Reports: 49ers demoting team president Paraag Marathe

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The complete collapse of the San Francisco 49ers franchise over the last two seasons has led to another member of the organization falling on the sword.

According to Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers are demoting team president Paraag Marathe. He will still serve as the team’s contract salary cap guy and head contract negotiator.

Marathe will continue to hold the title of president through the Super Bowl and will still be involved with other aspects of the York family’s business endeavors.

Nevertheless, the 49ers are all but firing the team’s president and a close associate of owner Jed York. This isn’t a minor shuffling of job titles.

It’s the latest move in a wayward spiral for the 49ers organization ever since their NFC Championship loss to the Seattle Seahawks in January 2014. The 49ers are 11-16 since that defeat and 3-8 this season. Jim Harbaugh was fired (whoops, “mutually parted ways”) after last season. Colin Kaepernick was benched as starting quarterback and has likely played his last snap in San Francisco and now Marathe is being reassigned.

Marathe has spent 15 seasons with the 49ers. He was elevated to team president in 2014.

36 responses to “Reports: 49ers demoting team president Paraag Marathe

  1. Niners making moves everywhere except for the MAIN GLARING CHANGE that’s needed. “Mutually part ways” York. Is it possible for an owner to fire themselves?

  2. As a 49er fan and season ticket holder I’m pleasantly shocked!!! This guy was Jed’s bff.

  3. That poor pitiful silly sad little Santa Clara Franchise. Can’t wait until the Bay Area media digs and uncovers the reason behind this firing .it’s bound to be filled with buffoonery and reality tv show train wreck like intrigue.

    If they fired Harbaugh one of the top Head Coaches in that franchise’s history because he couldn’t get along with Paraag. Can wait to hear the reason why Paraag was fired.

  4. follow the $$$
    Every decision Jed York makes is about the bottom line.

    Replacing Harbaughs winning staff with Tosula’s Jr. Varsity staff saved between 3 to 5 million dollars a year into his pocket.

    The SBL and club seat income which is not shared by his fellow nfl owners, 100% in his pocket. It was the typical ” pump and dump” , drive the value of an item higher ( harbaugh’s winning results , which cost millions more than Jed wants to pay), once the item is sold and the money is in the bank, cut expenses and pocket the profits.

    Let the buyer beware !!!

    There will many many more moves to deflect blame away from Jed, just wait.

  5. In order to attract premium free agents, they gotta overpay in order to entice them to join the kindling in this dumpster fire of an organization. This creates salary cap issues moving forward. Nobody wants to play with a team that discards people while not having any shred of credibility that could plausibly justify it. The only way out is is to hire a guy like the one they just fired not too long ago; overpay him and give him complete control. But they got that brand new stadium though!!!!

  6. It’s a good start by Jed. Now Baalke needs to be replaced with someone who won’t draft early round “project” players. Maybe then the future can look brighter.

  7. They can move all the personnel they wish but as long as Mr. and Ms. York allow “Lil Jed” to run the franchise, he’ll continue to run it into the ground.

  8. That’s messed up Jed. We asked you to fire yourself and you did this. Great work silver spoon

  9. Jim Harbaugh quit. He was not fired. There were ugly rumors about locker room unrest and all sorts of BS starting in the preseason. Back then, Harbaugh and York agreed that they should talk about a possible contract extension after the season. During the season, the media was spreading rumors about locker room unrest, but the players and coaches deny those rumors. York told the media that Harbaugh was his coach. It did not stop the media from attacking Harbaugh week after week.

    If Harbaugh was fired, he would have said so. York has fired several coaches before, including Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary. There is no reason why York would deny firing Harbaugh if he really did it. The owner is entitled to firing coaches, just as any boss can fire any of his employees. Besides, Vic Fangio was fired, and he was paid the last year of his contract, but Jim Harbaugh was not paid the last year of his contract because he quit.

  10. If anyone in the media insists that Harbaugh was fired, show us the proof. Get an interview with Harbaugh and get him to say that he was fired and get him to show evidence he received compensation for the last year of his contract. No such interview exists but the media continues to claim that Harbaugh was fired.

  11. This the yorks messing with the fans again. If he was really being demoted or anything of significance he would have been fired. They think they are smarter than everyone else but it’s the other way around. lol

  12. Word is, Paraag is the rat possibly making all these leaks. I’m pretty sure he had a say in the mutual parting between Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers.

  13. Serves them right. They “mutually parted ways” with a very good HC, which is a rare commodity in the NFL these days instead of sending the GM packing because the two couldn’t work together.

    Let me ask you, would you rather have a very good HC, or a mediocre suit?

  14. Marathe was at the head of the Harbaugh disagreements as well. This is a good move. Baalke needs to go too though. Jed as well lol

  15. charliecharger says:
    Dec 4, 2015 9:49 AM
    Yeah, ok. We’re all idiots out here. Maybe Paraag was the guy picking out the uniforms or something like that. He wasn’t making football decisions.
    Why do you think Harbaugh is gone, and and was replaced by a person more qualified to be janitor than a NFL head coach? I mean the 49ers knew Tomsula is so out of his depth they made his staff hires for him and made sure his assistants had NFL head coaching experience so they could school him. They did it so Paraag can have more influence on game management with his stupid analytics and formulas that had you all punting down two scores with less 3 minutes left.

    Harbaugh didn’t like Paraag’s involvement with football operations and neither did Bill Walsh in the early 2000’s..

  16. “He was elevated to team president in 2014.”

    The very definition of SCAPEGOAT.

    Everybody knows who’s to blame, in fact Jed York said it was his responsibility, if the 49ers didn’t perform up to standard, people should seek him out and place the blame on him.

    Instead, he continues to demote underlings…. like that’s going to make a difference.

    Jed York is the problem, unless and until mommy takes his little toy away, the 49ers will continue to flounder.

  17. Fire baalke!!
    Fire york!!

    Have denise york sell the team back to Eddie D.

    ONLY then will the Niners be back to respectable.

  18. laffers says:
    Dec 4, 2015 5:28 AM

    They can move all the personnel they wish but as long as Mr. and Ms. York allow “Lil Jed” to run the franchise, he’ll continue to run it into the ground.

    I’m not a Jed apologist, but I’ll leave this with you.

    Denise and John York Era. 2000-2008
    49ers record: 60-84
    Playoff appearances: 2, record: 1-2
    NFC championship appearances: 0, Super Bowl appearances: 0

    Jed York Era – Dec 28th, 2008- Current
    49ers Record: 61-45 (regular season)
    Playoff record: 5-3, NFC championship appearances 3, super bowl appearances 1

  19. Knowing this organization, this is just fool’s gold. As long as Jed is running the show, “titles” are essentially a moot accolade. Jed’s comfort zone is being surrounded by his minions. He doesn’t like to have anyone know more about football than him around him. For four years (essentially 3), he bit the bullet while Harbaugh took all the credit for reigniting this franchise into relevance. He did so to secure season tickets and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from the new stadium for years to come.

    Jed doesn’t know what he doesn’t know about football. That’s the most damning thing for an owner. So the firing of Marathe doesn’t mean someone more competent will replace him. I mean, you fire one of the most successful football coaches of our time in Harbaugh because you believe Jim Tomsula, a guy who’s never even coordinated a defensive scheme in the NFL is more qualified to lead this team to win a super bowl. That judgement should scare anyone who thinks firing Marathe is a step in the right direction. Jed York simply isn’t a good owner. He doesn’t know about football and he will refuse to allow anyone who does, to tell him what to do. So as long as he’s at the helm, sadly, we faithful have to accept that this team will be mediocre at its best.

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