Ryan Tannehill seems thrilled Bill Lazor is out as coordinator

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The Miami Dolphins made a change at offensive coordinator this week by firing Bill Lazor after the team’s 38-20 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday.

And no one seems more excited about the change than quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

I’m just excited about being part of the game plan,” Tannehill said, per James Walker of ESPN.com. “Working with the coaches Monday and [Tuesday], just being a part of the game-plan process and having my thoughts heard and kind of putting our heads together to create some of the things we want to do, it’s been fun so far.”

The implication is that Tannehill didn’t feel like he was a part of the process before under Lazor. Tannehill says he’ll have much more say in the offense under interim coordinator Zac Taylor. While there will be an adjustment period, Tannhill seems thrilled about the change.

“Well, it’s an adjustment,” Tannehill said. “So obviously there is some change. But I’m excited about the changes we’re making and the possibility about what we can do.”

Tannehill ranks 21st in the league (among quarterbacks with at least 150 attempts) in passer rating at 88.7. Miami ranks 27th in the league in total offense and points per game.

36 responses to “Ryan Tannehill seems thrilled Bill Lazor is out as coordinator

  1. Tannehill makes Jay Fiedler look like…well, Dan Marino! Guy is always saying something stupid and looks “good” number wise when dolphins are down by 28…which is like every game

  2. Well when will Tannehill stop blaming everyone else for his own limitations. Mike Wallace was an issue, then offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and there have been many other excuses. Yes with a complete offensive line of Pro Bowl players Tannehill would play better LOL and so would anyone. Ryan is still not accurate on deeper routes and does not pick up the blitz or release the ball quickly. He is athletic but has no idea how to step up into the pocket after years of being the starter in Miami.

    The total offense statistics tell the story on Ryan Tannehill. He is just not a quarterback who can win in the NFL with his current skills.

  3. I’d like to say Tannehill’s excuses are running out, but to be honest they keep piling up. Promote an inexperienced TE’s coach to interim head coach? I get firing Lazor but promoting the QB’s coach? Has that been the team’s strength this year? Hickey’s drafting is a bust other than Landry. His FA pickups were a bust. His focus on bust WR’s and a buster TE instead of the oline is uninspiring.

    Tannehill’s career is now halfway over after this year. Get him an oline and a coach or you’ll always wonder what if.

  4. Tannehill frustrates the hell out of me only because i think he can get it done. I have jumped on him this last few weeks probably since the Patriots game with all the horizontals, screens and slants. Even if there is improvement which isn’t hard you would think, playing games which really have nothing riding on them can be misleading, a bit like garbage time stats that we probably lead the league in. But still it will be interesting to see if there is improvement under this new regime. Most players are playing for jobs and they will be getting hit hard so if nothing else lets have some entertainment and hope.

  5. So let’s get this straight….Bill Lazor forced you to have zero pocket presence and to not attempt to sidestep the rush when it is coming? OK, I guess we are in for a treat this Sunday then.

  6. Fins have tried everything else…changing out O-Linemen, TEs, WRs, O-coordinators and HCs. Now they’re giving T-Hill enough rope to hang himself with.

  7. Tannehills excuses are now gone.
    Let’s see what he does now.
    If he performs well, then Kudos to him.
    If he still performs like a Tier 2 QB, then maybe that’s what he is.

  8. It seems Lazor was flashing his game plan all over Tannehill’s eyes, so he couldn’t see..

    All I got. Sorry, PFT. I can’t think of a good joke this time.

  9. Prove it by doing your job and earning your pay. We Dolphins Fans are tired of your performance. ( and yes, I admit I was one who once thought you were the answer)

  10. Be careful what you wish for Ryan;the results of this weeks game will go a long way in establishing who was at fault for the team’s ineptness. Was it the coordinator OR the player’s play in this league?

  11. Still think this turd is the answer and it’s everybody else fault Dolphin fans? You already had him taunting practice squad players because they were too much for him in practice. He’s gotten 2 OCs fired. Cut your losses while you have a high pick and start from scratch. He’s been surrounded by plenty and couldn’t even get playoff spots that were there for the taking. Just ask Tampa how big of a difference that leadership from the face of the franchise makes with Winston. Maybe Connor Cook or somebody else in this draft can be that, but I know this clown can’t.

  12. Tannehill is way over paid and overrated who can’t even win games. If I were the Dolphins I get rid of him. What a waste of money and time.

  13. How many guys are gonna lose their jobs because this kid sucks?

    “Just because you give him franchise $$$, it doesn’t make him franchise.” Shannon Sharpe

  14. “Tannehill ranks 21st in the league (among quarterbacks with at least 150 attempts) in passer rating at 88.7.”

    He is the 20th ranked qb according to passer rating…. Just behind Cam Newton, who is 19th.

  15. So the Dolphins canned their head coach, offensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator. If this team doesn’t improve, then it’s clear that something or someone else is the problem. I’m not sure what that is, but this is an awful lot of turnover for a coaching staff in the middle of a season and so far it doesn’t look like it’s helped.

  16. I don’t think any other qb in the league has been mishandled more than this kid. I feel sorry for him. His stats are the same or better than so called “mvp” Newton across the board, except for rushing of course, the only difference is Cam has had one of the if not the best defense in the league and good coaching, dolphins defense continues to be terrible and coaching has been a joke for Thills career. I can’t believe they keep putting this kid at risk by completely dropping the run and making him throw 40 times a game behind a beat up o line.

    People who actually watch the game and not just make stuff up for trolling would see the talent, I don’t know any other team where the coaches completely leave the qb out of the game plan and don’t allow him to have any input. I didn’t know the coaching was that bad.

    Oh, and all that receiver talent sure have accounted for a bunch of dropped passes right in their hands, killing drives and big plays (see Kenny Stills)

  17. First of all, I live in Miami but am not a Dolphin fan. I’ve seen every Miami game since Tannehill arrived and feel I can give an unbiased opinion as to what has been going on regarding Tannehill.

    I am not saying Tannehill is perennial all pro, but to the people who say he is a ‘bust’ and ‘not an nfl qb’ are completely clueless. I consider him an ascending player playing the leagues toughest position. Look what he’s had to overcome:

    his first OC (Mike Sherman) was so bad at his job, he’d been fired even when he had Brett Favre to work with (anybody care to say Favre was so bad a qb he got Sherman fired?). Mike Sherman was so incompetent, he’s coaching high school football. And his high school football team is 0-10. His second off cord (Lazor) was a nondescript offensive coordinator at Virginia. I mean, the guy couldn’t succeed in the ACC he’s going to do it at the highest level? Don’t think so.
    Now onto his supporting cast. The offensive line as been atrocious. And that’s an understatement. Most sacked qb in the league since he came in. Gets pressured the fastest at 2.5 seconds. Count how many times he throws off the 3 step vs the times they drop him back in the 5 step. Then people wonder why they can’t convert 3rd and longs. You need time and protection for those routes to develop. To go with the protection, you need good play calls and design from your coordinator. Starting with the Patriot game, Tannehill converted the first two 3rd and longs with out breaking routes at the sticks. After that, CB’s started sitting on the rout, and the incompetent Bill Lazor makes no adjustments. CB’s have been riding the hip of the wr knowing the rout is coming. That’s poor coaching. Then, look at the wr core. Last year his main guys (other than the rookie at the time Landry) were Mike Wallace (is he even playing in Minn), Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson. Yet, Tannehill throws for over 4000 yards, 66 % comp rate, 27 td, 11 int and a rating of 93. All with that crap OL and WR core. His haters call them ‘hollow stats’, yet Tannehill single handedly won the Oakland game, won the Chicago game, led them to come from behind vs Green Bay at home (which the defense couldn’t hold), on the road vs Jets Monday night, and come from behind vs Minnesota. Oh yeah, and vs Denver had set the season high for consecutive completions but the defense gave up 39.

    Now this year everyone is crying about the 3rd down conversion percentage. Well it wasn’t a problem last year. What was the problem last year? The deep ball, and overall accuracy were the primary criticisms. Well guess what? This year Tannehill has hit 7 out of 8 deep balls (with Landry dropping a slightly underthrown deep ball that was guess what-a 3rd and long). Oh, and he also set an NFL record for consecutive completions. Then his detractors cry they were all cheap throws. But then facts get in the way. Included in those throws (starting with Tenn game) was the deep ball down the sideline to stills, a seam to the TE Cameron, a corner to Jennings and a deep ball to Landry. Those are difficult throws. Again, facts getting in the way.

    I want one of the low information haters to try and explain why Tannehill looks so proficient in the 2 min offense? Why is it that when the other team know they’re going to pass, and the tempo is sped up, Tannehill looks so good?

    They cry ‘he stares down wr’s too long’. Well guess what idiot- How much scanning of the field is a qb going to do when he’s throwing off the 3 step. Pre snap read is man to man, throw the mismatch! Every qb in the league stares down wr’s. The idiots making this complaint have on tv and watch one game- the Miami game. Then they watch the highlite shows and think they know what’s going on around the league.

    Has he taken his game to the next level from last year? No. He’s improved on the deep ball, and has overcome crap coaching, re built wr core, and a crap OL. His major deficiency is not using his athleticism to pro actively escape the pocket when there’s a free runner.

    Give the kid time. Continue to upgrade the talent around him on the OL, and get him a real QB coach and off coordinator and then make a decision. In my opinion, continue to build around Tannehill.

  18. coachhighscore IS CORRECT!!! PISS POOR COACHING!!! No O line to speak of & the years we had Philbin here he knew the needs & did NOTHING TO HELP THE CAUSE!!! I’d like to see Mike & Kyle Shannahan head coach & O.C this team next year, clean house & let them get it together & let Tannehill throw the ball!!!

  19. This is too little too late by Dan. I think the front office should have fired Lazor when they fired Philbin. You can’t hire a young guy as a new interim coach and say, “well, if you want to fire your boss, go ahead.” I bet there was some ego with Lazor now having to answer to his former, younger, “employee”. I think there’s more to this story than we really know.

    I HATE the Chip Kelly style offense. It’s a wussy league offense. He has the BEST RB in the league last year, but his system doesn’t work that well in the NFL. He’s proven it.

  20. Thank you, coachhighscore.

    And if there’s any truth to the idea that Tannehill is not involved in the game planning, I would like to extend my condolences to any team that hires Bill Lazor.

    Tannehill is at his best when he is running the play-action and when he is throwing on the move.

    Yet Lazor NEVER called plays that had Tannehill roll out. While he did call plenty of play-action passes, we had NO commitment to the run. So teams had absolutely no respect for the PA fake.

  21. Firing Lazor was too late as he should’ve gone out with Philbin. You can’t not run the ball and be successful in the NFL.

    Bigger issue is that its getting more and more apparent that RT is not the quarterback we were hoping he’d become and its going to be time to clean house again and move on. First it was M. Wallace’s fault, then it was Sherman, then Philbin, then lazor, all the while it was always the Oline’s fault. When it is RT’s fault? Never? GTFO.

    The dolphins in my lifetime (post 1982 SB) are the worst franchise in the NFL. Maybe maybe the detroit Lions have been worse. That’s it.

  22. ” “I think if coordinators are getting fired then, … to some extent, players are not getting it done,” Tannehill said. “I think Bill had some good stuff, had a good offense and ultimately we weren’t getting it done on the field.” ”

    Yeah he really blamed others some commenters here are clueless or just troll/make up stuff.

    Bill from above is the out going OC. It is said he had zero trust in t-hill and gave him 1 option play to audible to every play, that’s it. If true no wonder for the most sacks stats.

    It is also said that this current set up essentially has no OC . A lot of people will give input to game plan. This is a FO system that already has too many cooks in the kitchen on down.

    This organization has floundered in ineptitude for what must be a decide now. With coaching hires that amounted to bad retreads. Being sold a bill of goods. Philbin had no real ties to Aaron Rogers development. Just the latest chapter. Rotten Tuna cronies and T-bomb insiders will never help in the end.

    All top coaching positions are now headed up by what were position coaches this season. Personnel that had the most experience were somehow bypassed while even more outsiders brought in.

    No excuses now for RT under these conditions? Well while we might get a glimpse into his makeup. I almost feel he is being set up for a fall. After all the offense will be the same. Only with some plays tossed out. IMO plays to be left out should be any fake motion runs. Those should be conditional on if the running game is already established in the game at hand. Otherwise you are only cutting into the 2.5 seconds needed to do something with the ball. Like pick it off the turf due to a low snap.

  23. I always have to laugh at folks who act like Tannehill having a good game against shoddy defenses means he’s “ascending”. Or that because other QBs are guilty of it that that means it’s okay for him to stare down his receivers ALL THE TIME.

  24. This is not a difficult decision to make after next season. If Tannehill does not get the Dolphins to the playoffs he’s gone. He has great statistics but is not able to win when it counts; to get into the playoffs, big games when the team needs a win etc….. Why? because defensive coordinators know his weaknesses, they game plan to beat Tannehill who has a strong arm but can’t make all the NFL type throws. He does not read the blitz and seems surprised when a DB is coming at him. You can see the defense in the correct situation getting ready to come after Ryan. He just can not adjust and release the ball quickly enough for the open receiver on a quick route. Teams and the DC’s know this big time.

  25. Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, Doug Williams, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Joe Flacco all won Super Bowls.

    Ryan Tannehill is better than all of those guys. Heck it took HOF Elway 16 & 17 years before he finally won the big game riding Terrell Davis into the Super Bowl!

    I used to love seeing Marino stock piling records. Big game after big game. With the whole team on his back. That’s been a burden that kept Dan from ever winning a Super Bowl.

    I want a good/great QB but having that and a good rush attack and a feared Defense…. Will take us to the promised land!

    I’m waiting to really judge Tannehill until he gets out from under the coaching staff Philbin assembled.

  26. I’m waiting to really judge Tannehill until he gets out from under the coaching staff Philbin assembled.

    doesn’t work that way, Tanny has never been better than middle of the pack and that’s the cutoff spot for the playoffs in the NFL …. he was never the guy and never will be the guy

    5 yards too deep on every long ball, 2 yards too short on every check down, and NO pocket presence

    and evidently the Phins are preparing to use him for a FIFTH year…. wow

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