NFL salary cap will rise above $150 million in 2016

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The NFL’s salary cap will grow by close to $10 million next year.

Owners were told at this week’s league meeting that the salary cap will be between $150 million and $153.4 million next year, ESPN reports. This year’s cap is $143.3 million.

Based on a projected cap of $150 million, there are three teams that are already over based solely on the players they already have under contract for 2016: The Dolphins are $4.96 million over, the Saints are $4.14 million over and the Bills are over by just $18,000, according to Those teams will all have offseason moves to make before the league year begins in March.

The Raiders are projected to have more than $72 million in cap space on a $150 million cap, by far the most of any team. The Bears are next at $60 million, followed by the Buccaneers at $52 million, the Jaguars at $45 million and the 49ers at $40 million.

37 responses to “NFL salary cap will rise above $150 million in 2016

  1. The dolphins can easily have between 45 and 70 million in cap space by making a couple of minor moves.

  2. Raiders & Bucs should make the most moves, people should want to go there they both have QBs plus decent teams. Crazy Niners will have that much space just a few years ago they had too many pro bowlers to afford. I doubt anyone wants to walk into that circus now.

  3. With a talented young nucleus the raiders could be a playoff team next year for sure with all that cap space. Get the right free agents and the future looks bright

  4. None of that cap space estimations mean anything unless you add the number of players the team has under contract for the next season.

    For example if the Pats have 5o players under contract for next season and have $5MM in cap space, aren’t they in better shape than another team who has $20MM in cap space but only 35 players under contract?

    It has always been a pet peeve of mine that cap space talk WITHOUT give the number of players under contract is useless.

  5. Suh has actually be playing great …the rest of the team is really playing so poorly that him making the big money makes fans think its all his fault.

  6. It doesn’t matter how much space a team has, players want to go to good teams, and the good ones find a way to sign guys even if they’re not the penny pinching style like those teams mentioned are. There’s a reason those teams will be sitting home watching the playoffs, this year, and next year , and next year, etc.

  7. Except for the Cowboys and Redskins because the Giants crooked owner Mara will make up some nonexistent rule and penalize his division rivals.

  8. joemontanawasthegreatest says:
    The teams roll over space from this year as well if they want to

    The numbers used in the article from Spotrac include the rollover amounts.
    As for players under contract for 2016 there’s a reason they have cap room, Oakland has 33, Chicago and TB 34. Still with that much space signing 20 players is hardly difficult.

    The more impactful part of the new cap number is how it will effect teams that have similar numbers of contracts that have less to spend. A team might like Denver or Seattle might suddenly look like it has some breathing room with $20-$25M of space but with only 32 and 33 contracts on the books they obviously have maneuvering to do

  9. The Cowboys aren’t over the cap???? wow.. lets cut Hardy, Carr and Doug Free and free up some more space to get a corner, linebacker and nose tackle

  10. And Ticket Prices raise again!
    You know Boxing made this mistake, it JUST about killed the sport! Now they are having Heavyweight
    Championship Matches again on HBO instead of
    PPV, which is where the NFL is going!

  11. It’s not what you spend, but how you spend it! For example, the Bucs have wasted $50M in free agency over the past two seasons on players that have either been released or benched. I don’t see many players moving around in free agency making big impacts on their new teams.

  12. Getting the money is one thing, being around long enough to see more than the signing bonus is another. It’s rare that a money busting signing like suh changes the fortunes of a team for the better. In fact these are often the type of signings that set back franchises for years and end up getting coaching staffs and gm’s fired. If teams can’t draft, coach up and resign their home grown talent, then they don’t deserve to have their jobs anyhow.

  13. I thought the new CBA made teams spend minimum 95% of the salary cap? As that’s the players money!!!

    Guess I understood wrong, anyone help out here

  14. The Dolphins are in great shape… after all they are going to dump everyone and whatever Contracts they had. Suh is not the problem. In fact, Suh, Rashad Jones and Jarvis Landry are the only players worth saving. Even questionable Tannehill is not a problem as his Contract can be voided after next year. Wake, Vernon, Grimes, Cameron, Jennings and Lamar Miller can all go. That gives back a ton of dough for the rebuilding. This team needs Guards, LBs and CBs. Blaming this mess on Suh is rediculious! Get over yourself loser Lions Fans (ee00ee). BTW- the funniest loss since the SuperBowl. HaHa !

  15. jcf78 says:
    Dec 5, 2015 11:32 AM

    I thought the new CBA made teams spend minimum 95% of the salary cap? As that’s the players money!!!

    Guess I understood wrong, anyone help out here

    I think there is some stipulation that they spend the minimum but remember, they are talking about next year. As a result, some of the salaries are expiring and there also may be dead money that is coming off the books. If you check out the link in the article and select the 2015 year you’ll see the Raiders only had about $13M in cap space. So, expiring contracts and dead money may explain the extra $59M in cap space next year.

  16. reality is some of these guys that have these fat 20 million plus per season that are not elite qb’s are about to get whacked.

    The real question with todays cap are you better off getting about 15 guys making an avg of 8 million or so, and then lower deals on rookie contracts….or are you better off giving two or three guys the cashews, and everybody else get peanuts.

    Go Raiders! Go Reggie!

  17. Franchise quarterbacks just got their salaries covered in 2 years. 10 million jump this year, 10 million jump next year

  18. starfan79 says:
    Dec 5, 2015 10:42 AM

    The Cowboys aren’t over the cap???? wow.. lets cut Hardy, Carr and Doug Free and free up some more space to get a corner, linebacker and nose tackle


    idiot. Cowboys are at least 10-15 million UNDER a 150 mil cap right now.

  19. greenbaychicksarefat says:
    Dec 5, 2015 2:07 PM

    Dallas should be in great shape next year (if they cut ties with Mr. Bust himelf, Dez Bryant).

    Do you have even a clue how the cap works?

    If Dallas cuts Dez in 2106 they will take a $12million cap hit.

  20. The NFL will start putting The Super Bowl game on PPV, then Playoff games, then Interesting Matchups
    Then Games themselves to squeeze every Dollar from it’s fans. I
    It will start low then get higher and higher, until Fans will loose interest in the games.
    If you think the Owners give a Damn about you, you are wrong! You are a Revenue source that is it!
    So the next time you say great for a 30 Million $ plus Contract for a QB remember YOU are paying for it!

  21. Suh has a total contract that is a whopping 4 M more than it was last season on his last team. So why was there no big whoop over it then?

    When players consistently play well they deserve raises. That’s how this league works.

  22. Salary caps are just a detail. All teams have salary cap gurus and they know how to juggle the numbers. So teams that look to be in cap trouble always seem to get the players they really want. But then you have teams that just rather be sellers and never improve.

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