Belichick doesn’t have much to say about surprise onside drop kick


After the Patriots took a 14-0 lead over the Eagles and seemed to be in control of the game, New England went for the jugular.

They did it with a maneuver last seen in the final game of Doug Flutie’s football career, with the Patriots: A drop kick.

This drop kick came in the form of an onside kick. It didn’t work, giving the Eagles the ball at their own 41. They turned the field position into a touchdown, and then scored another 28 more in a row before the Pats scored again.

After the game, coach Bill Belichick was asked about the decision.

Asked to explain the reasoning for the play, Belichick offered this rejected line from a Dr. Seuss book, “I think everything we did, we’re trying to do what we think is best.”

Asked whether more air was supposed to be placed under the attempt, in order to make it a jump ball, Belichick said, “We don’t have time for all that.”

It’s not the only topic on which Belichick wasn’t chatty. He was asked this question: “There was a third-and-three where pass interference was called, but Jamie Collins signaled that he tipped it. Would you have had any problem if he called a timeout and had you challenge the play? Did you guys talk about that at all?”

Answer: “No.”

All things considered, Belichick wasn’t nearly as prickly as he could have been following an upset loss over a team that had surrendered 45 points in back-to-back games. Indeed, he was pretty much the same as he always is.

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  1. He is truly a great one. Not only did he generate 28 points for the Pat’s, he and Brady generated most of the Eagles points as well. If they both hadn’t been trying to be so great they could have won a less scoring game easily.

  2. Seriously one of the most arrogant play calls I can remember.

    It was like, we don’t just want to win, we want to win and show we’re smarter than everyone else by pulling out this clever play.

  3. I hate saying this as a Patriots fan but I think Bill outsmarted himself today. I’m guessing he thought this was going to be an easy win after a 14-0 lead and it came back to haunt him with the Philly special teams. Congrats Philly

  4. The worst okay was at the one yard line and they ran white instead of Blount losing 4 yds and then the 100 TD pick 6
    That was one play if done right they win

    Horribly coached and executed game

    The defense only showed up with 5 minutes to go

    Thankfully this was not a layoff game and they also luck out with Denver playing the bengals they still can get the bye

    Just a miserable two weeks

  5. Belichik is tolerable when the Pats win, but just a d**k when they dont. How a person handles himself in defeat is usually much more telling than how they handle victory.

  6. It’s nice to see an arrogant orginization like the pats to get punched in the balls every now and again. Just when it seems like you can’t find a big enough pair of pants.

  7. Belichick is a great man. He decided that his desire to keep his good friend Chip Kelly in the NFL overrode his desire to win this particular game.

  8. What does he have to say about Brady’s slipping accuracy in cold weather with regulation footballs? No Dorito Dink around to deflate for you.

    That appeal hearing is going to go badly for Tommy Cheater

  9. Brady is showing how average he really is without Gronk and Edelman. A non athletic 6th rounder playing in a system that allowed Matt Cassell to go 11-5. Yep, Matt Cassell. 11-5.

  10. if Chris harper was deemed unfit to remain on the roster (despite the lack of depth at WR) due to his muffed punt signaling the end of Pats chances of winning at Denver, then there is NO WAY belichick doesn’t realize that THAT drop kick was the beginning of the end for Pats in foxborough.

  11. Bet he’s listening to audio of the opponents locker room in that picture, but the Eagles wised up (since they were cheated out of their SB by none other than…) by putting some background noise in the locker room


  12. canetic says:
    Dec 6, 2015 11:36 PM
    Fire Belichick.

    ……so 31 other teams can bid for his services!

  13. Bill, nothing to say????

    How bout “We are moving on the AFC third seed.”

  14. I have not questioned Bill since the infamous “go for it on 4th down vs Indy several years back” …. the dropkick call may have topped it…..needless….may not have cost us a win and home field advantage but there is no doubt it put Chip Kelly’s squad in prime field position and they Made the Pats pay…..horrible call…..horrible loss…..and now we go on the road for a game we can easily lose…no guarantees this year….Pats could end up in the wild card round battling for their playoff lives.

  15. I’m old enough to remember when innovative plays were called creative, not “arrogant”. The Pats are so far in the minds of some of you it’s remarkable.

    Last night they played as poorly as I’ve seen in almost a decade; we Pats fans are used to seeing excellent special teams and last night was anything but.

    If they don’t get that Oline play figured out, they will have a hard time making hay in the playoffs.

    Congrats to the Eagles on a good win, a spanking of the Pats at Gillette, which doesn’t happen often.

  16. Definately a Kink in the Armor!

    BeliCheat is just a mortal and Brady thinks he is going to play well into his 40’s? LOL! Just look at how vulnerable this team is with a few injuries. Every team has injuries… Remember a few weeks ago when you were bragging “next man up”?

  17. I think this was just a seemingly ‘good time to try’ a play in their minds. Up 14-0 against a team with a horrible record in a bad division. I don’t think they thought PHI was going to be putting up any kind of fight, so why not try some stuff.

    It just backfired on them.

  18. I actually love that the Pats try stuff like the drop kick. It’s old school enough to be new again, and if you think you have the talent to pull it off, why not add it to your arsenal? Belichick’s willingness to try stuff is one reason we’re successful, but they don’t work all the time. Remember 4th & 2?

    If it had worked the rout may have been on; but it failed, and give credit to the Eagles for having been ready and executing properly.

  19. See a lot of comments about an overall bad game. Not sure why everyone is blaming the defense. They werent on the field for a blocked punt return TD. They werent on the field for a 100yd int TD, nor were they on the field for a 83 yd punt return for a TD. On one of the 2 td’s they were on the field was a result of a failed attempted onside drop kick by the Patriots shortening the field. I think overall the defense played a good game. the offense still put up 28 points albeit giving up 7. Lets get down to facts. Special teams lost this game for the Patriots and possibly throw in a bad call on the onside kick early. Definitely need our receivers back as on the last drive all 3 passes ewnt through receivers hands (Amendola was at least twisting in the air) The loss stinks, but lets not start calling for heads to roll when we’re 10-2 and only a few bad play calls, plays are to blame.

  20. Fans and reporters like to give marshawn lynch grief for not saying anything to reporters after games. So what’s worse, not to say anything or give non answers and treat reporters as a nuisance the way belichick does? We constantly hear that reporters are just doing their jobs, and the league expects its employees to speak to reporters (except referees of course) We already know that belichick has a highly intelligent football mind, when he cares to talk about the game he can provide a lot of depth to the game. Yet he gets to pick and choose when he is cooperative and when he’s not. I also don’t want to hear that the questions asked of belichick are stupid, as most questions asked by reporters after a game could easily fall into that category, and yet players like Peyton manning stand there and answer, other head coaches stand there and answer. It’s just BB that gets a pass. His schtick is old. He is the premier coach on one of the premier teams in the league and is paid accordingly to be civil.

  21. No real fan of football (with an IQ above 70) can possibly believe that Belichick isn’t THE best coach in the league and Brady isn’t one of the best QBs. I’m a Steelers fan and obviously hate the Patriots, but come on… every good team has had crushing injuries (except the Bengals. And Carolina’s been fortunate in the regular season) but which teams have handled injuries best? The Steelers have done pretty well considering the loss of their best O-lineman, followed by their LT. They also lost THE BEST all around RB in the league, and were without Ben for several games. But no one has done it better than the Pats. Tell me, which one of your teams could have had a prayer with your coach, your QB, but the rest of the Pats offense?

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