Bills expect Mario Williams to face former team

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As a group, the Bills defensive line enters Sunday’s game against the Texans with fewer sacks than J.J. Watt has picked up by himself this season.

Getting defensive end Mario Williams going would be a good way to switch that around before the end of the season, although that’s been complicated of late by a foot injury that kept him from playing against the Chiefs last Sunday. It doesn’t look like his absence will extend through this weekend’s game against his former team, however.

Coach Rex Ryan said Thursday that he expects to have Williams back in the lineup against the Texans after Williams completed his second practice of the week.

“I think Mario looks good,” Ryan said, via the Buffalo News. “He might not be 100 percent, but he’s good enough for us.”

Williams had 38 sacks in his first three years with the Bills, but has just three in his first season playing for Ryan in a scheme that’s been criticized for the lack of pass rush that it has generated a year after the Bills placed three players in the league’s top 20 sackers.

11 responses to “Bills expect Mario Williams to face former team

  1. Didn’t Rex boast that he would improve the Bills defense from #4 overall? Last time I checked #18 is not an improvement.

  2. This was yet another major reach for the Bills, signing him to that crazy contract. Williams had them over a barrel because he knew they would agree to anything at all.

    It was oh so Buffalo.

  3. I disagree with JoeToronto – is wasn’t a reach to sign Mario. Our defense has improved each year he has been here and has been Top 10 each of the last 2 years. We led the league in sacks last year. Mario has had double digit sacks all 3 years here and he has been Top 4 in the league in sacks each of the last 2 years. He is in the backfield often and was a great signing, imo….

  4. I’ve always liked Mario but he reminds me of Clowney. Both are physical freaks of nature but just don’t seem to have their motors running at full speed all of time.

    Jury is still out on Clowney but all things considered, Mario has been pretty good despite some odd injuries.

  5. joetoronto is the most butt-hurt boy on this site.

    I love seeing his sad comments…give me a laugh every time.

    BTW, Texans big over Bills Sunday. It’s over I’m sorry to say.

    Go Bills.

  6. Criticism on Mario is unwarranted, in my opinion. He is a physical freak who is capable of taking over games when he wants to. The biggest problem for him has always been that he has a motor that runs hot and cold. He was a poor fit for the Texans 3-4 which is why he was allowed to walk. The biggest problem that I have with the whole thing is that almost everyone recognized he was a poor fit for the system going in, and the team should have looked to deal him for something. With such an impressive draft class that year, you’d think the Texans could have turned him into a draft pick or two.

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