Fisher says Bailey probably done playing football

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Rams Coach Jeff Fisher told reporters Monday that wide receiver Stedman Bailey, who was shot twice in the head late last month, is probably done playing football.

Per Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Fisher said that is related to injuries Bailey suffered in the shooting but Fisher did not elaborate.

Thomas later tweeted that Fisher said Bailey “may surprise everybody” based on how far he’s come since the shooting.

Last week, Bailey tweeted that he’s doing well and that his recovery has been “nothing short of a miracle.” He underwent more than six hours of surgery after the shooting and spent time in intensive care.

Fisher said the NFL has lifted the four-game suspension Bailey was serving for violating the league’s drug policy and that the Rams will place Bailey on the non-football injury list.

15 responses to “Fisher says Bailey probably done playing football

  1. Hopefully he can live a normal life regardless of how his football career turns out. And if he is done playing football, maybe he and Fisher can hang out together since he’s just about done coaching football too.

  2. Call it karma! He was one of the dirtballs that was raising his hands in protest with the other dirtballs before a game about Ferguson! You get what you deserve in life!! You got it!

  3. Drugs are part of organized crime.
    When you associate with organized crime, you get caught up in the violence.

    As part of returning to some level of functionality in society, he has to stop abusing himself with drugs.

  4. I’m sure it’ll hurt Fisher’s feelings to be done with football, he’s only made multiple millions, coached in a Super Bowl, won a Super Bowl as a player, owns homes in Montana, Tennessee, and California, and is still somewhat young.

  5. You have to be a terrible person to even be remotely happy about someone nearly dying and not playing football anymore because of what that person stood up for.

    Let’s make America great again

  6. What type of person is talking junk about a guy getting shot in the head…seriously?

    Don’t talk about a lifestyle you know nothing about…you’re the reason America needs. Help…

  7. First and foremost football is great intertainement but life life is more than great its one of GODS biggest blessings, Fisher is a humble and has excellent character from what I have noticed. I am going to make this short and sweet if coach can walk away from the sport and help one person to become a better person in life than Fisher has done his job beyond his expectations. From what I understand GOD doesnt let egos and hateful people in heaven. p.s William Green hard core fisher, Rams Fan

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