Kubiak reiterates Manning will return when healthy


On Wednesday, a somewhat equivocal Brock-Osweiler-will-be-the-starter-in-Denver-for-the-rest-of-the-year-unless-he-isn’t-type report emerged. Broncos coach Gary Kubiak disputed it.

“I didn’t know anything about that,” Kubiak told reporters. “Listen, like I told you guys before, we’re totally committed to getting our quarterback — getting Peyton healthy and getting him back. Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed with where we’re headed this week. Brock is our starter this week, and we’re all-in getting ready for San Diego. We are week-to-week and doing everything we can to win the next football game. Absolutely nothing has changed.”

It’s the smartest and safest position for the team to take, since it provides the Broncos with maximum flexibility without locking in to any specific position or approach. And it keeps everyone on the same page. And Kubiak seems to believe everyone is one the same page.

“Absolutely,” he said. “I mean I can’t speak for the players. You can ask them the question, but I can tell you right now, we talk every day. They know exactly what we’re doing. Peyton knows exactly that we’re trying to get him as healthy as we possibly can and myself and [trainer Steve Antonopulos] and everybody. We’ve got other players, too, that we’ve got in the same position. Brock knows that he’s the starting quarterback for this team this week.”

The week-to-week approach will work, until it doesn’t. At some point, Peyton Manning will believe he’s healthy enough to play. If the team doesn’t agree and react accordingly, the tensions that everyone is working so hard to keep under wraps — tensions dating back to the decision to hire a head coach who uses a dramatically different offense than the one Manning had been running, the $10 million pay cut the team proposed in the offseason, and the no-trade clause that Manning requested when agreeing to take $4 million less — could quickly surface.

Kubiak seems prepared to deal with that issue if/when it ever becomes an issue. Maybe it never will. But if the team keeps winning each week under its current week-to-week approach with Brock Osweiler playing well, the Broncos may at some point need to hope that Manning hasn’t realized exactly how healthy he has become.

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  1. Ride the hot hand whoever it is. Right now that’s Brock. With this defense & a solid special teams, you can still win it all. Happened before with Johnny U/Earl Morrell, Earl Morrell/Griese, Phil Simms/Jeff Hostetler, Brady/Bledsoe

  2. Like Flynn, Cassel and even Kaepernick, sometimes QBs look very good early on and don’t look good after some film get’s out there on how to defend them. Brock looks like the real deal so far, so I am not saying he will fizzle out, but it is certainly sensible to get Manning back a ready incase he is needed. I don’t think they will ever play Manning if Osweiler keeps playing well.

  3. I’ll say this much, Brock has looked very good and has played quite well. He fits the offense better. They just beat the Patriots and are arguably the team to beat in the AFC again.

    If Denver pulls Brock for Manning (not because of injury) and Denver gets upset again in the playoffs with Peyton Manning at the helm, this coaching staff and management will have a lot of explaining to do to Bronco fans!

    You have to do what is best for the team.

  4. “When healthy” being the operative words.

    That guy ended his Broncos quarterback career with the worst performance by a quarterback at any level of the game.

  5. this is an example of why Belichick answers questions like this: “that has already been addressed” and will repeatedly say that until another question is asked.

    it’s like these guys are on the witness stand and the reporters are the prosecutor. I hate the Broncos, and am indifferent on Kubiak, but man, give it a rest.

  6. You are not dealing with run of the mill individuals here. Elway, Manning, Kubiak are all experienced, accomplished and realistic football people that understand the politics of the situation.
    Manning is not Tebow and won’t be dealt with in the same way ie summarily dismissed without his input or regard. But neither will Kubiak nor Elway sit idle when a viable alternative is available.
    So what has been actually stated so far? Nothing that addresses the question of whether Manning is under center for the Broncos once he feels he is healthy enough to take over. Only that it’s a goal of the Broncos to get Manning as healthy as they possibly can? For what purpose? To play? To trade? To mentor? To leave quietly? All of the above?
    I say Manning is with the Browns next year. Too many puzzle pieces fit to ignore that possibility. The biggest downside is that it’s Cleveland. And yes other options exist. But the opportunities with the Browns for Manning are too numerous. You can bet that Haslam and Manning/Elway are already sweating the details.

  7. Manning is not Tebow and won’t be dealt with in the same way ie summarily dismissed without his input or regard.

    Not true. Elway gave Tebow the choice of going to the Jets or Jags. Tebow made the wrong choice and went to NY.

  8. 2 things.

    1. Is this a Bill Clinton “depending on what the definition of “healthy” is”?

    2. It’s funny that only because they won is why he’s a hero now suddenly. He didn’t have that great of a game and this would be 180 degrees different had they lost the game. He did ok. I’m just glad that they’re getting a partial look at him so they’ll HAVE to decide whether to break the bank on him ala Cassel

  9. “You don’t lose your job due to injury” said Marty. Then he pulled Gannon for Grbac and the Chiefs best chance for a SB in the last 20 years went straight down the toilet.
    Play the hot hand and don’t be stupid. Although the rest of us hope the Broncos are stupid enough to put Manning back in.

  10. We saw Brock play at Arizona State nothing special now everyone says he’s going to be the Broncos future. Manning will probably be out 2 more games. Let’s wait and see!! Most guys are right in saying play the hot hand. The Chargers and Raiders are next then the Steelers lets wait.

  11. Manning has the perfect opportunity to bow out gracefully and claim that he just isn’t healthy enough if he is smart enough to take it.

    I wouldn’t dismiss the idea that he takes a “one year rental” for a team like the Texans or the Browns, but I don’t see it accomplishing much other then allowing for him to hang on and try to play longer.

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