Browns players don’t trust Manziel, either


Much of the blame for the decision to put quarterback Johnny Manziel behind Austin Davis in Cleveland has been placed on coach Mike Pettine. But the failure of Manziel to start in place of Josh McCown isn’t simply a reflection of the fact that Pettine has become unwilling to trust Manziel.

The players on offense aren’t ready to trust him again, either.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Manziel has once again squandered the trust of teammates. That dynamic comes after Manziel worked hard in the offseason to regain the trust of his coworkers.

With Davis and the Browns down 20-3 at the half of Sunday’s game against the Bengals, it’ll be interesting to see whether anyone’s mind changes about Manziel during intermission.

25 responses to “Browns players don’t trust Manziel, either

  1. Manziel is a waste of a roster space. The Browns should get rid of him ASAP. Jerrah would love him in Dallas, where Manziel would almost certainly prove to be equally untrustworthy and a selfish party animal. Trade him to Dallas, Browns, and get rid of this headache once and for all.

  2. He’s an alcoholic and really isn’t that talented. Other than that, he was a very good college quarterback with a lot of hype. It’s only a matter of time before we read less and less about him like that other former SEC quarterback.

  3. It’s ALLLLLLL Tim Couch/Jeff Garcia/Trent Dilfer/Derek Anderson/Colt McCoy/Brandon Weeden/Brian Hoyer’s fault.

  4. He’s a recurring alcoholic who failed and reverted after rehab.

    Not the kind of person you want to trust receiving multi million dollar paychecks to lead a team.

  5. “He’s an alcoholic and really isn’t that talented”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Much like the vast majority of NFL fans.


  6. Browns are a bunch of losers including their head coach.

    Johnny is the only winner on that team. None of those other scrubs have won anything.

    I can guess the sources Joe Thomas and Brian Hartline. The 2 gossipy hens. Those 2 are garbage.

  7. How soon people forget that Manziel was awful against the Bengals; His debut w/the Bengals: Browns lost (30-0) 80 yds passing and 10/8 completions. Earlier this season against Bengals, Browns lost (31-10) and he went 15/33 for 168 yds, 1 TD. Today, Davis went 230 yds at 25/38, 1 INT. Not bad for someone who’s seen little action in 3.5 yrs. It’s not Davis’ fault if the receiving corps can’t get the ball into the end zone after he handily delivers it or the defense didn’t do its job.

  8. Johnny hasn’t done anything any typical NFL player also does. He is just highly publicized than most for some reason. He was looking promising in a couple of games before being benched. Terrible idea not to let him start the rest of the season to see what you have.

  9. “How soon people forget that Manziel was awful against the Bengals ….. It’s not Davis’ fault if the receiving corps can’t get the ball into the end zone after he handily delivers it or the defense didn’t do its job.”

    Hmmm, what applies to Davis doesn’t apply to Manziel? This season, the Bengals beat them 31-10 at home with Manziel playing – also with little playing time. He had a QBR of 71.3 with 1 TD, 0 INTs and 0 Fumbles. The next match up, they lost to the Bengals 37-3 at home with Davis playing. He had a QBR of 71.2 with 0 TDs, 1 INT and 1 Fumble. Both were sacked 3 times.
    Even though Davis threw for more yards with a better completion percentage, Manziel was told to stay in the pocket the 2nd half by Pettine and spent more time trying to avoid the constant blitzing that could have been avoided if he had been allowed to leave the pocket. If he had been allowed to play the 2nd half like he did the first half, he probably would have done better. Keep in mind, it was 14-10 at the half.
    Regardless, both QBs played respectable for the lack of talent surrounding them. The Browns problem isn’t the QBs, its the rest of the team that really sucks with the exception of 3 or 4 players – and neither Thomas nor Mack are in the 4m 3 or 4.

  10. How are people still overlooking his alcoholism and brushing it off like it’s the same as someone having some drinks?

    In this day and age?

    Seriously, it’s baffling.

    Dude’s an alcoholic. Will only get worse until he stops drinking for good. That’s just how alcoholism works.

    Nobody in the history of the disease has been successful doing otherwise.

    Manziel will only become a bigger liability with each game/season if he continues to drink. Period.

  11. Reading these comments from some of the Manziel fan boys are quite comical to say the least. Most people in this chat gets it. Manziel isn’t the best option at quarterback going forward. He’ll give you a few plays a game that’ll make some believe he can be that guy, but in actuality he isn’t. The man is hyped beyond what he should be, & needs to just focus on football. Funny how someone hasn’t mentioned a position change yet. Like seriously, were he black he’d been asked to be a wr coming out of college.

  12. Ravens worst than Browns? And this from a Steeler’s fan. First of all the Ravens won our only game so far against the Steelers. 2nd, the refs keep cheating us out of winning games. 3rd, we will beat you again in Baltimore. Even with a mostly 2nd and 3rd string team we are still better than Steelers.

  13. Drafted first round and walked across the stage like a pompous fool making money signs. Partying with dollar bills in the bathroom in Vegas, talking on the money phone. Was told to calm down as he was the face of the franchise. Told the owner to pound sand. Then says he sorry. Stunk his first few games, then said he needed to turn it around…says he sorry. Stunk some more. Said he’s soory. Offseason he hit the rehab trail and swore he’s changed. Says he’s sorry. Drinking some more, he gets into a scuffle with a girl. Says he sorry. Announced as starter for rest of season, goes off and parties, get benched. Says he’s sorry. Now he is starting again. (put next travesty hear). Says he’s sorry.

  14. so jt and bh don’t like his committment. take it up with the owner. lots of young 20somethings like to party, that does not make them alcoholics, it makes them kids. fact is the browns are at present unsuccessful and are more interesting and potentially viable with jm at the qb position. whether he is cut this offseason (he won’t be), you don’t part ways with a multimillion dollar investment first round qb until you’ve seen them properly flame out in the correct setting. which is on the field. if the coaches can’t gameplan to his strengths, them better coaches are needed. personnel trumps scheme.

  15. After he spends all his booze, his hot chick will be gone and he’ll be forced to go home with the last call girls. Welcome to real life, Johnny!

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