Morelli should be glad to avoid another Colts-Steelers game

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After making a series of mistakes that included not properly counting the downs in Sunday’s game between the Cardinals and 49ers, referee Pete Morelli and his crew have been yanked from Sunday night’s game between the Colts and Steelers.

The crew isn’t happy, but maybe the chief of the crew should be.

A decade ago, Morelli presided over a playoff game between the Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. The sixth-seeded Steelers upset the Colts, who finished the season as the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

The game included a significant error from Morelli, who incorrectly overturned via replay review an interception made by former Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

Despite the fact that the Steelers won the game, someone was sufficiently upset with the outcome to throw a rock through a window in Morelli’s California home. Via Deadspin, the authorities were stumped: “There was no way to determine if this had anything to do with his NFL job. . . . There was no note on the rock.”

By avoiding the Sunday night game between the Colts and Steelers, Morelli has less reason to worry about more rocks, with or without notes on them.

24 responses to “Morelli should be glad to avoid another Colts-Steelers game

  1. That call ranked right up there with Don Denkinger’s in the HOF of officating ineptitude.

    No one trying to do a good, objective job could ever come to those conclusions.

  2. Glad to avoid it??? He should be pissed. I’m sure the NFL cut him a hefty “bonus” check after his efforts in that game to get Peyton to the Super Bowl…

    He has probably been moved to the Patriots game. Maybe the NFL is gonna double down and job the Pats 2 weeks in a row

  3. Meanwhile Greg Wilson – the official who botched the Lions/Seahawks Batted Ball that cost the Lions the game…

    … the same official that was re-assigned OFF a Sunday night game given that mess up

    Was the official who Blandino actually PUT on the Patriots Broncos game

    And how did that go?

    More botched calls with Chung’s holding and Gronkowski’s Faux Pass Interference which cost the Patriots the game

    Interesting that an official on double secret probation is tasked to officiate a “minor” prime time game with home field advantage and a perfect season on the line

    Perhaps the way he got out of his probation was to do Goodell the favor of ensuring the Patriots DIDN’T have a perfect season

  4. Obe Wan Jabroni says:
    Dec 1, 2015 10:57 AM
    Glad to avoid it??? He should be pissed. I’m sure the NFL cut him a hefty “bonus” check after his efforts in that game to get Peyton to the Super Bowl…

    He has probably been moved to the Patriots game. Maybe the NFL is gonna double down and job the Pats 2 weeks in a row



  5. I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but the reason we have so many bad refs in the league is the same reason we have so many bad QBs in the league: there aren’t enough good ones to go around.

    There are ways to make things better, I’m sure, like having full time refs and letting every call be challenged, but all 16 games will have great officiating on the day that all 32 teams have great QBs.

  6. The suits in NYC need to come up with a better system then demoting the officials from a national tv game, thats saying the other game doesnt matter.

    Football Zebras, a web site that tracks officiating, made a great observation this week. One reason for the number of high profile errors is the high turn over of officials in the last two or three years. Today there are more inexperienced officials in anytime over the last decade or more. Its a good read.

    Not making an excuse. Not an official or former official, just a fan that respects the zebras too.

  7. Could you be more specific? There were a LOT of years the Colts finished as the #1 seed and got upset at home.

  8. The worst reviewed officiating crew should be shifted to the Cleveland Browns game each week. They will be forced to watch bad football and their errors will have the least league wide impact.

  9. Morelli has been incompetent for over 12 years and the league allows him to still draw a six figure check every year.

    Protecting the shield and integrity of the game by the head clown only makes the product and league very unprofessional.

    These officials need to be fined as much as the players for the damage they cause to players, coaches, and teams. Most likely, to many jobs were lost over the “12 years” of incompetent calls, since these stripes haven’t changed what they are doing

    This isn’t soccer

  10. From what I’ve learned at the Washington Post recently, it’s possible that rock was propelled through his window by global warming.

  11. When are we going to hear about a retraining program for the refs? Players practice every week. Why not have the refs going through retraining every week. Can easily be done remotely. Why hasn’t this been the case for years already?

  12. Those refs messed up the flow of that Cards/Niners game. Everyone else knew what down it was except the refs. That was just the beginning, the rest of the game the refs continued to taint this win for the Cardinals.

  13. Morelli is the same ref that was 10 feet away from watching Favre take the bounty, high-low hit in the 2009 NFCCG.

    Dude is looking straight at the play……no flag!!!!!

    Favre throws an INT on the illegal hit, and it helps change the tide.

    There were many more other plays,such as the phantom PI call against Leber that helped set-up the game winning FG in OT.

    The missed call on Pierre Thomas not making the 1st down, shown on replay several times that he did not make it, even Aikman acknowledged, ON THE AIR,that Thomas was short…..was awarded the 1st down, and helped give the saints a closer FG.

    Morelli needs to go!!!!!!!!!

    Morelli needs to go

  14. All of these issues pale in comparison to the fact that a team cheated its way to a Superbowl victory and everybody knows it.

  15. The authorities were stumped: “There was no way to determine if this had anything to do with his NFL job. . . . There was no note on the rock.”
    This shows that the authorities in that community are dumber than Morelli is, and it takes a lot of hard work to be that dumb.

    PFT – do us all a favor and post which crews are at which games. I want to know what both the Panthers and Saints are up against….

  16. CBS is reporting this team is being reassigned to the Patriots/Eagles game on Sunday. If that isn’t targeting the Patriots, I don’t know what is. They’ve already had the last two games messed up by bad official calls including an inadvertent whistle that blew a play dead when Amendola had a catch and was heading toward the end zone. And now we are heading toward a third week of that. Of course, I’m sure the League must feel pretty confident that no one in the League will complain if the Patriots are targeted.

    Just keep it coming NFL — blatantly wanting to win no matter how you do it. Patriots will still keep playing their absolute best every week for 60 minutes regardless of the outcome.

  17. Let me guess. They’ll be reassigned to the Jags@Titans game (Titans have already been the dumping ground for demoted officials before), because who cares if the least attractive game on the TV schedule (small markets, teams with losing records) has crappy officiating? Been a loooooong year in Nashville that way.

  18. Well I guess the Pats will have to start cheating harder to compensate for the refs!

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