49ers shock the Bears in overtime


In a surprising upset that will leave the Bears wondering what might have been, the 49ers went to Chicago today and pulled off a 26-20 overtime upset.

Sometimes a game comes down to a couple plays, and that was the case in Chicago today: On the last play of regulation, Bears kicker Robbie Gould missed a field goal that would have won the game. And in overtime, 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert hit Torrey Smith with a 71-yard touchdown to win the game.

Gabbert was surprisingly effective with his feet, rushing for 75 yards in the game. Gabbert is not a great quarterback, but he’s continuing to show that he is better than he showed early in his career in Jacksonville — and better than Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback he replaced.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler completed 18 of 31 passes for 202 yards, with no touchdowns and one intercpetion. The Bears were effective on the ground, with Matt Forte rushing for 84 yards and a touchdown and backup Jeremy Langford adding 59 yards on 10 carries.

In the end, this game will be remembered in Chicago for Gould’s miss, and for the fact that it ends any realistic hopes the Bears had of reaching the playoffs. In San Francisco, this game will be remembered as one in which Gabbert provided the offense with a spark. Something it didn’t have much of when Kaepernick was running the show.

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  1. Sort of seems like the nfc playoff field has now been decided with 2 weeks still left.

  2. Because of our toxic front office, the strides our team has made since benching Kaep has been overlooked and our defense lead by Bowman has stepped up considerably.

    I didn’t expect them win, but I didn’t have them DOA either. I’m sure many daily fantasy owners are shocked but I’m starting the week off to a good start. I don’t want to see the Niners lose. Not only because I’m Faithful but a high draft pick means nothing with Baalke selecting them.

  3. I knew Fangio would be laying dead with his defense and despite one of the worst schemed games by Geep and his crew, Blaine Gabbert with his legs and arm overcame it all to lead SF to an incredible OT victory. Congrats Blaine. You are the man………

  4. Well earned team loss by the whole team today. Multiple horrific breakdowns in all three phases usually means a loss even against a bad opponent. Almost inconceivable given the Bears were at home, in perfect weather, had an extra three days to prepare and had a hell of a lot to play for.

  5. Jim Tomsula looks like the 3rd shift cook at a waffle house. Stevie Wonder is a better qb than Gabbert. Defense leaks worse than the front office.

    Dam all you haters! This team obviously has fallen some but they play hard and are staying competitive. Nice win!

    49ers for life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The Bears deserved to lose. You have to put teams away when you have the chance. The Bears are just good enough to barely lose, but that’s the difference between good and being bad. Their record is representative of the way they play.

    I’m torn with the Bears. There’s that part that wants them to win, but at the same time they aren’t going anywhere, and I’d prefer they have a higher draft choice.

  7. Robbie Gould should be cut now! He sucks and makes too much money. He can’t consistently get touch backs on kickoffs. He never wins onside kicks because he taps the ball with his foot and doesn’t know how to make the ball bounce. Remember in 2013 when Emery didn’t extend Gould’s contract, Robbie lashed out and said he needed to “provide food for his family”. As if the millions he already made was not enough. CUT HIM NOW!

  8. On the bright side, Bears fans, this loss might make it easier for your team to keep those two new coordinators next season.

  9. Easily Cutlers worst game of the year. That pick 6 got into his head and he couldn’t shake it off the whole rest of the game. The bad mojo of Trestman and Tucker was back in Soldier Field full force today.

  10. Wow, went on a beer run thinking the Bears would nail the easy kick. Shocker.

    Gabbert definitely looks better than Kaep, even on the run. It’s like twilight zone, lol. Gotta give it to the 9ers, they never quit despite seemingly everything falling apart.

  11. Gould needs to give up kicking and concentrate on his true calling as a union rep. I have no patience for a kicker that misses a 30 yard FG in perfect weather

  12. Gabbert looks surprisingly good. I guess he was a top 10 pick for a reason. Jags may have dumped him too soon.

  13. Great game plan by the Bears. Lets run the ball every play against one of the worst pass defenses in the league. What a pathetic showing

  14. The Lion and the Bears pushing each other for the bottom of the NFC North. Hard to tell who is the worst but I’ll go with the Lions based on their “We didn’t expect a Hail Mary” quote from the Packer game

    As for the Bears, Live by the FG, die by the FG.

  15. Welcome to Fox ball Bears fans…. he just has a habit coaching teams to not care and be lazy almost like they dont want to be there at least 4 games a year..
    A Denver Fan

  16. Please such a blatant tanking that anyone could see it. The difference is that the 49ers have nobody that can see the big picture…sure you are now 4-8 with no playoff possibility but lets keep getting those wins, worthless ownership, worthless front office, worthless coaching staff…

  17. The Almighty Cabbage says:
    Dec 6, 2015 5:27 PM

    Take it easy on Gould, Bear fans. He’s won a lot of games for the Bears over the years and we all know Soldier Field is no cakewalk when it comes to kicking.

    9 24

    I’m surprised at all the thumbs down. I thought Gould was pretty well loved in Chi-town. Did I miss something?

    If I got to play “build a team with whatever players I want” game I’d take Gould for my kicker in an instant if I was building an outdoor team in the North. From the outside looking in, he’s always been just about automatic even in poor weather.

  18. It’s worth mentioning that the Bears cut their long snapper (Thomas Gafford) this week and replaced him with free agent (Patrick Scales). Timing is crucial in FG’s. Seems pertinent to this discussion.

  19. Bears played a bad game, but did enough to beat an inferior team. This falls 100% on Robbie. Just like when he missed that OT field goal against the Vikings in 2013 and the Bears lost the division by 1/2 game except these field goals where closer. Since Bears won’t make playoffs now, I’m ok keeping him this season so we get a better draft pick, but 2016 Bears need to bring other kickers to camp to compete with Gould.

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