Peyton Manning claims he hasn’t thought about 2016, sort of


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning hadn’t addressed the media since a report emerged (from PFT) that he currently intends to play in 2016, and that he has told teammates he intends to come back for at least one more year. On Wednesday, Manning addressed those reports.

This is when ‘they’ and ‘sources’ seem to show their heads a little bit,” Manning said via Jeff Legwold of, 10 days after the report first surfaced. “I haven’t thought much other than about trying to get healthy. . . . I’m going to try to get healthy so I can try to get back. That’s kind of where my focus is.”

Manning, a brilliant guy who typically communicates his thoughts accurately and completely, left some wiggle  room within the words he chose. He said “I haven’t thought much” about things other than trying to get healthy, and that getting himself ready to play is “kind of where my focus is.”

That’s hardly a blanket denial of having a general intention to play next year or of sharing that intention with teammates, and it’s definitely not a declaration that 2015 will be his final season. The two thoughts — getting ready to play now and intending to play next year — remain anything but mutually exclusive.

Besides, the idea that Manning, who has a plan for everything, has no plan whatsoever for 2016 simply isn’t plausible. While it’s likely that he’ll make a final decision about 2016 after the 2015 season ends, it’s reasonable for him to at least have an idea of what he’d like to do in a calendar year that begins in less than a month.

The strong push back from the team and Manning, which was a little surprising at the time, makes sense in hindsight. Both the team and Manning were concerned that the report would be perceived as evidence of a problem between the Broncos and Manning, and as proof of Manning being something other than a good teammate.

17 responses to “Peyton Manning claims he hasn’t thought about 2016, sort of

  1. Manning Doesn’t even know himself Michael. Getting injured and playing at this level probably wasn’t in his Plan heading into the season. Id say its 50/50 Michael

  2. This is starting remind me of Peyton’s final year in Indy. He was hurt and didn’t know what he was going to do. Meanwhile the Colts had a chance to move forward with Andrew Luck, and they did. Now Denver looks like a championship team with Osweiler, and Peyton hasn’t even thought about next year. Hey I’m all for Peyton playing and everything, but I don’t think a championship caliber team can afford to stay on hold for very long. Maybe a team like San Francisco, who’s probably going to draft a young QB, would love to have Peyton around for a year or two. Those fans could use something to get excited about.

  3. I feel like, according to the way it’s written, part two of that rule is often inforced incorrectly. Being knocked to the ground ends the play, but lately refs require a player to get back up after falling, with the ball never moving. Julio had like seven steps before he was knocked to the ground, ball came out, and ruled incomplete as it fell from his grasp while laying out of bounds. And that want even one of the bad ones.

  4. Unless Osweiler absolutely tanks down the stretch, he won’t be playing in Denver next year. Pretty sure Osweiler is a free agent after this season, so if he keeps playing sell Denver will have to make a decision on whether or not to sign him long term. I could see a team like Houston going after Peyton and I could see Peyton having interest in that job. The Texans are a QB away from being a good team.

  5. Of course this egomaniac thinks he’s coming back next year to play. He’s convinced the NFL couldn’t continue if Peyton Manning wasn’t a part of it, plus there wouldn’t be any reason for his name to be mentioned anymore if he wasn’t in a uniform.

  6. Brock has played well for 2 games. Winning fixes a lot. However, we have all seen at times that a young QB comes in off the bench (Flynn or Cassel for example) and looks great and wins games. Then opponents get enough film on them and they suddenly can’t perform at that level any more.

    Brock has passed all tests so far, but he’s getting hit a lot and he is definitely running a simplified version of the offense. Jury is still out on him. It would be smart to get Peyton ready and never use him if Brock keeps playing well. If the wheels fall off at least they have him.

  7. If I were the GM of Cleveland, Baltimore (depending on how Flacco’s recovery progresses), Houston, or any other team with an unclear QB situation in 2016 I would definitely sign him to a one year deal and see what he could do.

    If I were him I wouldn’t play on. He could be seriously injured or play poorly enough to damage perception of his legacy.

  8. They’re are plenty of teams who would have him next year.


    The colts may bring him back as a back up to luck. To help him develop. Manning might not assuming the roll of handing off at the end of blow outs, but if he wants to play for a winner that will be his roll.

  9. Yes he has. We all think about what might happen to us next year. It’s a human trait. And especially when we are face to face with retirement.

    So he has thought about it. And I bet he has discussed it with some folks, including Haslam. Don’t be surprised if the Browns are not a part of his future.

  10. Besides, the idea that Manning, who has a plan for everything, has no plan whatsoever for 2016 simply isn’t plausible.


    Why not? Maybe he really hadn’t thought about it. Why a QB who is clearly in his demise think about a 2016 season when the 2015 season still on the way.

  11. Okay, someone who is arguably the best Field General in the NFL…someone who routinely thinks two & three plays ahead of the defense…is now trying to tell us he is NOT thinking about his future? Color me skeptical.

  12. Why all this stupid “act of going to the ground” crap? Two feet (or any body part down) + control of the ball (meaning the receiver is controlling its movement – a little difficult to judge but way easier than a “football motion”). I swear this is what it used to be.

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