Jameis Winston is the offensive rookie of the month

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Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston was the first player selected in this year’s draft and his play over the first two months of the season didn’t do much to give them second thoughts about that decision.

His work in the team’s five November games further reinforced that they made a good choice. Winston threw for five touchdowns in a rout of the Eagles and led a late comeback that culminated with his game-winning touchdown run as Tampa went 3-2 during the month.

On Thursday, the NFL announced that his work was strong enough to be named the league’s top offensive rookie of the month. Winston was 96-of-169 for 1,179 yards, seven touchdowns and three interceptions through the air over the five games and also added two rushing touchdowns in addition to the score against the Cowboys as he continued to make the Bucs’ offense his own.

If Winston can lead the Bucs to another winning month in December, they’ll finish the year with at least a .500 record for the first time since 2010. That would be another feather in his cap and could pave the way for rookie of the year honors once the season comes to a close.

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  1. Crazy how both Jameis and Marcus look like the next Luck-Rg3 (when RG3 wasn’t hurt and balling)

    If Jameis is Luck than the only thing he has to worry about is a terrible GM putting high school football players in front of him and calling it an O-line

  2. Luck-RGIII comparison for Winston and Mariota? And you say Winston is like Luck? Marcus Mariota is not comparable to RGIII because he is smarter and he also won’t get hurt as much. He already knows to slide and run out of bounds to avoid the big hit.

    You’re only looking at stats to compare Winston-Mariota to Luck-RGIII, but you are looking past the intelligence and “intangibles” comparisons of Winston vs Luck and Mariota vs RGIII. Each is totally different than the other in those aspects…

  3. These foolish awards remind me of the stars the nuns use to put on your name tag in parochial school. Just foolish platitudes.

  4. It’s about time Heisman winners are living up to their hype. From 1990 to the recent years, just about every single Heisman winning QB was an outright bust or merely average. Carson Palmer was the exception but he’s hardly in the upper echelon of QBs (not bad this year).

  5. Goodell and the NFL owners are always trying to pretend someone is winning something that is totally illusionary .

    There is one thing to win every week: your game. There is one thing to win every season: the super bowl.

  6. Jameis Winston is doing what you want your young quarterback to do, limiting mistakes. Nearly half of his interceptions came against a stout Carolina defense in what was just his fourth start of his career.

    Furthermore, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are balancing the offense with a steady running game. It’s hard enough to be one dimensional for a veteran quarterback let alone a rookie.

  7. “threw the air” — despite the fact that Jameis Winston is an up and coming QB, he is not an Air Bender. It should be “through the air”.

  8. I guess all the haters were wrong when they said he would be a bust after his first NFL game…..I wonder how many will come back to comment that they were wrong? This kid will be special in 3-4 yrs, looking forward to it……

  9. He can play a little bit. Don’t care about him or Tampa one way or the other but I wouldn’t mind seeing him stick it to the doubters.

  10. joetoronto ,

    And what has Carr been doing over that same time period while the Raiders offense has gone into a tailspin? All I know is that every time I watch Tampa, he throws the ball way down the field and picks up very unmanageable third downs for even veteran QBs on a regular basis. He’s not dinking and dunking his way to success that’s for sure.

  11. Funny how there is so much praise in this comment board when a couple of months ago you all called Jameis Winston a bust and compared him to JaMarcus Russell… Most of you have been hating on him since day. I am glad you all are having to eat your words. GO JAMEIS!

    – Broncos Fan

  12. “He’s the next Jamarcus Russell”
    “He’s the next Ryan Leaf”
    “He’s the next RG3”
    “He’ll be in jail before the season ends”
    “Marcus Mariota will outplay him”
    “*insert racist comment*”

    It’s amazing watching Winston get better and better each week. If it wasn’t for a few Mike Evans dropped balls Winston would have 2 more wins and a way better completion rating(not like that matters). This kid single handedly re-energized an entire city. Please watch his press conferences and pre/post game speeches if you doubt his character or love for the game. He may never be a Tom Brady but he will always be relevant when it comes to talking about “elite” quarterbacks for years to come(barring injury that is). You earned it, Jameis!

  13. Its Week 13 of his rookie season I think its a little early to be declaring anything from bust to great. Let the kid play and then we’ll

  14. All the talk means nothing… our predictions are meaningless. You people bash the other people who called him a bust before he played, but now you’re here calling NOT a bust when his first season isn’t even finished? People didn’t think RGIII would be a bust after one season… or Vince Young… I could go on.

    Everyone looks stupid when they’re wrong, and anyone can be wrong… even if they are right for one week.

  15. It’s good to see this young man proving ALL the naysayers wrong thus far. If people were watching him during the pre-season and how he had the respect and admiration of his coaches and peers, NO ONE would have compared him to Jamarcus Russell; which many were doing.

  16. Tell me the line again how he’s Jamarcus 2.0.

    Tell me about that.

    This applies to the vast majority of people reading this today, who all offseason were proclaiming him a BUST and JAMARCUS WINSTON.

  17. I whole-heartedly disagree with the comment up top. Mariota is a more gifted pocket passer than RG3, but he is not smarter by any means. Doesn’t help that RG3 plays for a terrible circus organization..

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