Bengals denied USC, Miami permission to interview Hue Jackson


It’s widely believed that Bengals offensive coordinator (and former Raiders coach) Hue Jackson will be a hot candidate for an NFL head coaching job in 2016. He also could have been a hot candidate for a couple of college coaching jobs.

Per multiple sources, the Bengals declined permission to both USC and the University of Miami to interview Jackson for recently filled vacancies.

As one source explained it, Bengals owner Mike Brown simply didn’t want to create any distractions in what could be a special season for the franchise. As a result, Jackson has no issue with the team’s position.

It helps that Brown is a huge supporter of Jackson for NFL head-coaching jobs. The ability of another team to hire him could be delayed into late January — possibly February.

Ultimately, Jackson could become the next coach of the Bengals. Long-time head coach Marvin Lewis has said he’d like to win the Lombardi Trophy, hand it to Brown, and then “walk away.”

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  1. Hue was not such a great HC in Oakland but he has been an amazing OC. I would obviously hope the last scenario would be the one to take place but heck I’d hope he come to my adopted division and take over the lions. Cant watch the Bengals but I could watch Hue and Zim up here, that would be cool

  2. It must be a great year to be a fan of the New York City Officials. Where can you get one of their cool black and white striped jersey’s? They look like they are going to go undefeated this year. What a dynasty the NYC Officials are putting together. They look unstoppable.

  3. As an FSU fan, glad they denied them permission because he is the tyupe of combination of great x’s and o’s coach with the type of personality that would have hit the ground running there. I did say he would have been a perfect fit for the USC job as a former assistant and one with familiarity with the recruiting area from years back. However, he definitely deserves another crack at an NFL HC job after what he did with the Raiders.

  4. Are there any teams in the NFL better than the NYC Officials? I don’t think so. I mean they are just dominating every time they take the field. The 72′ Dolphins better hold off on the champagne this year, cause the Officials are coming, and they are on fire right now. Roy Jone’s “can’t be stopped” should be the official song of the NYC Officials and Goodall their mascot.

  5. After Marvin hands Mikey the Lombardi trophy…..Hue will take the reigns of one of the greatest NFL franchises going forward! Putzberg & the Ratbirds wish they had organiztion like this. WHO DEY!!!!

  6. My dream scenario is that regardless of the outcome of the year, Mike brown “retires”, Katie makes Marvin the gm and Marvin makes hue the hc.

  7. “baltimorons says:
    Dec 6, 2015 7:25 PM
    Bengals suck.”

    Nice to see Ravens fans contributing to the conversation…

  8. Hue may end up coaching somewhere else, but I think he really likes this team. Marvin has allowed him to run his offense, and he is surrounded by talent and what could be the next top tier QB.

    I don’t think he will be in a huge hurry to leave. He could stay here five years and succeed Marvin. Either way, I love the guy’s intensity and his ability to use all the pieces in a way that comes together to create something special.

  9. Thanks Brown. Instead we hired Helton in an attempt to make up for not keeping Orgeron. Haden doesn’t understand that simply beating UCLA is not a good enough standard going forward, we expect to compete for championships. Unfortunately, we probably have 8-5 coming for the next 3 years or so unless Helton can do some amazing recruiting and turn that defense around.

  10. Hue Jackson is going to be a good NFL head coach. His time in Oakland reminds me of Bill Belichick’s time in Cleveland. Sometimes a team is in such turmoil that it’s hard for any coach to win.

  11. Well, i’m not exactly ecstatic with our “interim-to-new head coach” decision at USC. I had heard that promoting our interim hc was due to approximately 20 rejections to the USC job. Seeing what might have been really sucks, oh well we’ll see what happens. I wonder if Jackson was informed of the opportunity at the time it was on the table or did he find out about it later? Interesting…………………….

  12. well than I guess Hue won’t be coaching the bengals anytime soon…..before you can win a super bowl, you need to learn how to win a playoff game

  13. Hue Jackson would be perfect for the Colts. Can you imagine Andrew Luck running Hue’s offensive schemes? Wow!

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