Chip Kelly defends method after Malcolm Jenkins’ criticism


Malcolm Jenkins’ concerns about the way the Eagles create accountability have been heard — and discounted.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly has no plans to change the way the Eagles correct mistakes while watching game film, after Jenkins raised issue with it earlier this week.

Jenkins suggested that by doing it by position groups rather than as a team, there’s less accountability. And because the Eagles are 4-7, words like “accountability” can create quite a reaction.

“Why don’t I do that?” Kelly said, via Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News. “Because my right guard doesn’t really care what our free safety does. So it’s not really efficient for Matt Tobin to listen what the instruction is going on with the free safety.

“When you want to get detailed in terms of making corrections, it needs to be done in the position group. Because those guys are paying attention to what goes on at their position. In this sport, more than any other sport, it’s very not related. What goes on for an offensive lineman is totally different than what goes on for a defensive back.”

Kelly didn’t agree with the assertion that being called out in front of a large group of people helped reduce future mistakes, and said his method wasn’t that different from the way Andy Reid did things.

“I think everybody should worry about their job and doing their job rather than saying, ‘I’m not doing this, but how come this guy’s not doing this?’ That’s when you get into finger-pointing. That’s not conducive to being successful,” Kelly said. “I think everybody needs instruction, everybody needs help. And I think the more you can get specific with the individual player the better. To be in a group setting and say I think the left tackle made a mistake here and I want everybody in the room to know that, that doesn’t help the right corner. The right corner is going to say, ‘I’m worried about playing press-man. Why am I listening to what’s going on with the pass rush?”’

Of course, Kelly has a number of theories on doing football differently, some of which are more embraced than others. But when you’re losing, every aspect of the organization is going to be scrutinized a little more closely.

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  1. Played sports thru college and he’s absolutely correct. Every sport I played, you were broken into player groups. Player meetings are when air gets cleared amongst everyone. Nothing to see here, move along

  2. IF, and that’s a big if, Kelly stays on next year, it’s a safe bet to assume that Malcolm Jenkins is gone. Kelly doesn’t tolerate dissenters or those who dare to question the Almighty Kelly.

  3. I’m sure that if an offensive lineman gets 3 straight penalties causing his team to go 3 & Out in under a minute that no other position player will care right? Or if a corner gets 3 straight pass interference calls? A wide receiver with 5 dropped passes? A QB with 4 INTs? I’m sure nobody else on the team will care either.
    Good job Chip. Losing a team in under 3 years. Very “efficient”

  4. I can see Chips point about being tightly focused on position-specific coaching. But he is missing the universal, non-football management perspective. Jenkins is looking for management to hold everyone accountable. Seems like he thinks that there are favorites, that some guys are not being called-out. Thats a real quick way to lose the lockerroom. Maybe Chip should listen more as a manager and not just a football coach?

  5. Losses of 45-17 & 45-14 in back to back weeks doesn’t warrant any changes or adjustments.

    He doesn’t feel his players have anything to add. Chess pieces at best.

    Is it any wonder why they quit?

  6. I criticize him a lot but here heil is making sense. It is how you get into finger pointing and football isn’t that related at all. Like with offense the only one that needs to knkw what everybody is doing is honestly the QB, at least have an idea. Calling people out as a team can backfire as well as if it isn’t done properly that’s how players start fighting each other and with a roster of 53, once that fighting starts it’s hard to stop it. Like really hard.

  7. Chip isn’t going to listen to anybody, least of all an athlete who’s getting uppity. I think he’s made that perfectly clear. No adjustments. No changes. Speak your mind and get your walking papers. Continued failure until he’s fired or moves on.

  8. Malcolm Jenkins should watch his play over the last few weeks and then hide.

    The king of shoulder tackles, Jenkins has been an embarrassment.

  9. Kelly is 100% right. Everyone is going to tune out if the only purpose for a team meeting is to point out the mistakes everyone is making. If someone is consistently making bad mistakes, you think the rest of the team doesn’t notice? Of all the things to criticize Kelly for, this is probably the dumbest.

  10. Chip is wearing a lot of hats for a billion dollar business. If all he wants to do is look at the x-o, then he should give up some of those hats, and become a pro assistant, or go back to college. Otherwise, he needs to connect to his team as a manager of men with strong, educated, professional opinions. He is not coaching 3 or 4 wanna-be pros anymore. He was fooling himself, and his owner, when he thought that he could lose so much talent and not affect his lockeroom. Professional organized sports can’t ever be confused with or compared to amateur organized sports.

  11. ……Chip….if you want to show me that YOU are holding players accountable for performance, try cutting Calib Sturges….he’s a awful kicker…great in college , terrible in the pros. The kid has cost us at least TWO games !

  12. Kelly’s problem is he is a horrible GM. Maybe he can coach but the off-season moves depleted the talent on his team and replaced it with the wrong pieces.

    The owner of the Eagles should be getting the heat for hiring a coach and giving him responsibilities he has no business having.

    He definitely fleeced the Rams with the Foles deal though. Foles is brutal. Bradford isn’t great, but at least they got another 2nd rnd pick and got rid of a terrible QB.

  13. On the one hand I don’t think much of Kelly as an NFL coach and sincerely HOPE that Lurie keeps him for a few more futile years. On the other, no one is ALWAYS wrong and in this instance he’s absolutely right!
    We’re talking about NFL PROS! IF Mr. Jenkins needs to “be called out in front of the whole team” then Mr. Jenkins needs to go back to HS or some college program. At the NFL level it IS a waste of time! “Accountability” in the NFL is a matter of either doing your job right much more than wrong or being replaced by someone MORE professional who DOES!

  14. Jenkins means they aren’t accountable to other players in different positions. But they are accountable to the coaches.

  15. Um, you may want to recheck that Foles for Bradford trade, to see who got fleeced. It was not the Eagles getting a second round pick, they were the ones who threw it in on the deal.

  16. Malcom Jenkins is just spoiled, having only played for New Orleans under Sean Payton and Philadelphia under Kelly. Pretty sure Jenkins’ record as a HC is 0-0.

  17. Instead of focusing on what Chip said, what was Malcolm alluding to…that there are guys on the team that don’t feel a responsibility for their performance to the other team members, and that having them highlighted to the WHOLE TEAM will impress upon them how their lack of caring impacts the rest of the team, not just their group. Culture beats scheme…damn right.

  18. Players play for the coach and the pay check, Players fight, risk crippling injuries and win for their teammates. Peer pressure is a great motivator; possibly the greatness. The eagles act like business men traveling to corporate events, while the other teams are throwing bombs and fighting for their football lives. The eagles have talent, they’ve been made soft. Chip has killed the fire.

  19. I totally agree with Kelly. Why disrespect your players? If they can’t play, just get rid of them and get new players. That’s what Kelly is doing and that takes a little time. People with self-respect, respect others. Bill Walsh, Dick Vermeil, and other successful coaches would never think that it’s a good idea to disrespect there players. Those guys were winners.

  20. Players are always complaining for not being treated like professionals. You don’t try to improve professionals by embarrassing them.

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