Eagles hold on after late fumble, snap three-game losing streak

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The Eagles saw two-thirds of their 21-point lead slip away in the fourth quarter and they gave the Patriots a chance to erase the rest of that edge when running back Kenjon Barner fumbled while trying to run out the clock with 1:02 left to play, but there would be no miracle ending for Tom Brady this time.

Brady converted one first down after the fumble, but Keshawn Martin couldn’t hang on to a fourth-down pass with 20 seconds left to play in the game to seal the 35-28 victory for the Eagles. It’s the first win for the Eagles since Week Nine and would leave them with a piece of first place in the race to the bottom that is the NFC East should the Cowboys beat the Redskins on Monday night.

That’s remarkable given how little has gone right for the Eagles this season, but they had plenty go their way on Sunday. Much of it happened on defense and special teams as the Eagles scored on a blocked punt, interception return and punt return to dig out of a 14-0 hole and build a 35-21 lead. The defense also pressured and hit Brady, who finished 29-of-56 for 312 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions, all day as the Patriots struggled to find their rhythm on offense with so many missing pieces.

They may have uncovered one in running back James White, who had 10 catches for 115 yards and a touchdown, but they’re going to need more from others if they’re going to secure a first-round bye in the playoffs. With the Bengals and Broncos winning, the Pats are now No. 3 in the AFC although Cincinnati and Denver still play each other so the Pats will be fine if they win out. That may be a lot to ask from the team we saw today, although their late comeback shows that there’s little reason to think they can’t figure something out.

The Eagles have things to figure out on offense as well as they picked up 248 yards while running 58 plays on Sunday afternoon. Sam Bradford did make a big completion to Riley Cooper on third down shortly before Barner’s fumble by stepping up and away from Rob Ninkovich to deliver a first down that looked like it would ice the game and he threw a pair of touchdowns, but there were long stretches when the Eagles didn’t do much offensively.

It wound up being enough today, though, and they’ll remain on at least the fringes of the division race if they can find a way against the Bills next week.

104 responses to “Eagles hold on after late fumble, snap three-game losing streak

  1. Hmmm, I guess I’ll just have to wait on the Patriots’ fans saying they were robbed by any number of calls that every other team encounters every single week.


    Looks like the Uggs and the Man Purse are coming back to Denver.

  3. Before Patriot fans talk about injuries, let me remind you that you just got beat by a quarterback that makes Danny Amendola look like the Man of the Steel.

  4. Chip Kelly went into full prevent offense and tried his hardest to lose this game with an epic slide…

    he should get canned after being up 3 TDs with 8:00 left against the Pats and very nearly losing the game… that was nuts

  5. Fine by me. Want to stay mediocre Philly, Instead of rolling over and letting your joke coach get fired, you lose draft position and keep Chip Spurri-err Kelly around. Don’t even dream about winning the NFC East. It belongs to the Redskins PERIOD. Door is slammed SHUT after the Redskins demolish the Cowboys tommorow night. Oh and Patriots*? You are who we thought you were. A losing team without the cheating. #ThankGodImaRedskinFan

  6. Bradys WR are terrible, New England didnt show up to play during the 2nd half and their ST looked awful.

  7. The best part of that whole game was seeing Brady fall on his ass when trying to catch Jenkins after the inception. That was priceless…

  8. Brady had as much to do with this loss as anyone else on the team, his accuracy was a joke. Then there is his decision making, throwing into double or triple coverage. I thought last week was sorry, but this garbage takes the cake.

  9. NE deserved to lose today, but this team has some fight in them. They had a chance to tie it until that awful drop by LaFell at the end killed them.

    They still have as good a chance as any team in the AFC.

  10. When Gronkowski is there “Brady makes everyone around him better” and then as soon as Gronkowski is out “Brady has no one to work with”

    Why is it that people refuse to admit that Gronkowski is the Pats MVP? If he’s there the Pats are a real threat, when he’s not they’re just another team with an overrated QB.

  11. Chipper tried to give it away with his Oregon Duck RB in the game who subsequently fumbled. A lot of salary cap wasted on Murray!

  12. One short week ago the Patriots were the #1 seed in the AFC with a 2 game lead. Now after two losses in a row they are the 3rd seed in the AFC behind the Bengals and the Broncos. Just crazy.

  13. Trying to run out the clock in the 3rd quarter is never a good thing. Almost bit Chip in the ass. 4th quarter end of game, Duce HAS to put veteran DeMarco in there, not Barner.

  14. Really looked the Eagles quit on Chip Kelly tonight. Oh wait…

    You know what was the best part of this game? Those frontrunner Patriots fans leaving early in the 4th quarter.

  15. NE fans won’t blame injuries, because according to them Brady has been playing with “inferior” weapons his whole career so this game shouldn’t have been any different.

  16. Nice game by the Eagles.

    It’s a shame the Patriots drive ended with 3 straight drops, or they might have made a game of it.

    Ultimately meaningless for New England, I was calling for Garoppolo in the 4th to get Brady out of the line of fire.

  17. “bonesawisready says:
    Dec 6, 2015 7:47 PM
    How do you go from being blown out in Detroit to beating New England?”


    1. The Patriots try to get cute by going for an onside kick up 14 with no signs of life from the Eagles.

    2. Block a punt and return it for a TD with 10 seconds left in the first half.

    3. Intercept a pass on the goal line and return it 100 yards for a TD.

    4. Benefit from four consecutive dropped passes on the Pats’ final drive (to Lafell twice, Amendola once, and Keshawn Martin once)

    Given the number of unlikely things that went well for the Eagles, I came away from the game feeling better about the Pats’ ability to repeat and win when it matters most this January. Tom Brady and his team don’t quit, even when it would be easy to throw your hands up and say that today is not your day. At 10-2 they are still well-positioned and will have every opportunity to win another Super Bowl in February.

  18. Deserved to lose is understatement. That would indicate that the team’s play was inferior.

    It goes beyond that. Today, the Patriots actually and literally handed the game to the Eagles. It’s the type of performance that makes one ask, “Holy crap! Are they actually trying to give the Eagles the win?”

    What we discovered is that the Patriots simply aren’t good enough right now to win when they give up a punt return for TD AND Brady throws a pick in the opponent’s end zone that is returned for a 100 yard TD AND their punting team gives up a TD on a blocked punt. I won’t even mention the failed on-side kick.

    Let’s be real. Any single ONE of those scenarios can easily be the difference between winning and losing. Tonight all three were too much to overcome.

    On to Houston.

  19. Fortunately it didn’t matter, but six seconds ran off the clock after the Patriots fumble recovery. The NFL has to do a better job of catching these mistakes.

  20. Goodell and Kraft are wiping each others tears. But I will say this is the first game in 3 years Patriots have lost in foxboro (not including last years game to bills and pats sat starters). I’m still pretty sure NFL is still considered “entertainment” which gives Goodell/Kraft power to do what they want.

  21. IM not sure Id be overly excited if i were a Eagles fan. If they beat NE by rushing and passing for 450 yards then yes, but these were fluke points, that while well deserved, arent going to happen frequently.
    When they needed their O and D to come through they nearly failed but in this league against that team, a win is a win.

    They are still the team to beat in the AFC but it will be interesting to see how injuries continue to effect them

  22. I feel bad for Tom’s kids. He likes to terrorize them with horror costumes after a loss.

  23. Chip has become great again. He almost loses a game he was ahead by 3 td’s & Eagle fans everywhere ICWT again. Of course I’m glad they beat the Pats but this doesn’t change 45-17 or 45-14.

    Funniest comment is Super Bowl next year, so typical Philly!! This guy is going continue to break the hearts of fans that believe in him.

  24. Brady will break down taking this kind of weekly pounding. Oh, and he gets JJ Watt next week. Brady has survived on 3 step drops, making a 5 yard throw to Welker, Edelman, or Gronkowski and then watching the YAC. He won’t hold up physically with theses weekly beatings.

  25. New England has won 5 SUPERBOWLS in recent history, yet 1/2 their fans walked out in the 4th quarter when their decimated team was struggling against a bad Eagles team. That’s a damn disgrace. This is why the rest of America looks at them as nothing more than stuck up front runner fans. Pathetic.

  26. Philly took advantage of the miscues that NE couldn’t afford to make. Tip of the cap to the Eagles and it’s on to Houston.

    illogicalvoice, always good for a laugh.
    “Door is slammed SHUT after the Redskins demolish the Cowboys tomorrow night.”

    Not even Dallas will be eliminated from winning that sorry division with a loss

  27. Pats can’t run the ball, Brady is getting hammered every game, and next week JJ Watt will be in Pats backfield all game.
    This Pats team isn’t good enough to beat a Denver and Cincinnati on the road in consecutive weeks to get to the Super Bowl.

  28. Sorry. 4 SuperBowls. I’m sure that 5th win would’ve made all the difference in them walking out early today. My bad.

  29. The Patriots, my team, deserves to lose this one. Goofing around won’t win any game. They played like kids on snow day. With Brady’s last run, you know they can win this game. I don’t mind losing to the Eagles though. Congrats to the Eagles!
    Also, perhaps BB will now give Brady legit talented receivers. Brady keep trying to make La Fell into Randy Moss. The innate talent is not there. At least James White is emerging. Brady can also be a receiver if desperation time comes.
    Oh well.. You lose some… You win some.. Any given Sunday…

  30. I can’t wait for patriots to be caught cheating again. I just wonder what strategy Goodell will use? The destroy all evidence move or the go over the top so it gets over turned move.

  31. Strange as it is to say, I think the way the Eagles won this game is just further proof of how poorly coached and mediocre they are.

    They stumbled into a big lead with some great special teams plays and a huge turnover, then spent the rest of the game trying to lose. Ridiculously conservative play calling on both sides of the ball and a horrible turnover at the end.

    If I were an Eagles fan, I wouldn’t be especially encouraged by this win. Kelly still hasn’t shown he can coach his way out of a paper bag.

  32. Haha, look at all the losers coming after the Patriots after a regular season loss…. not surprised, but seriously you people need to get a life and worry about your own team.

  33. Congrats to the Eagles. Pats need to regroup and play out the final four with wins and get their swagger back. That effort/execution will not win them many games.

    Glad to see Brady take responsibility for the loss and the turnovers. The team needs to do a better job of protecting him. Her is taking too many hits and is being forced to hold the ball to long.

  34. Now other teams need to ask the Eagles what they did to keep the Cheaters from cheating.

  35. terripet says:
    Dec 6, 2015 8:13 PM
    Denver number one seed

    Not sure what is more amusing the ‘football fan’ that can’t interpret standings properly or the 28 people that as of now read that fallacy and upvoted it

  36. New England has won 5 SUPERBOWLS in recent history, yet 1/2 their fans walked out in the 4th quarter when their decimated team was struggling against a bad Eagles team. That’s a damn disgrace. This is why the rest of America looks at them as nothing more than stuck up front runner fans. Pathetic.


    They’ve only won four.

  37. Last week I told the Pats fans that their team better win-out or come back to Mile High. I am now worried about them losing out and getting bounced by KC in round 1. Step your game up!

  38. Tough loss that should never have happened. However it’s not as big a deal as haters like chip woody are making. It’s just a game at the end of the season kind of like against the Bills last year. That’s why Gronk wasn’t played today and why they tried the joke play. Cause the game was just not that important. And as anyone who watched knows, it was an any given Sunday kind of day for the Eagles, but just barely.
    I can tell you that real NE fans are not worried. When more of our key players are back, we will be just fine. Bring on the Panthers. We will be ready.

  39. The NFL can be a weekly thing. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who you are. Anyone can be beaten, Any Given Sunday.

    Wasn’t surprised they almost came back though. Cannot believe he dropped the onside kick that hit him the the chest. I was looking for Coughlin on the sidelines.

  40. Gonna be fun down the stretch with three 10-2 teams. Two of the three can win out (Bengals/Broncos play each other) and the top seed could come down to tie-breakers. When was the last time (if ever) that the Number 3 seed was 13-3?

  41. gallopinggilmore says:
    Dec 6, 2015 7:57 PM
    Philly has the league’s most sophisticated play calling system. The rest of the league should take note. This is how you beat the spies.

    lol, 2 special teams TD’s and an incredible pick 6 hardly speaks to offensive signal sophistication as a key component. The haters have a chance to gloat and can’t get it right, priceless

  42. Without Brady, the team NE fielded tonight would have competed for the #1 pick. There are so many talent gaps on offense (without Gronk, especially) and on defense. The Patriots OL might be one of the 5 worst position groupings in the NFL. They’re an eyesore right now.

    The Eagles played well and made few mistakes while the Patriots were arrogant and made many. Philly deserved to win. They out executed NE who just isn’t playing good right now.

    (Pats fan here)

  43. Broncos are in the Patriots head, renting condos and offices. Pats couldn’t even get there minds right to face the Iggles

  44. There is no coincidence that the last three weeks games have been cold, wet, or both. Brady has been inaccurate. Veteran NFL receivers have dropped multiple open passes. LaFell, Amendola, and Gronk all have dropped a lot of balls that they had two hands on.
    This is the time of the year that we will see the effect of properly inflated balls. So far it does not look good.

  45. Coincidence that as the weather gets colder Tom’s accuracy is really slipping? The receiving corp Brady had today was pretty much what Rodgers has been working with all season. Amdendola = Cobb, Chandler = Richard Rodgers, LaFell = Adams/Jones (he actually gets open more), Blount = Lacy, White = Starks. Both teams down several offensive lineman.

    The difference – 1 game Brady’s had to deal with it, Rodgers all season. But Pats fans were quick to say he sucks and is washed up and he doesn’t have Belichick and McDaniels coming up with creativity – he has McCarthy and Clements who don’t run slants, bunch receivers, nothing.

  46. They truncated the replay, but Thurmond shoved Amendola and the ball ended up exactly where Amendola would have been without the shove. The Broncos fans are really into it, are they not? Punks.

  47. According to Donkey fans they are in the Pats heads. Since the Donkeys lost to the Chiefs does that mean the Chiefs are in the Donkeys heads?

  48. Patriots will be fine. They should have gronk and edelman back for the playoffs when it matters. White should be used similar to Lewis, hopefully they figured that out tonight despite the loss. You will be able to make up for the terrible o-line with creative play calling and using the slot receivers/running back effectively.

    Unfortunately for my packers, we don’t have belichick as our coach or McDaniels as our oc…we are stuck with McCarthy and clements who refuse to make any adjustments to the offense. Capers still hasn’t learned how to defend the middle of the field or stop a 3rd down conversion. Unfortunately no Jordy Nelson coming back either, so we get to watch davante/jones/cobb struggle to get open all game.

    Count your blessing Patriots fans, if anyone can overcome the injuries it’s you guys. They all hate us cuz they ain’t us.

  49. Today was rough. TB struggled, and we really didn’t look like a playoff team. Going to be a rough couple of weeks till we get healthy.

  50. Difference between Denver and New England?

    When Denver discovered their Head Coach, Josh McDaniels, was cheating, Denver fired him immediately. New England rehired him the next day.

  51. Pats offense–hold your horses other Pats fans, they still put up almost 30 points, even without Gronk and Edelman. Sucks that they have no middle of the field game at the moment, and Lafell is more like Ladrop.
    The loss is squarely on Special Teams. Bill, as he does sometimes overthought it. That turned the game.
    Sucks that Brady’s reception was followed by that INT.

    Ah well, on to Huston.

  52. My Pats usually throw in at least stinker of a game every season. This time they threw in a whopper.

    The whole team is pissed, Belichik is pissed, and there will be some serious Belichiking this week and next week all will be well.

    I’ve been watching all season and not once have I seen them play as well a they’re capable of, yet they’ve managed to win 10 games.

    This is the 1st time in a few seasons they’ve lost twice in a row, and in each of them the game came down to the last play.

    We’ll be fine.

  53. Pats fans trolling Kelly for the way he managed the end of the game. If I recall correctly, NE tried “proving a point” in Buffalo week 2 and were a drive away from doing what NE also failed to do tonight. I said this last week, NE is missing a running game. Philly only “mush” rushed after they had the lead and still got to Brady consistently. If there is no threat of a run, defenses will pin there ears back, like the last 3 weeks. This team is toast. AFC east winners, but not shot at anything else unless they find a running game. And White doesn’t count, his yards came in garbage “give them the middle of the field” time.

  54. Without Gronk getting triple covered, Brady doesn’t look so great. Gronk is one who really makes that offense go by opening up the passing and running games by drawing away multiple defenders.

  55. Before getting all excited about James White remember Kiko Alonso was covering him on most of those receptions. Alonzo would have the same effectiveness covering my grandmother.

  56. so after this loss I dont want to hear Pats fans say” all our key people were injured, and we would have won if we had our players”. well guess what yall, the broncos lost 3 more people today, 2 starters and a reserve that was playing for a injured player and we still won. Dont care if it was against SD or whoever, we still held them to 3 points and besides the Eagles had won only 1 more game than the Chargers so….

  57. The way the Patriots and Tom Brady played the Eagles was awful! They could not beat any of the AFC premier teams with a flawed game plan and the two interceptions that resulted in stopping a potential scoring drive and the pick six from well inside the five yd line! The onside kick was the beginning of the end for the Pats. They are now positioned as third in the AFC playoffs and if they do not improve, will play and lose to Denver with their rookie QB.

  58. I love the total panic from some Pats fans right now. Relax. Your team dropped a couple games. The first was an OT loss after Gronk got hurt, and the second was against an Eagles team in “win or die” mode, with you big pieces of your team. Put on a sweater. Take some vitamins. You’ll be fine.

    -Eagles fan

  59. Giants fan checking in (and it sucks to be a Giants fan today). The Patriots will be fine. They will get healthier and they will be fine. But they need to cut James White asap. He gets tackled by a slight breeze. He should have scored on his 24 yard catch and run. Had he scored there would not have been the 100 yard pick 6. Almost any other player would have scored. He didn’t even look like he tried to score. I knew the Patriots were going to lose right there. I know he had a good game statistically. But he was dreadful.

  60. Congrats to the Eagles for holding on to win against the most pathetic effort we’ve seen from the Pats since KC last year.

    That Brady had a chance with a minute left after being down 21 in the 4th is remarkable.

    Still with no Gronk, Brady isn’t enough. Without Brady, we wouldn’t know the name Gronk.


  61. mancave001 says:
    Dec 7, 2015 8:41 AM
    I love the total panic from some Pats fans right now

    You’re hearing this where? No panic here young son.

    We have 4 Lombardis so I can check out happy.

  62. skinnylegspeytonmanning says:
    Dec 6, 2015 11:08 PM
    Difference between Denver and New England?

    When Denver discovered their Head Coach, Josh McDaniels, was cheating, Denver fired him immediately. New England rehired him the next day.

    Yeah, that’s what happened. Therapy may help.

  63. 1historian says:
    Dec 7, 2015 12:04 AM
    My Pats usually throw in at least stinker of a game every season. This time they threw in a whopper.

    The whole team is pissed, Belichik is pissed, and there will be some serious Belichiking this week and next week all will be well.

    I’ve been watching all season and not once have I seen them play as well a they’re capable of, yet they’ve managed to win 10 games.

    This is the 1st time in a few seasons they’ve lost twice in a row, and in each of them the game came down to the last play.

    We’ll be fine.
    Winning 10 games in what annually is one of the worst divisions in football. Pat’s are a decent team, made so much better by being given a pass to their division each year because there’s no competition in their division. That said, Edelman, and Gronk make that offense…any QB can hit Edelman and Gronk on short 7 yard routes across the middle…Brady is nothing special without those two standout receivers. Have some cheese with that whine

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