of the Panthers.

  14. “Would love to see the Panthers win the Super bowl.

    Just to see Cam hater’s heads explode.”

    I would love to see the Panthers lose their first playoff game.

    Just to see $cam lovers’ heads explode.

  15. sb44champs says:
    Dec 1, 2015 3:58 PM

    Its easy to hate on someone that shows absolutely no maturity and taunts the opposition at every chance he gets…something the great QBs would never do… Cam couldn’t act mature if his life depended on it……

    Nolan Nawrocki, is that you?

  16. I really like his dance called “the dAb” and they’re playing well but they’re peaking too early and I see them as one and done in playoffs

    They have no offensive weapons and it will bite them in the toukis come January.

    But this 40 something guy will continue to Dab in the mirror

  17. While it may be true that the older generation of fans don’t like the way he plays, or his flash, I can’t speak for them. I can speak for myself though. I’m 30, and can’t stand him. He’s a really good player and truly unique talent wise. His celebrations bother me but not on face value. Score a touchdown? Celebrate, but don’t choreograph a dance routine at home in your full length bathroom mirror that’s a 7 minutes long, follow it with your “trademark” superman touchdown celebration adding more time, then follow that up with chest bumps and high fives with every teammate, adding more and more time, followed by running around the perimeter of the end zone looking for a souvenir child. It’s a 7 minute planned dance off all about self promotion that stops the game and makes every fan, player, coach, ref, cheerleader and mascot wait for you to take a bow.vI realize present day fantasy football fans, I mean present day NFL fans, need more game breaks to talk to friends about the pretend game they are playing, but there are fans who actually enjoy the game itself. I won’t even talk about your 50 percent completion percentage. If Tebow got a legitimate chance to be a starting quarterback, he would win the Super Bowl before Cam. Book it!

  18. Still think athletic passers like Wilson, Newton, Luck, Bridgewater, Mariota and Bortles aren’t the future?


    I guess it depends on what rules are put in place. Under the current rules, I don’t think these guys are “the future.” There’s too much emphasis on the passing game and defenses are too hindered under the current rules. Under these rules, I’ll take a lights-out pocket passer that has the ability to scramble when necessary over a guy that’s as much run as he is pass.

    Luck I believe qualifies, but I don’t get to see many AFC games here. Wilson, no. Bridgewater, no (maybe in another year or two). Newton, maybe. The others I know very little about. Not that all of these guys can’t have very good careers, but I’ll take Brady, Rodgers, Rivers, a younger Brees, “good Jay” Cutler (but not “bad Jay” Cutler), etc., under the current rules and it’s not even close.

  19. Newton isn’t even the best player on his own team. That is Luke Keuchly, by a long shot. Greg Olson is a better offensive player as well. Mangle-ish speaker is well down the QB rankings despite having everything going for him.

  20. Frank Gibbons – did you just write the WORST football comment in the history of the internet? I think you did.

    First of all, it’s not NEARLY as dramatic as you’re making it sound. He does a quick little dance, a dab or whatever, couple high fives and goes and finds a young kid nearby to hand the ball to. And you’re gonna make that sound like the worst thing in the world? IT DOESN’T HOLD ANYTHING UP, the Panthers and Cam Newton aren’t afforded any bonus time after a score before the PAT, it does not hold anything up. You’re being WAY too dramatic about it. NOBODY IS “WAITING” FOR HIM, you make it sound like the refs pause the game for 7 minutes just for him when infact he’s done, his teammates are happy, and a lucky kid in the crowd are happy before they even line up for the extra point. Come on dude. (also it’s funny how high fiving every teammate and finding a kid in the crowd to give a ball to is “all about him” lol)

    And you shouldn’t talk about his 50% completion (actually 57%, but whatever) since apparently you don’t know how to apply context to numbers. Googling basic stats doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about, as much as you’d love to think it does. The Panthers don’t run a lot of west coast short route concepts, they don’t get a lot of YAC from their receivers, they don’t tell Cam “hey just get the ball out quick and let your playmakers help you out”, HE IS THEIR PLAYMAKER! The Panthers have more 20+ yard plays per pass attempt because they do not give him those dink and dunk stat padding high completion % throws. If he’s not grinding out yards with his legs and laying everything on the line like NO OTHER franchise QB in the league, ever, then he’s throwing deep over the middle and down the sidelines looking for chunk plays to no name receivers. So yeah, someone like Alex Smith has a higher completion %, so what? Does that mean he’s playing better? Well, if you don’t have the capacity to grasp anything other than statistical rankings, then yeah maybe it does. If you’re an actual football fan who understands the game and sees what this guy does week in and week out, then it’s pretty obvious that his completion % means very little, and it serves as nothing more than low hanging fruit for know nothing sports fans like yourself to point at like “see, told you he’s no good!” give me a break dude, open your eyes.

    And Tebow? TEBOW? Yep, there goes any shred of credibility you could have possibly had. Right there. Gone. Tebow got more chances than he deserved, and he couldn’t even catch on as a 3rd stringer to beat out a guy with a bionic knee and Buttfumble. Couldn’t even back them up. If it seems like he doesn’t get chances to start, maybe it’s because HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO START? Just a thought. Also, the irony of insulting Cam Newton’s comp % then talking about how good Tebow is (47% career) and how he could lead a team to a Super Bowl lol like you have got to be kidding me. Are there actually people out there who are this dense? He couldn’t even complete half of the most basic watered down simple passes you could possibly ask a pro QB to make, and he’s Super Bowl worthy. Cam completes 57% of his deep vertically attacking throws, and you’re like “ohhh it’s so bad i don’t even need to mention it”

    You have NO BUSINESS ever talking about football again. For real.

  21. To the guy above that said Panthers fans are in for a huge letdown…I want whatever you’re smokin dude. For this TEAM to be where they are this late in the season is unprecedented for Panthers fans in general. Years of mediocrity and settling for average will wear any teams fans down. Whether it lasts for years and equals a Super Bowl or just this season and it ends in the playoffs, this TEAM has given the fans hope.

  22. Would love for Cam Cheating to go undefeated during the regular season – they’ll have feasted on a buffet of horrific teams to pad their season while only managing to beat two teams with winning records – and, no, I doubt the Falcons will have a winning record by the time they play the Carolina Paper Tigers.

    Then I want to see Cam Cheating go down in a one and done playoff situation where a team with an inferior record makes the Cheater dance for his life.

    Loathing a violator of a college honor code is not hating – it is what the jerk deserves.

  23. We don’t use any ink in these parts, but we’re willing to take a look at Carolina’s chances of running the table all the same.
    You don’t use ink, but you caught the reference.

  24. Stay classy, Panther fans. And I don’t mean that in the sarcastic way in which it normally gets used. I mean that the Panther fans I’ve interacted with have all been very classy and I hope it stays that way. Please don’t let success go to your heads.

    I can tell you this. As a Packer fan, 15-1 in 2011 was a lot less fun than I would have thought. The pressure, even on us as just fans, became tremendous. It had to be crushing to the point of suffocating on the players and coaches.

    Good luck the rest of the way.

  25. The Almighty Cabbage – Thanks for the kind words. We aren’t feeling pressure, at least not yet. This is our 21st season, and most of them have not been good. We’ve had to endure the Rae Carruth scandal, the insufferable 1965 philosophies of John Fox (yes, we got to a Super Bowl, but that was because of high talent, not great coaching), and many years of bungled high draft picks. We are loving and savoring what the team is doing now. I’m willing to bet most of us aren’t expecting 16-0, but are definitely hoping for it.

    The only things making us mad right now are the idiots who are parroting these “worst undefeated team in history” nonsense, and the irrational hatred of our QB, who most people seem to believe is the only player in NFL history to ever dance after scoring TDs. These people need to see some NFL Films clips from the 70s and 80s and watch all the dancing that went on before it became the No Fun League.

    Cam is a great QB and team leader. He’s handling this success as good as you can hope for. I’m glad he’s on my team.

  26. Cam is a great QB and team leader. He’s handling this success as good as you can hope for.
    Yeah, Cam’s handling it with good ole immature Superman poses and opposition taunts at every chance he gets..

  27. He’s a fraud folks. Look at the video of him cussing out fans last week at the iron bowl. Disrespects the game with his scripted dances. I’m surprised Ron Rivera allows it, coming from a military background. Down here in Alabama even the Auburn fans call him Scam Newton.

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