Rams fire offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti


Rams coach Jeff Fisher said after Sunday’s 27-3 loss to the Cardinals that he’d run out of answers for how to get the team back on track after falling short for the fifth straight week.

He must have done some brainstorming overnight because the team has made a change on the coaching staff. The Rams announced that they have fired offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti and turned the reins of the unit open to assistant head coach Rob Boras.

Cignetti was in his first year as coordinator after spending the last three years as the team’s quarterbacks coach. The Rams currently rank 31st in the league in both scoring and offensive yards and have managed just 54 points during a losing streak that has featured some of the ghastliest offensive football in recent memory.

“We thank Frank for his hard work and dedication over the last four years,” Fisher said in a statement. “We wish him the best moving forward.”

Boras doesn’t figure to have considerably better luck unless the Rams find some way to upgrade on quarterbacks Nick Foles and Case Keenum in the next few weeks. There should be plenty of other changes coming to the Rams after Fisher extended the team’s run of seasons without a winning record to 12, up to and including the zip code the team calls home for their next attempt to play something resembling capable offensive football.

44 responses to “Rams fire offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti

  1. So, we have a sacrificial lamb.

    This makes no difference as the Rams play Fisherball… strong D and running game. Sadly, the D has given up and the O line sucks/is too young/is decimated by injuries.

  2. When is Jeff Fisher going to be held accountable for his team? I am not sure why he keeps getting a pass. He is just an average head coach that has accomplished nothing in the NFL.

  3. Problem is Jeff Fisher will hire another offensive coordinator that fits his outdate philosophies. Fisher should be a DC and thats it.

  4. Oh, so you mean we’re actually going to start seeing slant routes, and HB screens to Gurley? Hopefully, anyways

    Sheesh. The constant deep routes, seam routes, oh and those pathetic WR screens to Austin or Cook(which almost never work) are just the start of man problems they’ve had on offense.

    Give Foles the proper scheme and he can throw the ball. He’s not great, but St. Louis has a special ability of making QBs look even worse than they actually are.

  5. Could have just rode out the season with him when this entire coaching staff should get fired. Now you take away some of his paycheck right before the holiday’s. Fisher is low class, and every year his teams’ records show as such. He needs to be removed from the competition committee, so he can stop hiding behind that when ever he spews his BS about rules and referee’s.

  6. This is the new thing now, when you need to show the owner and fans you are trying to win, fire a coordinator….buys you at least 3 more games before you have to fire someone else….

  7. This should fix everything. Fisher’s HC success died with Mike Heimerdinger. Guy was truly underrated in what he brought to the table to Fisher. Unlike Andy Reid when he lost Jim Johnson to cancer which sent him into a tailspin until he went to KC, Fisher has never recovered in finding another competent offensive coordinator to help him out on the level with Heimerdinger.

  8. Fishers track record speaks for itself… What more will it take? I think a fresh face in LA is upcoming…. Dare I say Pete Carroll

  9. The headline should have just read, “Jeff Fisher Covering his Own Behind.”

    Also, is Rob Boras related to agent Scott Boras?

    I ask because the Rams are the only franchise that seems to hire people because they’re related to agents.

    Kroenke should have just fired Fisher. They’re not making the playoffs and the next coach would be cheaper and give better results on the investment. When Jim Caldwell only makes $4 million, isn’t his 3 playoffs in 5 years with two teams better than the excuse making, apparently answers deprived Fisher?

  10. I tell you what, we certainly miss Jeff Fisher in Tennessee. Two years before he left the Titans, he had our boys finish 13 & 3 (for the third time in an 8-year span). Can you imagine–THREE 13 & 3 seasons in 8 years (a span which also included 12 & 4, 11 & 5 and 10 & 6 finishes)? Seems like SO long ago. Since he left, our Titans have been stinking up the joint.

    – Fan Since Memphis

  11. Fisher is a “tool” Is he trying to say he just figured out it’s the offensive coordinators fault…Plus he cans the guy 17 days before Christmas…Like the new OC needs those days to turn the team around….

  12. The Rams figure out an offensive plan that doesn’t require talent at the QB, WR, OL or TE positions.

  13. Fish is the worst, but you gotta respect him for getting and hanging on to jobs while being so terrible…he’s the type of dude to propose to Supermodel w/a Casio watch and she said yes lol.

  14. Firing the OC must be the new last gasp trend for HCs/GMs on the hot seat. That’s the 4th one this year. They’ll be lucky if more than one survives.

  15. @thevza

    With all due respect, I can’t agree with that.

    At least Cutler accepts coaching from Adam Gase, Mike Shanahan, and Mike Martz to not be too bad. Jeff Fisher is entitled and thinks his crappy ways can work.

  16. There is more to blame on that offense than just Cignetti. The o-line is absolute garbage, Jared Cook couldn’t catch a cold, the Wr’s can’t get separation and when they do Foles over or underthrows them by 10 yards. When you can’t convert 3rd downs EVER and keep the offense on the field is there any question why their vaunted defense has went downhill these least 5 weeks?

  17. therealzeitgeist says:
    Dec 7, 2015 3:53 PM
    The Rams had an offensive coordinator?

    Yep, very offensive

  18. This is Fisher’s chance to prove all the naysayers wrong. The Rams can win their last four games, hope other NFL teams lose out, and they can still make the playoffs. Never give up.

  19. Let’s face it. Jeff Fisher has always been a bad coach because Jim Schwartz and Mike Munchak were his assistants. They became future head coaches and each had at least one winning season since Schwartz left for Detroit. Meanwhile, Fisher has had no winning season since then and losing records, especially declining ones in St. Louis.

    Maybe he was never that good anyways.

  20. I wish my Jags fire their DC Babbich who is the DC only because he was the HC who gave Gus Bradley an opportunity to coach.

  21. @tennesseeoilers

    Speak for yourself… I don’t miss him in TN. He’s a PR genius, for sure. A mediocre coach at best. A couple lucky seasons, but only 6 winning seasons in his entire coaching career. Tennessee has been suffering, but we are better in the long run without him. I’m excited about our future. I feel sorry for The Rams. He’s such a PR genius, they’ll probably keep him. And he’ll keep on losing.

  22. That’s the broken piece, man Jeff Fisher is the greatest coach in the history of the league, I mean look at his record I think he’s won 4 playoff games in a 20 year career this guy can flat out coach, just ask Chris Boomer Berman, I think they’re dating now.

  23. Foles = not much of an upgrade. Hitched yourself to the wrong wagon. Maybe you should have drafted a QB?

  24. Happens all the time…..why no talk of the anti Fisher…all Offense with a QB and no Defense? That would be Sean Payton, who fired his DC earlier this year….

  25. What makes this even worse for Fisher and the Rams is that they have pretty much squandered all those draft picks they got from the Skins in the RGIII trade. The Skins got RGIII, went to the playoffs, then endured 2 disastrous seasons and are now starting to come out of it while the Rams have gone a pedestrian 24-35-1 since the trade and appear to be falling back into an abyss. When people look at that trade, they are going to say that it didn’t work out for either team but the Skins at least made it to the playoffs one year.

  26. This unequivocally proves my theory that the Redskins fleeced the rams in the RG3 trade:

    1. Redskins 1 magical season
    2. Rookie of the year
    3. Playoff Appearance

    1. NO winning seasons
    2. Average schmo’s acquired in the trade
    3. No playoffs in the fisher era.

    Was it worth it? (just like the old guy in “The longest Yard” his prison sentence for punching the warden) “To Me It Was”

  27. thevza says:
    Dec 7, 2015 3:53 PM
    Jeff Fisher is the Jay Cutler of head coaches.

    Jay is so much better as a QB than Fisher a HC

  28. If Saban doesn’t want to come back to the NFL, Hue Jackson is the first person I call for this gig. There is more talent on both sides of the ball there than what he was doing with smoke and mirrors in Oakland that 1 year. Plus, he’ll be all in on an LA move because he’s from there. Perfect fit.

  29. Cignetti isn’t qualified to be OC so he’ll fit right in for the Chargers since Mike McCoy doesn’t know why he still has a job.

  30. tonyzendejas says:

    21 years of head coaching experience, and he’s been to the playoffs 6 times.


    Even if we give him a pass on inheriting two rebuilding projects, the Oilers in 1994 and the Rams in 2012 and subtract three years from each coaching job he’s had, he’s still missed the playoffs 11 out of 17 years.

    Fisher should go fishing, and call it a career. Fly fishing season in Montana sure beats training camp.

  31. Fisher has been around long enough to know that somebody has to go or he’s going to go so somebody goes.

    This is just fish trying to save his job the guy was in his first year with who as his quarterback?

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